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Wind Charger



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Red Alert



Not so Dead

Really you?

Hound looked out the window at the stars speeding by the ship, his fuel pump would be racing if it could, he missed earth more than he could describe, and for that short time they were on earth his spark ached horribly. Tracks had felt the same, though he'd never admit it.

Red Alert was walking around nervously, Inferno, Wind Charger and Thundercracker watching him walk around, Inferno finally groaned and muttered, "Will you quit that Red? You're making me dizzy."

"Shut up." Prowl hissed from his lone spot across the room, leaning his head back over his seat, holding his head, he really was overstressing about everything, then again, no one could blame him.

Skywarp growled, "Remind me again why we're doing this?"

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker looked at the Decepticon in surprise, was he actually saying what they were thinking? Sunstreaker cleared his throat, "I second the question."

"Yeah!" Brawn smirked, "Why don't we just take this stuff to Upsilon an' see how he likes a piece of his own medicine!"

Huffer sighed, "You know why Brawn, if we try anything against him…"

Blue Streak finished for him, "Then he's going to destroy Cybertron and Charr."

Ratchet looked up from his growling to Wheeljack and Grapple, "Do you think they even know we still give a pointless damn about them? No matter what we do, no matter what happens, when the Quintisons are out of his way; do you really think he'll stop there?"

Iornhide looked up from his conversation with Mirage, "What're ya sayin' doc?"

"You know what I'm saying." Ratchet glowered over him, wondering how such a hardened warrior could be so naïve, "That fragger isn't going to spare anyone's lives because he promised us! He wants us to destroy his own, why would he hesitate to destroy ours?"

Thundercracker looked up, "Well then what do we do?"

Prowl glared at them all, "Absolutely nothing."

Everyone looked at him in surprise, but Blue Streak was the only one to speak up, "Prowl! What's wrong with you? Have you gone totally mental?"

"Have all of you? How can you laugh and joke and be happy when it was such a good place in the Matrix! I understand why you Decepticons don't want to go back to the pit, but-"

Ratchet put his hands on Prowl's shoulders, "You remember?"

Prowl looked to the ground, "Vague images, voices, you wouldn't be so chipper if you were hearing and seeing them too."

Mirage cocked his head sideways, "That explains a lot, besides, most of the 'bots you had to live for were there, the rest of us…"

Sunstreaker looked sadly at Prowl, "But what about Jazz? He's probably still crushed that three of his best friends, us, died, do you want him to die too because you've become a spineless coward who just wants to go back to the safety of the Matrix!"

Sideswipe's optics flickered, "Don't cross the line bro." When Sideswipe was telling him to tread cautiously, everyone knew to be careful.

Prowl shook his head, "It's alright Sideswipe; he's right."

"He is?" Ratchet said in surprise, even more so when Prowl nodded.

"He's right. I'm being selfish about this. We might not be able to do anything to save our races from each other, but if we stop Upsilon…"

"…They might have some sort of shot." Skywarp finished, nodding in agreement.

A com link beeped on the ships com, everyone afraid it was Upsilon, Ratchet snapped, looking at Blue Streak, "No one answer that; got it?"

"Why is everyone looking at me?" Blue Streak growled.

"Respond!" Everyone looked at the com, the voice, was that who they thought it was?

"Optimus Prime?" Prowl whispered, making the Decepticons look to the ground sadly.

"You lot are lucky." Skywarp finally said, "No one in the Decepticons, even if they knew we were alive would try to contact us to help. If nothing else, you owe them a goodbye."

Iornhide looked at the Decepticons as Thundercracker nodded in agreement, "Are mi' audios malfunctionin'? Did I just here what I thought I just heard from Decepticons?

"Optimus? You're alive?" Blue Streak asked through the com, bringing Optimus' picture onscreen.

"BLUE STREAK!" Everyone shouted at him, making him wince.

"Don't yell at him, please, just explain what's going on!" First Aid begged, his face showing up on the bottom of the screen.

Ratchet's optics narrowed, "Shut up kid, this doesn't involve you, yet."

Wheeljack shook his head, "Don't yell at poor First Aid, he never did anything wrong."

"Like hell he didn't! His medic skills are horrible!"

First Aid couldn't help but smile, "Well, you never finished teaching me."

"You're a moron kid, that's your creators' fault, not mine."

Wheeljack waved his hand dismissively, "He means he's glad you're okay, he was worried about ya, and everyone else who was hurt."

Cromia pushed through, "Iornhide, front and center."

"Cromia I-" He started, but she cut him off.

"Shut-up." She looked him dead in the optics, "Under ordinary circumstances, I'd talk to Prowl about this, but from what I saw he's gone off the deep end."

Prowl shook his head and growled, "No, I'm just not the old Prowl, I'm fine."

Jazz's spark sunk at the look on Prowl's face, and the tone in his voice, this was not the Prowl he knew so well, but Cromia continued, "Elita-1 has had contact with Upsilon before."


Elita pushed into center view, "I saw Upsilon… well, shortly after Unicron's attack on Cybertron. I had been separated from the femmes on a rather… peculiar planet… but then I saw a Quintison…"

"Upsilon." Ratchet muttered; looking to the ground, sensing what was coming next.

"He was talking erratically to himself, he said Cybertronians owed a debt they could never repay to his kind, but his kind deserved to be obliterated along with all Cybertronians." She sighed, shaking a little, "…And then he looked right at me and said, "I'd use your own miscreant kind against each other… even the dead." Then he hit me with a spark-AL defibrillator."

Optimus looked at her in surprise, but Ratchet said what was on everyone's mind, "How exactly did you survive that?"

"He missed and hit my ankle, if he had hit any higher up…" she shook her head, "The point is… he thought I was dead…" she held out a vile of searing purple ooze, "He said it'd fix the damage the Quintisons have done."

"What are you-…?"

"This could be the answer; it might even help all of you!"

Prowl made a low hiss, startling everyone, "And you're stupid enough to believe him? Although, I must admit, it couldn't possibly make things worse for us… but I find it rather pointless."

That was all Jazz could take, "What in the inferno crawled up your aft and died?"

Prowl winced rather noticeable, whispering timidly, "I'm just tired. None of us has charged since…" he shook his head, trying futilely to remember, "Since whenever it was we… since we were revived, whenever that was."

Jazz looked sadly at him, "Man, I know this has to be hard, but we're you're friends man! We want to help!"

Prowl almost laughed, "You told me something once Jazz, do you remember the night the Decepticons first took total control over Cybertron? Do you remember what you told me?"

If it were possible Jazz's face would have lost all color, and under his visor his optics widened, "Man, you promised never to say anything about that!"

"I won't, but you know what you said, about me, and that's why you're silly friendship speech doesn't complicate things for me."

"Prowl man…"

"Spare me." Prowl walked away from the group, "You decide what to do. I frankly don't care anymore." He left the room, as soon as the door snapped shut behind him he silently fell to his knees, hands covering his face, "Why me?" He eventually pulled himself to his feet, wishing more than anything in the universe that he could just lie down and fall into recharge, "Why?" he whispered, searching his memory for answers.

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