A/N: Its the 2nd Quest of Kings Special! Yay! Oh yes there are two important OCs in the fic that I should straiten out...

Sakura Milna: AKA Mystical Sakura, a magical girl who identity isn't a secret and also Yuki's bookkeeper in the Zatch Bell world. She's a member of Kiyo's class and is good friends with him... she also knows the mamodo teams of Fulgore and Kanchome, (she despises Fulgore because of his music) and Hyde and Eido (she totalities Eido pervasion as much as possible... however it doesn't help that her dad think she's dating him and that he has a tenancy to freeload of her parents). Sakura is slowly looking it due to Kinky (see below), she's also the reason why Sakura and Yuki won't participate in mamodo battles. Her catch phrases are "The cherry blossom falls in the moonlight" (when fighting at night) "The Cherry Blossom blooms in the daylight" (when fighting in the day time) "Let Love Fill You Life!" (Before the final attack) "Take this Ice Strom of the Heart!" (before final attack in Ice Soul Shard Costume) "I HATE THAT RABBIT" (usually after punting Kinky, will say it at least once a chapter), she also punts Kinky a lot.

Kinky: Sakura's magical girl mascot... insane, deranged, psychopathic, crazed are all words to describe Kinky... her goals in life include: Stopping and defeating the Licno Empire, breaking as many laws as possible and making Sakura and her closet friends and family's life a living hell. She messes up Sakura's alarm clocks among other to Sakura... to Yuki she tells her lies and ruins mamodo battles by burning the opponents book with a flame thrower and Kiyo... long story short, she has pictures of him dressed like Sakura (See The Mamodo, the Magical Girl and the Insane Rabbit why he's dressed up like Sakura) her origin has yet to be explored. She's somehow immortal which explain why she survives Sakura's punts and the occasional game of Russian Rolette.

Both are from the fanfic The Mamodo, the Magical Girl and the Insane Rabbit...

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Me: I do own Sakura, Yuki and Kinky and any other OC.

Quest of Kings Special: Beyond the Mirror

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Return

A boy who is a genius

A pop star who has many fans

A lonely girl who's parents had little time for her

A super star who sings breasts

A man who moved to Japan

A girl who is a warrior of love and justice

A rich young woman of noble blood

A girl who lost her parents

The one thing they have in common… the battle for mamodo king

A rubber man who longs to be king of the Pirates

A young woman who is quite greedy

A swordsman who dreams to be the best

A cook who loves the women

A reindeer who is a doctor

A cowardly liar who's goal is to be brave

A woman with a mysterious past

A rich girl who was once weak but now strong

One of the many things they have in common… the battle for mamodo king

Zatch and Luffy were just looking at the clouds being lazy as it was a very nice day… something funny pooped into Zatch's head.

"I wonder if there are other words…" said Zatch.

"There are there's the mamodo world…" said Luffy.

"Oh yeah… but I meant other than the mamodo world…" said Zatch.

"I'm pretty sure there are…" said Luffy knowing there are… but those are other stories…

"I wonder if there are other mamodo worlds as well…" said Zatch.

Little did either know that there was another mamodo world… that was close to their mamodo world… each held a battle at almost the exact same time (about 1 or 2 months apart) however this battle was threatened, a group of mamodos was gaining strength threatening to bring chaos to both worlds… one mamodo was part of this group but she chose to leave right before the battle started… she told the king that this group created creature that no mamodo can destroy…however she knew a way to destroy them… but inserting a special power in the books of a chosen few, the number 8 was chosen some in weaklings, some those who might make the battle mid way though… mostly weaklings… this mamodo named Reena chose them because was on the inside… not the power… in one world as predicted some of the books were burned… however in the other all 8 were in tact. Reena in one world got word and approached the council that was in charge of this about this.

"So Reena the word is that the Knowlie are preparing… what the word about you chosen 8…" said a mamodo.

