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Chapter 6: Never get Jr. High School Girls Bored

The Knowlie were having a meeting about Rose's failure in defeating Luffy, Kiyo and both Zatchs.

"It isn't my fault…" said Rose.

"I agree… you had no idea that we react that way… he bested you combat…" said Mystery Mask.

"I have a plan… though it will take a day or two to prepare" said a man.

"What the plan?" asked a woman.

"Okay here it is…" said the man.

Two days later… nothing happened… well stuff did happen… Storms, rival pirate attacks, marine attacks but no Knowlie attacks… or to a lesser extent a mamodo rival showing up… this made Shion, Lori and Sakura very bored, mostly because their mamodo were hanging out with their counterparts… they had nothing to do. All three of them were lying on the deck looking at the sky.

"Does anyone have any ideas?" asked Sakura.

"I have one…" said Shion suddenly getting up, "Let's a play a version of Baseball Jaken!"

All three of them heard immature giggling that had a hint of an Italian accent.

"I will not play that game!" yelled Sakura.

"Where did you get that idea…" asked Lori.

Before Shion could answer Sakura said "I brought some mange with me… one of them contains Baseball Jaken as a study game…"

Shion sighed… "Yes… that's where I got it…" she said with a sigh.

Lori suddenly got an idea, "Hey remember… what we were talking about at the picnic?" she asked.

"Oh about Kiyo and Megumi?" asked Shion.

"Yeah I was thinking… we fix them up!" said Lori.

Kiyo who was reading a book he barrowed from Robin got a sudden chill. So did Megumi who was enjoying the view.

"What was that?" they thought.

Back with the screaming girls…

"Also why not Kaya and Usopp…" said Sakura.

"They do make a pretty cute couple.." said Shion.

That's when Usopp who was working an invention and Kaya who was talking with Sherrie got a strange chill.

"What was that?" thought both.

"Okay… how would we do it." said Sakura.

"Wait… would Kinky hear about our plans and do something?" asked Shion.

"We won't worry about Kinky for a while…" said Sakura.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Sanji was cooking something, he went into the freezer and jumped at what he saw… a frozen Kinky.

Sanji blinked then figured Sakura must of frozen her and put her in there to keep her out of trouble.

Back with the three girls.

"So I froze her using Yuki's powers then stuck her in the freezer. Probably my only chance too since she'll probably cat on." said Sakura.

Both girls stared at her with big sweat drops.

"She's immortal remember… so it's okay." said Sakura who gave a heavy sigh.

The other continued to sweat drop… but Sakura cleared her throat.

"Okay we need some ideas." said Sakura.

The three began to whisper to each other their plans on how to set them up.

Later Sakura approached Kiyo.

"Say hey Kiyo!" said Sakura.

"Hey." said Kiyo with a sweat drop.

"That didn't come out right." said Sakura.

"Um… I was wondering… what do you think of Megumi." said Sakura.

Kiyo sweat dropped…

"Hey! Kiyo… can I get your help over here?" asked Nami.

Kiyo had sense become a sort of assistant to Nami when it came to navigation, due to his intelligence he was able to help read maps.

"I have to go. We'll talk later." said Kiyo.

As he left Sakura sighed…

"I didn't even get to ask him." thought Sakura.

Meanwhile Lori approached Megumi.

"Oh hey Megumi." said Lori some what awkwardly.

"Hi." said Megumi.

"I was wondering something." said Lori.

"What?" asked Megumi?

"I was wondering what do you think of Kiyo?" asked Lori.

Megumi began to blush a lot.

"He's a good friend, right?" asked Lori.

Megumi blushed even more.

"Or is he more?" asked Lori.

"Please don't tell Kiyo… I would rather tell him my feelings myself." said Megumi.

"Okay." said Lori with a sweat drop.

And so it was meeting after asking Kiyo and Megumi.

"So what happened ?" asked Shion.

"I couldn't ask Kiyo, Nami needed him with help with the maps." said Sakura with a heavy sigh.

"Megumi wants to tell Kiyo her feelings herself… so… I'd feel kind of guilty if we tried to set them up." said Lori.

"You two will see about Usopp and Kaya. I'll sit this one out." said Sakura.

The other two nodded in agreement.

IT was decided that Lori would ask Usopp… however… remember the earlier invention that was mentioned? Well it sort of exploded and Chopper was treating his wounds.

"So what happened to him?" asked Lori.

"His invention exploded and he got a lot splinters in hit butt." said Yuki U.

"I see…" said Lori with a big sweat drop.

Meanwhile with Shion, she met up with Kaya.

"Say Kaya, I was wondering what do you think of Usopp?" asked Shion.

Kaya blushed slightly, "Well Usopp is a very special friend. I used to very sick and he would always tell me stories that would make me feel better and without him, I probably wouldn't be here…"

"That's nice." said Shion, "She didn't admit her feelings" she thought with a sweat drop.

And so there was another meeting with the girls.

"So what happened?" asked Sakura.

"Usopp's injured so I couldn't ask him." said Lori.

"Kaya didn't admit she has feelings for him so I didn't want to push her." said Shion.

"Looks like there's nothing to do…" sighed Sakura/

The three girls fell backwards and looked at the sky while they watched the clouds.

"If we can't set them up… what do we do then." said Shion.

The three of them laid in silence.. .when Sakura got an idea.

"Do you guys know how to do the Hare Hare Yukai? I brought my MP3 player and speakers." said Sakura.

"No… but I've been wanting to learn." said Shion.

"The Hare Hare Yukai? What's that?" asked Lori blinking.

"Okay. I'm Haruhi, Shion you're Mikuru and Lori… you're Yuki…" said Sakura staring at Lori like she was living in a cave for a very long time.

And so Sakura was teaching them the dance… Kiyo, Nami and Luffy watched them.

"What are they doing?" asked Nami.

"It looks like Sakura is teaching them a popular dace form out world…" said Kiyo, "Though in my opinion, Lori would look better in the Mikuru role."

Nami and Luffy stared at him.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"Never mind." said Kiyo (and he was glad they didn't know that was other, even Zatch didn't know he was secretly a fan).

That's when a wind ripped though the area, it was a very harsh wind… so harsh that the waves rocked everything thing… it didn't last very long… but it still fierce none the less.

"What was that?" asked Nami.

"I have no idea." said Kiyo.

"It must have been a mystery wind." said Luffy.

Both Nami and Kiyo stared at him.

"Oh no!" they heard Fulgore yell out, "Kanchome's spell book is gone."

"What?" asked Luffy.

"I have a bad feeling about this." said Kiyo.

After hearing g this, everyone on the ship went to go check where they last put their spell books and all of them were gone… however where Luffy put his was a note with an eternal pose and for a map… this called for a meeting.

"Come to this island to get your spell books back, signed the Knowlie." read Kiyo.

"That's a dirty trick." said Tia N.

"And if I know evil jerks… it's going to get dirtier." said Kinky.

Everyone stared at Kinky.

"How did you get unfrozen so fast?" asked Sakura.

"It's a funny story… I'll have to tell you sometime." said Kinky with a big grin.

"We're never going to find out… are we?" asked Yuki S/

"Nope… you're not." said Kinky.

"Nami… how long it take to get us to the island?" asked Luffy.

"According to the map they gave us… not for a long time." said Nami.

"Okay… we have to find a way to get the books back." said Luffy.

Everyone nodded in agreement… after all this time they had gone too far.

Next Time: They reach the island to find that they had set up a barrier that prevents anyone with "Super powers" from entering... in other words the Mamodo, Luffy, Robin, Chopper and Sakura can't enter! What will happen? Find out next time!