Chapter 4

Hercules could sense it, in the bushes, it watched as he walked towards the body on the ground. He turned the body over and gasped "Iolaus? What's going on?"

"Hercules! Stay away from me, I know what you are."

Iolaus jumped up and began to run away but the cloaked creature jumped from the bushes grabbing Iolaus stabbing him from behind. The creature turned to Hercules dropping Iolaus' body and began to move closer until Hercules could almost touch it.

"Hercules you will serve me, the dark lord, in all my glory. Come, come to me now."

"No, what did you do to Iolaus?"

The creature looked up eyes burning into Hercules' very soul.

"You will serve me and become my son; no one will stand in our way."


"Hercules! Hercules it's alright you were dreaming, you're okay. Herc you're alright, I've got you, and you're alright. Wake up!"

Hercules opened his eyes quickly when he heard Iolaus' voice, when he saw that he was in his room he quickly calmed down. "Iolaus, what's going on?"

"Chiron thinks that you were attacked by the lord of the walking dead, you know, that thing we've been learning about in class?"

"Well, that would explain my dreams."

"I wonder where Jason went to, it's been hours and he said he….. Whoa Hercules what do you think you are doing? Chiron said that you need to stay in bed or the medicine won't heal those cuts. I'm serious Herc, stay in bed!"

Iolaus moved over to Hercules who had started to sit up but before Iolaus had even reached him Hercules fell back down onto the bed consumed by the pain running up and down his right side.

"Herc, now Chiron told me to go and get him when you had woken up but Jason said he would have been back by now…"

A sudden knock came to the door surprising Iolaus because if it had been Jason he probably wouldn't have knocked. Iolaus moved from Hercules' bed over to the door. "Kara?"

"Hi Iolaus."

"How are you Kara?" Iolaus said moving out of the room shutting the door behind him.

"I'm okay Iolaus, thanks to Hercules. Jason told me what had happened to Hercules and I had to come. I was wondering if I might be able to sit with him for a while."

"Well I was waiting for Jason so that I could go get Chiron..."

"Oh, well Jason had something suddenly come up and he told me he needed to go back to Corinth. I can sit with Hercules until you get back with Chiron, please Iolaus? I need to thank him, I mean, he probably wouldn't even be like this if it hadn't of been for me."

"Okay, I won't be gone long. Thanks Kara, I didn't want to leave him alone. He's already tried to disobey orders by getting out of bed."

"Don't worry Iolaus, I'll take good care of him."

Iolaus nodded and smiled to Kara before letting her into the room and off to Chiron's office. Kara closed the door behind her and slowly walked over towards Hercules' bed. He was lying on his back with his left arm draped over his eyes. Kara bent over him and kissed his forehead. Hercules pulled his arm from over his eyes and opened them.

"Hi Hercules!"

Hercules a little surprised blushed and only smiled.

"Iolaus went to get Chiron, I hope you don't mind if I sit with you until he comes back?"

"No, I don't mind at all." Kara moved the chair closer to Hercules' bed and sat down. She took a hold of his hand and pulled it to her face.

"Thank you Hercules. I know I wouldn't be here now if not for you, yet, I am so sorry because I know you wouldn't be like this if It hadn't of been for me." Hercules slowly sat up a little and pulled Kara over to him, she moved from the chair and sat down next to Hercules on the bed. She slowly reached for the towel on the table next to the bed when Hercules reached over and placed his hand on her cheek pulling her face closer to his. As they kissed a voice ran through Kara's mind, making her blood boil and her mouth crave the taste of blood.

"Kara, my daughter, bring him unto me… bring him into my darkness and you shall be a queen of the night….."

Kara pulled away from Hercules and smiled she then laid her head on Hercules' chest kissing his neck. "Kara, I have to tell you….."

"Shhh Hercules, let's just sit a while before Cheiron and Iolaus get back. Besides, you should be asleep. Just close your eyes and let me protect you for once." Kara sat up and smiled at Hercules making him smile back. Hercules moved back down in his bed and closed his eyes. Kara felt her purpose to her lord yet she tried to control her new unknown feelings.

"Kara, they are coming….. Bring him unto me."

Kara couldn't hold her mind against his power and her mind was taken over. Her eyes went red and her fangs were now present. She slowly opened her mouth biting into his neck. Hercules' eyes opened wide and he tried to yell but nothing came out. He tried to pull her from him but his whole body felt paralyzed and he couldn't move. Suddenly Iolaus opened the door and entered followed by Chiron.

"What's going on here?" Iolaus could see something was wrong. Kara looked up blood dripping from her mouth. "Chiron, what's happening?"

"She must have been bitten by the dark lord. She is a vampire." Iolaus looked over at Hercules who looked and sounded like he was having trouble breathing and he knew he had to get over there to him. Suddenly Kara jumped up and spoke in a voice that was not her own.

"He is mine…and so is she…they will be my children forever…"

Kara suddenly charged at Chiron and Iolaus knocking them out of the way of the door. Iolaus jumped back up and looked for Kara but she was gone. He then turned his attention back to Hercules and ran over to him followed by Chiron. "Hercules! Hercules, are you alright?"

"He's been bitten."

Iolaus looked over at Chiron. "What does that mean Chiron?"

"It means that in twenty four hours Hercules will become a vampire like Kara and will hunt anyone the dark lord asks, and if he is successful he will be a vampire forever." Iolaus looked back down at Hercules who was trying to say something but could only mouth the words.

"What is it Herc? What are you…Jason? Oh my gosh Jason! He went to check on Kara." Iolaus didn't even wait for a signal from Cheiron he just took off running through the dark academy grounds towards Kara's room hoping Jason was alright. On the way there Iolaus ran into Lillith and they both fell to the ground.

"Iolaus? What's the big rush? What's going on?"

"Lillith I will explain later, right now I have to find Jason, he might be in serious danger." The two teenagers made their way to Kara's room and found the door broken open and Jason lying on the floor. Iolaus ran over to Jason.

"Jason? Jason are you alright?" Iolaus could see Jason was coming to and slightly slapped his cheeks making him sit up.

"Iolaus?" Jason grabbed his head then quickly looked up at Iolaus. "Iolaus! Kara, she's not herself she went after Hercules. I tried to stop her but she knocked me out, you have to get to Hercules before she gets to him." Jason jumped up and Iolaus had to grab his arm before he fell down again.

"Jason, it's too late."

"What? What do you mean it's too late? What happened? Is Hercules alright?" Lillith looked at them both, not speaking, waiting to know exactly what was going on.

"Apparently, Jason, Kara had been bitten by the dark lord turning her into a vampire and she attacked Hercules"

"Well, what does that mean guys?" They both looked over at Lillith before Iolaus finally spoke. "What it means is that unless we do something within twenty-four hours, Hercules will become a vampire and come after anyone the dark lord asks."

"What? Isn't there something that we can do for him?"

"I don't know Lillith, perhaps Chiron knows of a way to stop this process from happening. Come on, let's get going."