Online Chat with Naruto Characters


Chapter 1

Ino Yamanaka- GOT MAIL

Shikalika720: hey Ino we had training today remember? Where were u! Asuma-sensei made Choji and me train while he went lookin' for u. It wuz such a drag. Anyway, email me when u get a chance… and remember 2 go 2 trainin' tomorrow! Out.

Perfect4Sasuke201: srry I wasn't at trainin' Shikamaru but I was out on a mission w/Sakura, Ten-Ten and Hinata. Anyway, could u come over tomorrow? Plz reply .

Shikalika720: Y DIDN'T U TELL US BEFORE THAT U HAD A MISSION, INO? Sigh, Anyway, y do u want me to come over? Replying is such a drag but do it anyway. Peace out!

Perfect4Sasuke201: Well shikamaru y do u think?

Shikalika720: …..

Perfect4Sasuke201: hehehe plz just come over.

Shikalika720: Fine… just stop with the freagin' images Ino! See u tomorrow.

Shikalika720 has logged out.

Luvs2Eat has logged in (Choji) DUH

PinkPrincess41 has logged in (Sakura) DUH

OnlyNormal1 has logged in (Asuma)

MostPowerfulHokage100 has logged in (Naruto) DUH

DieItachiDie242 has logged in (Sasuke) DUH!

Perfect4Sasuke201: ok so is evry1 here now?

Everyone: YES!

Perfect4Sasuke201: ok so duz evry1 no wut they need 2 do?

Luvs2Eat: I bring all the junk food.

PinkProncess41: I make the cake.

OnlyNormal1: I bring cigars and beer!

Everyone: NO!

PinkPrncess41: U hav 2 stall if need b but hopefully it won't b.

OnlyNormal1: OK!

MostPowerfulHokage100: I by decorations! Yay!

DieItachiDie242: I decorate

Perfect4Sasuke201: and I by all the presents. Ok so evry1 nos wat they hav 2 do?

Everyone: YUP!

Perfect4Sasuke201: Ok by!

Everyone logs out.

The End