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Note: This story starts around episode 37 of Fullmetal Alchemist, and chapter 26 of D. Gray-Man. I used the official spellings of the characters' names, which can be found on wikipedia.


Fullmetal Innocence

"Looks pretty serious. Lavi, guard the door. Don't let anyone in."


Allen Walker slowly opened his right eye. A tall, dark-haired man wearing glasses was standing above him. His name was Komui Li. He was the head officer of the Dark Religious Organization, for which Allen worked for as an exorcist.

"Allen! You're awake!" Komui greeted him. Allen slowly sat up. To his horror, he noticed that Komui was holding a machine with a very sharp drill.

"Komui? What are you doing here? Where are we?" Allen sat up.

"At the hospital. The finders we stationed outside this town reported that it returned to normal. Good job," Komui praised him.

"Where's Miranda?"

"Miss Miranda was here earlier. You missed her. I'm here to fix you. You won't be going back to Headquarters. I'm sending you on another mission," said Komui. "I'll give you the details when Lenalee and Kanda get here."

"Kanda!" Allen couldn't keep the dismay out of his voice. "Is Lenalee okay?"

"Lenalee is still unconscious, but she'll be fine. Gramps is taking care of her." Allen turned to look at who had spoken. It was a boy with red hair, dressed in the exorcists' uniform. He had an eye patch over his right eye. "I'm Lavi. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too," Allen replied. Lavi gave him a friendly smile.

"Miss Miranda wanted to say sorry that she couldn't be here when you woke up," Komui explained that the town went back to normal when Miranda gained control of her clock, and that the townspeople had no idea they just went through October 9th 34 times. Komui told Allen that Miranda was moving, and that she wanted to thank him for everything he did.

"I'm going to go check on Lenalee," Komui told Allen. "Just sit still and don't do anything rash." Komui left the room, leaving Allen to ponder over the events he just experienced.

Why is that girl helping the Earl? wondered Allen. She had called herself Road Kamelot, and insisted she was human. Was she really human? Why would a human help the Earl? Who was she? He suddenly remembered the people who showed up at the end. It was a man and a woman. The woman was tall and beautiful, with long hair as jet black as Lenalee's. The man was short and fat, and drooled a lot. They both had strange red tattoos, the woman on her chest, and the man on his tongue.

The pair appeared to have planned to attack he, Lenalee and Miranda, but something held them back. They had gotten no closer than a few feet, when something seemed to throw them back. The little girl they were originally sparring with scoffed at their uselessness. When the pair seemed too weak to even get up, she dragged both of them away, and they escaped together. Allen saw that they weren't akuma, but they didn't seem entirely human either. Who are those people?

"Your crushed eye is starting to regenerate," Allen was quickly snapped back into reality. An old, bald man with dark makeup around his eyes had joined he and Lavi. "You won't be able to see anything for a while, but it will heal in a few days. It seems to be cursed."

"Yes… I received this wound when I turned my father into an akuma," Allen sighed, remembering the morbid incident. "You probably already know this but, my name is Allen Walker."

"I have no name," the man shook hands with Allen. "Just call me Bookman."


"It's you." An unfriendly boy with long, silky black hair pulled up into a ponytail approached Allen. The expression on his face was reminiscent of one who had just been force-fed turnip juice. This was the creature known as Kanda Yuu. During his previous mission, Allen had gotten partnered up with him. That hadn't cemented their friendship, but it wasn't Allen's fault. Kanda didn't get along with anybody.

"Kanda! You made it!" Komui greeted the exorcist.

"What's this important mission you've been going on about?" asked Kanda.

"Another Innocence has been sighted. I need the four of you to retrieve it," said Komui. Allen, Kanda, Komui, Lavi, Bookman and Komui's younger sister Lenalee were at a train station.

"Isn't that what the finders are for?" Kanda scowled.

"Well, that's the problem. There's been a report of a strange portal that keeps on appearing in Munich. Some finders were sent to check it out, and they said that they definitely felt the presence of an Innocence beyond it. But every time they try to enter, they just get thrown back out. We need you to go see it," explained Komui. He turned to the lady selling tickets. "Excuse me, when does the next train for Munich leave?"

"It's just leaving. That's the last train to Munich today," the lady behind the counter informed him. She pointed to the train.

"What are you waiting for? Go!" Komui gave the four young exorcists a shove towards its direction. The exorcists quickly boarded the train before it took off.


"A portal, eh?" Lavi grinned. "This is going to be fun. Maybe it's the gate to a whole other universe, and only exorcists are allowed in!"

"Or maybe it's just a regular Innocence, and the finders were too incompetent to retrieve it," grumbled Kanda. "How are we supposed to find tiny Innocence in a city this size?"

"Well, a few people I talked to said that there's been some weird activities going on near the southern end of the town," said Lenalee. "Maybe we should check there."

Finding no better ideas, the group agreed to Lenalee's suggestion. When they arrived, they saw some men and women gathered around a small shack. It was emitting a strange blue aura. The men and women seemed to be trying to get in, but whenever one opened the door, the blue light just glowed brighter, and they were knocked backwards.

"Wait a second… those aren't men and women…" Allen peered at them.

"Are you saying…?" Lenalee gasped. As soon as those words left her mouth, the people started to shape-shift. They turned into large, ugly ball-things with cannons growing out of their bodies.

"Akuma," grunted Kanda.

"They're only Level 1. We can beat them," said Lavi.

Kanda stroked the blade of his sword, and unsheathed it. He dashed towards an akuma, and sliced through it. The creature fell to the ground. Its body deteriorated. The other akuma soon suffered the same fate, at the hands of the exorcists. They stood for a moment to admire their handiwork, then turned to the shack.

"This must be it," said Lenalee.

"What do we do? Do we go in?" asked Allen.

"That's what we were sent to do," replied Kanda. He swiftly pulled the door open, and carefully placed a foot inside. He was not rejected. Kanda stepped in all the way. The blue light enveloped him, and he disappeared.

"Should we follow him?" asked Lavi.

"Why not?" shrugged Allen. One by one, the remaining three exorcists all entered. For a moment, the light blazed brighter than it ever had. Then, it faded.