"Well as you know I've been watching the battle though my projection… before I tell the whole story I will shop you the stats of each team…" said Reena a projection began show behind her, "first off is Zatch Bell, started off as weakling but has since gotten stronger his will to be kind king has drove him to this, this bookkeeper is a teenager named Kiyo, a genius highly intelligent both are generally good people and has been though many battles together… then there's Tia was a bully who used to beat up Zatch now she has a huge crush on him… her book keeper is a pop star Megumi… I actually like her music… then there's Kanchome, much like Zatch's he was a weakling… strike that he's still a bit of a weakling… his book keeper is the Italian Super Star Parco… who's hit song is Chi Chi Wo Moge…" there was a small laugh when said the song title "Then there's Schneider due to the fact that no one can understand him everyone calls him Ponygon… his bookkeeper is Kafka, he is an engineer from Germany who is somehow able to understand him but sadly somehow can't understand his name, next is Yuki she was once a coward and much like Zatch she had grown, her book keeper Sakura is a super heroine known as Mystical Sakura much like Megumi and Fulgore she is quite poplar however due to Kinky… this little rabbit" Reena put up several picture of Kinky "They rarely ever participate in mamodo battles because of this incident…" Reena began to show the battle that resulted in why Sakura and Yuki never participate in battles…

"Dear god why did that rabbit do that?" yelled a mamodo.

"Because she deranged… anyways here's Brago as rumors goes he's a front runner, this his book keeper Sherry she just wants to end the battle as soon as possible… the reason involved another mamodo which I won't discus, I have a feeling that they may the most trouble among the group, then there's Kolulu, one of many mamodo who refused to participate, her book keeper was Lori and finally Nya much like Schneider no one can understand… unlike Schneider somehow her book keeper knew her name, her book keeper was Shion not too long before her parent died… interesting side note about Shion, her cousins was also a bookkeeper as well…" said Reena.

"So I know that this meeting was earlier than planned…" said another mamodo.

"Well I can explain as predicted some of these mamodos were sent back already Kolulu and Nya… Zatch was the one who kindly burn her book so she wouldn't have to fight… and Nya's book was burned in a two on fight against the mamodo Grisor… as you know was the thief of the Mirror… however there's a problem…"

"What is this problem?" asked mamodo.

"As you know in order for things to work properly both world's mamodo must exist in both worlds… the problem lies here… in the other world Kolulu and Nya have not been sent back… unless we want out world to crumble we must send these back…" said Reena.

There was a since, "That is understandable… as agreed upon that in such an event they will be sent back…" said a very high ranking mamodo.

"Thank you… find Kolulu and Nya!" said Reena to a mamodo that was watching.

"Right!" said the mamodo.

Kolulu was looking at the sky, "I wonder how Zatch is doing…" she thought.

"Are you Kolulu?" asked a mamodo who approached her.

"What do you want?" asked Kolulu.

"Come with me, a council that is under the King wants to see you…" said mamodo.

"Okay…" said Kolulu wondering what it was about.

The other mamodo found Nya playing with other animal-like mamodo.

"Is one of you Nya?" sauid the mamodo.

"Meow!" meowed Nya (translation: Me!)

"Are you her?" asked the mamodo.

Nya nodded, "Then come with me… a council under the king wants to see you…" said the mamodo.

Nya fallowed the mamodo.

Both messengers brought them to a building.

"Hi…" said Kolulu to Nya.

"Meow!" meowed Nya (Translation: Hi!)

"This council has asked for you to come…" said the mamodo.

Both entered the building and they were in a dark room. They saw a young woman mamodo with lavender hair put in a long braid.

"Kolulu, Nya… my name is Reena… I would like to tell that you two have been chosen to participate in the battle once again…" said the women who turned out to be Reena.

Both their reactions were the polar opposites… Nya was quite happy while Kolulu was a little upset, "What…"

"You were chosen as a tactic to make the battle more interesting… I understand Kolulu that you another personality within your body… as compensation you will only have your personality in both forms…"

Kolulu was surprised that was one of the reasons why she wanted to retuned to the mamodo world… "Really?" she said.

"So will you agree?" asked Reena.

