Title: Points of Authority
Author: desolate butterfly
Genre: smut, yaoi
Pairings: ShikaSasu, implied TemaShika, and NaruShika
Rating: M
Summary: In which Sasuke is a pissy uke and Shikamaru decides not to be so lazy for once.


"I'm topping," Sasuke sneered, grabbing the bottom of Shikamaru's mesh shirt and stripping him of it in one rough movement.

Shikamaru frowned but lifted his hips while Sasuke scrabbled at the fastening of his pants. He usually was okay with letting his lovers be on top. It meant less work for him, especially if he happened to be pleasantly buzzed on sake and not too inclined to do his part of thrusting, grabbing and moving around.

He'd let Temari ride him just last week. In fact, he still had marks on his shoulders and stomach from that encounter. Temari scratched when she came. Shikamaru supposed he was just glad she didn't take his head off with her fan after he immediately fell asleep after his own climax, leaving the sand nin to clean up the mess.

Shikamaru had even let Naruto push him to the ground a few times, usually after the boy had lost a few games of shogi, claimed Shikamaru was cheating, and jumped him as "punishment" which sometimes led to a more intimate kind of wrestling.

But something about letting Sasuke hold him by the hair and thunk his head into the ground as he pushed his other hand in between Shikamaru's thighs just didn't sit right.

For one thing, for all his frantic movements, Sasuke didn't look like he was having any fun. And Shikamaru might have been a lazy lover, but he'd never thought of himself as inconsiderate. It had been his offer to relieve Sasuke of some of the tension he'd been showing on their long scouting mission to Mist, mainly because Sasuke had been pissing off his entire team with his rudeness and his complete inability to take orders.

Sasuke acted like he should be the one giving out orders, even though he'd just been reinstated as a jounin level ninja on the will of Tsunade's good grace, Kakashi's word, and Naruto's stubbornness. And Shikamaru was in charge of this team, like it or not.

Sasuke had finally twisted Shikamaru's pants and underwear off when Shikamaru made his decision. He waited until Sasuke had braced his hands beside Shikamaru's head and crouched over him in just the right position before taking a hold of Sasuke's right bicep and hooking a leg around the other boy's knee and flipping them over.

"What the fuck—"

Shikamaru slammed Sasuke into the dirt and shoved a knee between the Uchiha's thighs, rubbing at the erection there a bit harder than necessary, and Sasuke's protests dissolved into a broken moan.

"No," Shikamaru said. "I'm going to fuck you, and you're going to like it, understand?"

Sasuke glared daggers at him and Shikamaru could see the other boy working his mouth to spit in Shikamaru's face. Before he could do so, Shikamaru shoved two fingers into Sasuke's mouth and started to fist the boy's, stroking roughly.

Immediately, Sasuke groaned and thrust his hips up into Shikamaru's hand, legs spreading wider.

It didn't keep him from trying to bite Shikamaru's fingers, though.

"Geez," Shikamaru sighed, removing his saliva wet digits from Sasuke's mouth and pressing them slowly into Sasuke's entrance as the boy squirmed. "You're a real handful, aren't you."

"Fuck you," Sasuke hissed as Shikamaru removed the fingers only to replace them with something larger.

As Shikamaru pushed in, he reflected that although this was a lot more work than he was used to, the view of Sasuke's flushed, angry face from above was quite stimulating. He decided it was worth it, even if he had to listen to the Uchiha bitch all the way through the experience.

"Oh no," Shikamaru whispered as he started snapping his hips back and forth, smirking slightly as he watched Sasuke's eyes close and his head fall back. "Fuck you."