This is a story I wrote because I didn't like character deaths or season 4 much, so I hunted down the names of everyone it actually said died, and a list of 'bots never seen again, so presumed dead. I hope you enjoy it!

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Not so Dead


First Aid groaned on the med table, he had taken a fair shot to the chassis, and needed rest before he could repair himself. He wasn't the only one in the med bay; that was why he was so reluctant to charge. Gold Bug, Jazz, Blaster, and Powerglide had all been injured in the same fight, all already deep in recharge.

First Aid allowed his systems to begin to slowly shut down, he had always hated this part of recharging, he felt so helpless, and he had at times envied his predecessors for working to the point of throwing caution to the wind.

"Ratchet… Wheeljack…" he whispered to himself, a stabbing at his spark chamber, "If only I'd been as good a medic as you… then maybe I could've… you'd still be…" he groaned as his systems nearly immobilized him and his mind began to numb.

A welding sound grabbed his attention as a piece of the wall fell, like it was going to crash, when a two black hands grabbed one side of the piece, two red ones the other side, setting the piece down quietly. First Aid frantically tried to mobilize and stop the intruders; they were staying just out if his line of sight.

First Aid hadn't been so frightened since he had to take over for Ratchet, his vocalizers weren't quite ready for any sound yet, he knew he was helpless. Then he heard a familiar voice say, "Knock out those damn security cameras, and finish off-lining First Aid will ya?"

First Aid's optic's flickered as his vocalizers returned, "Ratchet?" a hit against the back of his head, and he blacked out.

"First Aid? First Aid! Wake up First Aid!" First Aid's optics on-lined to Kup standing curiously over him.

"Uhn… Kup?"

"I'd have thought you'd have waited for Preceptor to do everyone's repairs-, amazing job by the way."

"I-I didn't do any repairs!"

"Well than who did Lad?"

He looked around, seeing his patients repaired, even himself repaired to a precision he'd never perfected, the only 'bot he knew that could repair so many 'bots in such a short period of time was… "Ratchet!"

Kup's optics flickered, "Don't talk crazy or we'll have to turn you over to Perceptor."

"I'm serious Kup! I heard his voice! I saw his shadow! I lived in that shadow, I know it better than anyone!"

Kup put his hand on his shoulder, "Son, I know ya miss him but-"

"What are you babbling about?" Perceptor asked, "Must I examine your head?"

First Aid looked at the wall that had collapsed; it looked fine, except for a pale mark along it. He looked up to the security camera, it was smashed, "How do you all explain those! I heard Ratchet! I thought they were Decepticons until I heard Ratchet yelling to scrap the camera and knock me out!"

He looked around again, and saw, on the wall near where Gold Bug had been, a fist mark in the wall, one he hadn't seen since Ratchet had left. He bolted up and ran over, pointing at it, Kup shaking his head, "We all miss him Lad, but that's no reason to make up a story and fake evidence to-"

"No one has that size fist and can make that big a dent in this metal without even scraping the paint on his hand except for Ratchet!" He looked into Kup's optics, then into Preceptor's "I'm not mad! I know Ratchet's fist mark; he almost bludgeoned me with it more times that I can count!"

Blaster woke up, groaning and moving drearily, "Uhn… Morinin' guys, sup?"

Before anyone could say anything the announcer sounded, "Guys? Are we expecting a shuttle?"

Blaster cocked his head, "That's weird… Yo Jazz, Powerglide! Up an' adam mans!"

Jazz rolled over and almost fell off the bunk, "Eh… Can't I be "Up an' adam" right here?"

Powerglide sat up, "We're coming… we're coming…"

Everyone looked at the screen as they tried to gain communication with the shuttle bearing the Autobot insignia. In annoyance Springer pounded on the communication button, "Respond right now! Let us know you're not Decepticons before someone gets hurt!"

A click and buzz was a momentary response before a female voice arose over the communicator, "This is Firestar of Elita-1's unit, requesting permission to land."

Hotrod shook his head, "You must have a scraped circuit femme, the Autobot femmes in Elita-1's unit were on the Part of Cybertron Unicron scrapped, there were no survivors in that part of the planet, so who are you!"

There seemed to be some confusion between at least three femmes on the other side, and a different voice answered, "This is Cromia, and there has been some mistake Hotrod, true we were supposed to be there, but something came up and we had to leave Cybertron rather abruptly, who's in charge over there? Kup or Magnus?"

Hotrod's optics narrowed, "I am in charge here. So who are you really?"

"Dimmit Hotrod! This not a joke! We have to take information to the leader of the Autobots!"

Hotrod was about to snap again when Arcee raised her hand, "Cromia? This is Arcee, Optimus Prime is in Moscow at the moment, can you please land and wait for him?"

More muttering, sounding like someone said: You were right Elita. Eventually Firestar's voice returned, "Alright then."

When the shuttle landed, all six of Elita's team excited, including Elita-1 herself. Cromia looked Hotrod directly in the optics, "I told you it was us you stupid-"

Elita put her hand on Cromia's shoulder, "It's alright Cromia, that isn't important."

Ultra Magnus looked dead on his feet, "It… it's good to see you're all alright."

Elita nodded solemnly, "I know."

Moonracer ran up to Powerglide the moment she saw him, "Powerglide!" She whimpered, grabbing him in a death-grip hug.

"Moons! I… I mean we… we thought you were… I missed you Moonracer."

Arcee looked at the femmes, "What's this all about? Why do you need to talk to Optimus so bad?"

"How's he even alive?" Elita asked, "I felt him die."

"He did die Elita, but we had a Quintison bring him back because we needed his help." Magnus answered, "He's alright you know Elita."

"I know, I felt that too." She sighed, and then whispered, "We're here about the others who died in that battle."

Optimus Prime rolled up, Skylinks and Cosmos flying near him, landing beside him before transforming with him, Optimus freezing, "Elita!"

"Finally." Elita mumbled, looking away from Prime to Cromia, "Tell them what you saw Cromia, this needs to be dealt with immediately."

Prime cocked his head sideways, "We thought you were…"

"Yes but we knew you were dead Optimus, now please let Cromia explain, this is gravely important! It's about the warriors that died in the same battle you did!"

Firestar held her head, "I know you didn't intend gravely to be a pun, but it came out that way Elita."

"Will you let me speak!" Cromia snapped, waving her hand in annoyance, "Now hush and listen to me!"

—To Be Continued—

For some reason I couldn't get the boarders to show up, so I did the best I could do to seperate scenes. Please let me know what you thought so far!