Nya nodded happily while Kolulu "If the other me then I'll go…" Kolulu really wanted to see Zatch again…

"Okay the announcement will appear in about hours once everyone read the announcement you will be sent back… you'll end up ion the stop will Kolulu's book was burned… there will be some stuff that happens to the team that burned Kolulu's books… just some minor pain but nothing serous… I hope you find your book keepers soon…"

Both mamodo nodded and left.

"Are you sure not telling them the whole truth was good idea?" aside a mamodo.

"Its best for now…" said Reena.

On Earth, the sun was rising on Mochinoki City…

At Megumi's appeasement, Tia was making a special lunch for Zatch, while Megumi was getting ready for school.

"So you're going to hang out with Zatch today?" said Megumi.

Tia nodded… "That's right… I have the feeling nothing will go wrong today…" said Tia.

At the Milna Residence, Kinky began to fix Sakura's alarm clock so she she'd think it was much later than it was…

At the Takamine Residence Kiyo and Zatch had just gotten up and began to eat breakfast.

In side the house of Shion's former neighbor she was getting up, there was an accident at her school recently, an explosion in the science lab, her school would be closed for a month or two, she talked to the admiration a Mochinoki Jr. High if she could attend for a few weeks while her school was getting rebuilt… she was planning to surprise Kiyo on her way to school.

Back at the Takamine residence, Kiyo was just about to leave but Zatch wanted to go as well.

"No way Zatch!" said Kiyo.

"But I have no one else to play with…" said Zatch, "And Volcan can't talk... so he's no fun…"

"What about Yuki?" asked Kiyo.

"Oh yeah I forgot about Yuki…" said Zatch.

Kiyo felt that he forgot about something… the thing he forgot was that usually around 2nd period he and Yuki show up when Naomi shows at the park…

"Zatch!" said a voice.

Tia showed at the entrance way.

"Oh hey Tia…" said Kiyo.

"Where's Megumi?" asked Zatch.

"Oh she's busy today… I was hopping we'd hang out…" said Tia.

"Cool!" said Zatch.

Kiyo got an idea, "Maybe you should let Yuki hang out with you guys… she needs to make more friends…" said Kiyo.

"Oh yeah…" said Zatch.

"Especially friend whom Sakura will actually like not despise and tolerate…" Kiyo added mentally.

"Yuki… who's Yuki?" asked Tia.

"She's a new friend… you'll like her…" said Zatch.

Tia was hopping this Yuki didn't have a crush.

Back at the Milna residence Sakura was getting up, she looked at the alarm cloak groggily then work up when she saw what time it was "OH MY GOD ITS THAT LATE!" she yelled.

Sakura put on her CD player which helped when she was in a panic, the song "Watashi Makenai! Harkura no Teema" played on her boom box as she got dressed, brushed her hair, put it into a braid, tied two purple ribbons in her braid, one at the top and one at the bottom then put on her Soul Shard necklace, Yuki also got dressed got dressed in a hurry… Sakura and Yuki ran to bathroom and brushed their teeth. Both ran to the kitchen.

"Hi mom… hi dad!" she said to her parent while Sakura and Yuki each grabbed two pieces of toast and shoved one their mouths. They each grabbed a lunchbox, Sakura grabbed the pink one with cherry blossom pattern while Yuki grabbed the sky blue one with snow pattern Yuki also put on her old backpack

"Bye mom, bye dad!" said Sakura while leaving.

"Ever since the indent those two have been acting a lot like each other…" said Sakura's mom.

"When are you going to stop that rabbit from messing with Sakura's alarm clock?" asked Sakura's dad.

Sakura and Yuki ran out the house so fast that a large cloud of dust appeared behind them, Kinky cracked up at this… she fallowed them as she knew it be funny to see the look on their faces when they realized that their off by half an hour.

Kiyo with Zatch and Tia were walking to school… then someone jumped in front of them.

"Surprise!" the person shouted surprising Kiyo… both Zatch and Kiyo were happy to see who it was.

"Shion!" said both Zatch and Kiyo.

"Hi guys!" said Shion.

"What are you doing in town?" asked Kiyo.

"Oh part of my school was destroyed… we had a break while things are being fixed up…" said Shion.

