I Remember

By Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- It was then that he realized he wished he hadn't killed her.

Genre- Romance, Angst

Rating- T

Pairing- Itachi/Sakura

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I Remember

An Itachi x Sakura Story

They say you don't realize how much you care about something until it's gone…I suppose that's true. After all, how was I supposed to know I'd care for her this much?

The sounds of her sobs still ricochet through my ears and her wails still echo around my head. I remember as I stood there, doing nothing to comfort those tormented cries as her friend died in her arms. I remember doing nothing to stop her from stabbing herself in the heart even as another pulled her hand away.

I remember as blood trailed down her lips and trickled from wounds lining her small frame. I remember the haunted and betrayed look in her eyes as my hand sparkled chakra, preparing once again to strike her in her chest.

I remember as her eyes stared into mine and I remember taking her to my tortured mindscape, forcing her to relive the cruelest moments of her life. I remember forcing her to watch me kill my brother, forcing her to watch her friends die one by one as they came to save her.

I remember the night we first kissed and I remember the night we first proclaimed our love. I remember the night I cried for the first time, my tears falling onto her chest, and burying my face in her breasts. I remember the night I whispered into her ears.

I remember the beauty of her smile, the soft twinkle of her laugh and the beauty of her eyes. I remember the quiet sound of her sobs, the lovely melody that was her voice. I remember the blood staining her hands as she rushed to heal me, the tears coating her face as she hugged me tight, having once more brought me back to the land of the living.

I remember the day she first said my name in a whisper so venomous and from how my name slowly changed from something cursed to something loved and then I remember how my name formed on her lips in heated throws of passion as we made love for the first time.

I remember how her smile shone and how her frown seemed to darken the mood, how even the slightest of smiles could make the light feeling of happiness arouse within me.

I remember the moment my hand slid from her chest and she slumped upon the ground, those lovely eyes of her shocked and betrayed as they slowly began to fade, the dull film of death coming over them.

I remember how her hair, the color of the palest sakura, became stained with the red of her own blood and I remember her last word as blood bubbled from her lips.


They say you never realize how much you care of something until it's gone...it wasn't until much later that I realized this was true, and that was when I realized that I wished I hadn't killed her.

End Remember

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