The StarClan Courtroom

Scourge's Case

Scourge was a bitter soul after he had been killed by Firestar. He remembered what the young leader had said about having nine lives, granted by StarClan, and decided to go to StarClan and ask for nine lives also. If they gave them to a kittypet, how hard could it be for him to get them? He was summoned to StarClan's Courtroom.

"The StarClan Courtroom is now in session. Judge Bluestar preciding," yelled the bayliff, Whitestorm. Scourge shuddered as he thought of Bone killing this massive white warrior.

"Scourge, how do you plead?" Bluestar leaped onto the top of her podium, flattening her ears and hissing at him.

"Uh, not guilty. Why am I here? I just want nine lives and to go back to the remaints of BloodClan," Scourge shrugged. Bluetsar hissed more and more and jumped up and down.

"Evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil Aler-ert! He wants to take over! Mwah! You all heard him! Evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil Aler-ert! MWA!" Everyone stared at Bluestar, confused and bewildered at her sudden outburst. "What? I needed to yell at him for killing my love!"

"Oh, Bluestar!" Whitestorm jumped onto the podium.

"Whitestorm!" They kissed. Then they stood side by side staring at the audience. "Uh, ring ring ring. Oh, well, that's my phone, ha. I…gotta take this…" Bluestar dashed into the back room.

"Yeah, I'll help her…" Whitestorm ran after her and…well, you know.

"Now what?" A cat from the audience yelled.

"I'm judge!" Shrewpaw jumped onto the podium and smacked the gavel against it…A LOT. "You can't go to StarClan! Ha hee ha ho! Nah nah na na boo boo!" He stuck his tongue out at him. Blackstar jumped from the audience.

"Hey, Judge Shrewpaw… can I have coffee?"

"Only this once!"

"Cool! Hey, Scourge, me and Tigerstar are going out for coffee. Coming?"

"Doesn't he hate me?" Scourge asked Blackstar.

"Nah! He likes it better where he is!"

"Okay, I'll come!"

Then, the heard Bluestar giggle. Aren't they all scarred.