"How?" asked Zatch.

"There was an explosion in the science lab…" said Shion, "So I asked the principal if I could join classes for a while…"

"That's great…" said Kiyo who then got a sudden chill…

"Oh yeah! Shion this is Tia, Tia this is Shion!" said Zatch.

"Hi…" said Tia.

"Oh hi…" said Shion then she saw a giant dust cloud behind Zatch, Kiyo and Tia.

"You guys might want to turn around…" said Shion.

All three turned around, "What is that thing?" asked Tia.

"You might want to take a step back and let it pass… it will be over quickly…" said Kiyo.

The cloud came from Sakura and Yuki, who ran past the group then both doubled back while jogging in place.

"Your late too?" asked Sakura.

"I can't believe you fell that again…" said Kiyo.

Both Yuki and Sakura froze. Sakura was the first to move, "I'm getting that rabbit!"

There was laughter, "I can't believe you keep falling for that!" said Kinky showing up form seemingly nowhere.

"Kinky can you get on the ground please…" said Sakura trying to hide her angry.

"Why?" asked Kinky.

"That's good!" said Sakura, she then punted Kinky a long ways… "I HATE THAT RABBIT!" she yelled.

Shion and Tia stared at the sight… "Okay that was weird…" said Tia.

"Reminds me of something from my hometown…" said Shion.

"Oh yeah Tia… this is Yuki…" said Zatch.

"Aren't you Tia the tomboy?" asked Yuki.

"Hey!" yelled Tia also letting out an angry blush.

Yuki let out a small laugh she whispered something to Tia "You have a crush on him right… don't worry he's just a friend… I don't have a crush on him…"

"Oh really?" said Tia.

"Can you take Yuki to the park with you… she'll enjoy it…" said Kiyo.

"Of course!" said Zatch.

"Okay." said Tia.

"but I think it's a good idea if you find Kinky first… I don't want her ruining my school day…" said Sakura.

"Okay!" said Yuki.

The three mamodo children went to look for the deranged rabbit. Sakura turned her attention to the other girl, "So I'm assuming you're her book keeper?"

"No Shion's not Tia's book keeper… Megumi is…" said Kiyo.

"Megumi… as in Megumi Ooumi?" asked Sakura.

"Yeah…" said Kiyo.

"Wait are Tia and the girl?" asked Shion.

"Yuki's her name and she is a mamodo… so you know…" said Sakura.

"Yeah…" said Shion, "I know…"

"I can tell its complicated so I won't ask…" said Sakura.

"So what about that rabbit you punted?" asked Shion confused about Kinky.

Kiyo and Sakura looked at each other, "Well it all stared a few months ago…"

And Sakura told Shion of her origin.

"No way you're Mystical Sakura!" said Shion.

"That's right…" said Sakura.

"So how is like being a Magical Girl?" asked Shion.

"Well it's cool… if it weren't for Kinky… she's a pain…" said Sakura.

"Isn't that an underestimate?" asked Kiyo.

Sakura sighed "He's right…" she said "Anyways I'm currently on break… Kinky said something about a month long festival or something… where they don't send out Soul Stealers for like 6 weeks… it's already been a week so I believe her…"

"Wow…" said Shion.

"But I do have the feeling that something will happened like the first two Sailor Moon movies…" said Sakura.

"What do you mean?" asked Kiyo.

"Okay I'll explain the first two movies fit in continuity taking place sometimes during that season... for some reason the villain just stopped attacking leaving it open for the villains of the movie to attack…" said Sakura.

"What about the third?" asked Kiyo.

"The third's weird and doesn't fit in continuity very well" said Sakura.

Kiyo and Shion looked at each other… both were confused, then they got to school.

"I'm entering though the back… I want to surprise the class…" said Shion

"Okay see you later…" said Kiyo.

Not too long later, Sakura and Kiyo were changing shoes.

"So she is a former book keeper… right?" asked Sakura.

"Yeah… I guess you can guess right?" said Kiyo.

"Thought so… that would explain why she wouldn't talk about it…" said Sakura.

"Well that's not the only thing… one of her relatives had a mamodo that was controlling him recently but me and Zatch took care of it…" said Kiyo.

"Cool…" said Sakura.

They went to class…

Class began the Teacher… with his wife behind him made an announcement "For the next couple weeks we will have a guess it's in on classes this person is around your age is sitting in be this person asked to sit in while their school is being rebuilt…" said the teacher, "You may come in now!"

Shion came… every single male student other than Kiyo was in a love struck daze.

"Whoa so she's popular among the guys…" said Sakura.

"You have no idea…" whispered Kiyo.

"I'm sure everyone remembers Shion…" said the teacher.

"Of course…" said Iwashima in a love struck daze.

"Well I guess she should really sit with someone…" said the teacher.

All the male students glared at Kiyo…

"Oh I have it… Sakura!" said the teacher.

"Yes?" said Sakura.

"Since you're new here how would you like to share your deck with Shion?" said the teacher.

"Of course!" said Sakura.

All the make students as well as Suzy for obvious reasons breathed a sigh of relief…

Classes went normal until suddenly both spell books in the classroom began to glow. Both Sakura and Kiyo looked around everyone but Shion were playing attention to class, Shion saw the spell books glow.

Shion made sure, now one paid attention to Kiyo or Sakura while the two looked though the books.

There was a message "Two mamodo will be returning to the human world. One the mamodo's book was burned by a mamodo still in the battle... the other's opponent is no longer in the battle. Both will be transported to where the mamodo who's opponent is still in the human world's book was burned. In order for the location of the mamodo to be known both the bookkeeper and mamodo will have the image of the mamodo appear in their mind when they are finished reading this sentence… due to the process of getting the both may suffer from great pain and may pass out from it... please be advised…" read both Sakura and Kiyo.

A picture appeared in Kiyo's head… that of Kolulu… then began to feel pain thought out his body Shion and Sakura saw this.

"Kiyo!" yelled Sakura.

Everyone turned their attention to Kiyo.

"What's going on?" asked the teacher.

A light bulb appeared over Sakura's head, "I have a feeling this has to do my enemy…" said Sakura in all seriousness.

"But didn't you say the Licno Empire is have some sort of long festival?" asked Mary Lou.

"Well it could be my movie enemy…" said Sakura.

The room was filled with question marks "Have anyone ever seen the first two Sailor Moon movies?"

"Oh I get it!" said a girl.

"That's right! Well I think I should take Kiyo with me and figure was to do… Shion since your technically not a student can you help me?" asked Sakura she gave a wink to Shion… Shion immediately knew it had to wit the mamodo battle.

"Okay…" said Shion.

Sakura and Shion walked Kiyo out the room.

When they were all out… Sakura asked a question that was on her mind.

"Is the mamodo who returned… the one who's book you burned… is it Reycom?" asked Sakura.

"What?" said Shion.

"Don't worry Sakura… it's not Reycom… Shion don't worry too… it's not Grisor or Tachi… it's someone else… we have to go to the park…" said Kiyo.

"Okay… let's go…" said Sakura.

Both Shion and Sakura managed to Get Kiyo downstairs where they changed their shoes.

"Looks like there's one way to get there fast…" said Sakura she took out her wand "Mystical Lovely Power! Make-up!"

Sakura transformed into the Mystical Sakura and Shion managed to get Kiyo and herself on her back.

"Hang on tight…" said Mystical Sakura.

"Okay…" said Shion.

At the park the three mamodos managed to find the deranged rabbit. They were beginning to play hide and see at the park… when Zatch suddenly collapsed.

"Zatch!" said Tia.

"Is he all right?" asked Yuki.

"I don't know…" said Tia.

"This is odd…" said Kinky.

"I have an idea…" said Yuki

Yuki got Tia to sit down as she paled the boy's head on Tia's lap… Tia was blushing bright red.

"Thanks…" said Tia.

All over the world the remaining mamodo teams read the message… and were surprised… each one wondering who was the mamodo that won agaisnt one of the tow mamodos… one of these Bookkeepers got extremely worried… Megumi. She remembered that Tia was planning to take Zatch to the park. She headed there as fast she could… even though it surprised her classmates.

Meanwhile Mystical Sakura with Shion and Kiyo who was now unconscious on her back was running over buildings

"So who's Tachi and Grisor?" asked Mystical Sakura.

"Huh?" said Shion.

"To be fair I'll tell you who Reycom is…" said Mystical Sakura.

"Okay… first off Grisor was the one who burned Nya's book…" said Shion.

"Nya… was she your mamodo?" asked Mystical Sakura.

"Yeah… he tricked us in order to get what he wanted… it's a long story… Tachi was my cousin's mamodo who manipulated him into something he's not…" said Shion.

"Oh wow…" said Mystical Sakura.

"So who's Reycom?" asked Shion.

"Reycom is Yuki's older half brother… he swore he would burn Yuki's book no matter what… fortunately we never ran into him…" said Mystical Sakura.

"That's good…" said Shion.

"Hold on tight we're going to make a landing…" said Mystical Sakura.

Back in the mamodo world… Kolulu and Nya stood before a portal.

"Okay everyone's read the message… you will go back…" said a mamodo

The portal enveloped them in a blinding light.

In the park… the three mamodo and psycho rabbit happened to near the spot were Kolulu's book was burned. There was a blinding light.

"What's going on?" asked Yuki.

Megumi arrived the closest entrance to the park… she was about to go but a pink blur cut her off. The pink blur stopped and it turned out to be Mystical Sakura.

"Hey aren't you…" said Megumi.

"Wow… your Megumi Ohmi…" said Mystical Sakura.

"I'm a bit of a fan…" said both as the same time.

"You are… weird…" said Mystical Sakura.

"I know…" said Megumi.

"Um… I hate to be rude… but what about us?" asked Shion slightly annoyed.

"Kiyo!" said Megumi, "I just hope it isn't him..."

Shion managed to get off Mystical Sakura's back.

"I don't think he can answer who your worried about coming back… but one thing is for sure we should fund our partners…" said Mystical Sakura.

"You know…" said Megumi.

"I'm a book keeper myself… I met Tia this morning… Kiyo told me you're her book keeper." said Mystical Sakura.

"Look!" said Shion.

All three concouis people saw the blinding light.

"I have a feeling that's where the mamodo is returning… Megumi was the one your worried about burned in this park?" asked Mystical Sakura.

"No…" said Megumi.

"Okay…" said Sakura, "We should head towards it…"

"Are you sure?" asked Shion.

"If we want answers…" said Mystical Sakura.

All three headed towards the light.

The blinding light died down and Kolulu and Nya appeared both holding their spell books (Nya's in her mouth.)

"We're back…" said Kolulu.

Kolulu turned around and saw Zatch unconscious.

"Zatch!" she said running over to him.

"Who are you… and why did you appear from a bright light!" yelled Tia.

"Well… um…" said Kolulu.

"Yuki!" called a voice.

"Tia!" called another voice.

"Sakura!" said Yuki happily.

"Megumi…" said Tia surprised.

Mystical Sakura laid Kiyo down on the ground next to Zatch.

"What's going on?" asked Yuki.

"2 mamodos were sent and I'm guess your one of them… am I right?" said Mystical Sakura.

Kolulu nodded.

"Sent back?" said both Tia and Yuki.

"I'm relived it isn't Maruss…" said Megumi.

Shion was the last to get there… she froze then a smile appeared on her face… she saw Nya.

"Nya?" said Shion in disbelief.

Nya saw Shion and ran towards her.

"I'm so glad your back…" said Shion who began to cry tears of joy.

"Wow… that's nice…" said Kinky, "What the hell's going on?"

Mystical Sakura punted her far, "We don't need you around during this very emotional time!"

Mystical Sakura turned off her transformation and turned into Sakura again.

So what's going on exactly?" asked Tia.

Sakura repeated the message to Tia, Yuki and Shion as well as Kolulu and Nya.

"That is nice…" said Yuki.

Both Zatch and Kiyo began to wake up.

"What happened?" asked Zatch weakly.

"Hi Zatch…" said Kolulu meekly.

"Kolulu? What are you doing back?" asked Zatch fully waking up.

"So it is Kolulu who returned… who was the other one?" asked Kiyo.

Nya mowed to get their attention…

"Nya!" said Zatch happily, "Wait what's going on?"

"They brought back two mamodos from the mamodo world…" said Megumi.

"And Kolulu and Nya were those two mamodos…" said Kiyo.

Kolulu gave a small sigh, "They gave me control over my other form… but…" said Kolulu.

"You don't want to fight…" said Kiyo.

Kolulu gave a small nod.

"Well I have an idea…" said Sakura.

"What?" asked Kolulu.

"You say that a psychopathic talking blue rabbit will burn their books with a flame thrower if you battle them…" said Sakura.

"Sakura… I hate to be mean but… who would believe that excuse" said Megumi.

"3…2…1…" said Sakura.

Kinky showed up from nowhere with a flamethrower "Did someone say Psychopathic talking blue rabbit with a flamer thrower?" she said.

"Now's not the time!" said Sakura while punting said psychopathic talking blue rabbit with a flamethrower.

"That was strange…" said Kolulu.

"Kolulu… you don't have to fight this time…" said Zatch.

Kolulu blushed, "Really?"

"That's right… I can protect you…" said Zatch.

"Thanks…" said Kolulu.

Tia seemed a little upset about this.

"A love triangle…" Sakura whispered to Shion.

"Your right…" said Shion.

Sakura checked her watch, "Well most school have ended by this time…" said Sakura.

"Hey we should go try to find Lori…" said Kiyo.

"Don't worry we're help…" said Zatch.

Kolulu lead Zatch, Kiyo, Shion and Nya to where Lori hopefully still lived, Sakura and Yuki had to go home to try to figure out a story involving an enemy and Kiyo while Megumi had to go to a photo shoot.

Lori was a lone at her house… both parents were busy as usual… they do make time for her at least twice a month… but other than that she was still alone. She was surprised when the doorbell rang. She got up to open the door and was shocked who was there… Kolulu.

"Kolulu…" said Lori in the disbelief.

"Big sis!" said Kolulu happily.

"Hey can we come in?" said Kiyo.

Lori looked up and saw Zatch, Kiyo and a girl she didn't know holding a cat.

"Oh hi…" said Lori not knowing how to react.

All them were in her house… "So… is she… really back?" said Lori.

"I am… and I have control over my other form…" said Kolulu.

"That's great…" said Lori.

"Oh yeah this is Shion…" said Kiyo.

"Hi… and this is my partner Nya!" said Shion.

Nya meowed in response.

"Oh hello…" said Lori.

"So Kolulu are you definitely going to stay?" asked Kiyo.

"I guess…" said Kolulu.

"I have an idea…" said Zatch.

He told them the idea… a picnic and invite some of the other good teams. Kolulu liked the idea… it would at least have Shion and Nya join them… later that night…

"Of course I'll come… who else did you invite?" asked Sakura who was on the phone.

"Well Megumi and Tia can make it… and of course Shion and Nya... a couple other teams too…" said Kiyo picking his word carefully.

"Wait what other teams…" said Sakura knowing it might be the book keeper she loathes to death (there's another she tolerates... she would have minded him so much however she knows Kiyo don't have his phone number…)

"Um… well one of them you haven't met yet…" said Kiyo.

"And the other team? I know it can't be Hyde and Eido… I know you don't know his number … is who I think it is?" said Sakura in a scary way.

"I have to go now bye…" said Kiyo hanging up quickly "This is going to be interesting…"

Meanwhile else where…

"I wonder who the two mamodo who returned were…" said Sherry.

"I don't know… but I have feeling Zatch does…" said Brago.

"Should we go see him?" asked Sherry.

"That might be a good idea…" said Brago.

Next Time: In two worlds strange monsters attack... in the One Piece they attack the Merry Go and an the picnic gone bad with the arrival of Sherry and Brago... however the Earth Group must go to the One Piece world... if one of them do not go there will be consequences for everyone... what will happen?