Forbidden Angel

By PinkAngel30

A/N: Hello people, this is my new story. Just so ya know, this contains lemon between Holly and Artemis (for those who don't know, that's sex). If that offends you, don't read.

Chapter 1: More Than Friends

Artemis Fowl, criminal mastermind and genius was now seventeen years old. At that very moment, he was in his study, waiting for a call from his friend Holly Short. At that moment, she was already late in calling him and it showed. Artemis was rather annoyed by this fact, which startled him. Since when did he care whether she was late in calling, she was just a girl. Again, he reminded himself that she was not just a girl. She was ex-captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon, now a private detective. She was also a fairy, or rather an elf and had met Artemis when he had kidnapped her when he was twelve, not one of his best moments but he was secretly happy about because if he hadn't had done it, he never would have met Holly and they never would have become friends. Although, he told himself, he wished they were a bit more than friends but that would never happen, as far as he knew, Holly didn't feel the same way about him and that was that. There was no use sulking over it, they were entirely different species for heaven's sake, but that was what was so alluring about it. She was like the forbidden fruit and that just made him want her more, but he would never force her. He was startled from his thoughts by a ringing.

'Finally,' he grumbled as he lent forward and picked up the fairy communicator that was on the table in front of him. Holly had given him the communicator when he was fourteen, after that affair with Opal Koboi, so that they could keep in touch. Artemis flipped open the communicator and was met with the smiling face of Holly Short. She was extremely pretty in a black widow sort of way, was slim, had flaming chest-length auburn hair and hazel eyes. After quitting the LEP, she had let her hair grow out and at the moment, she had it up in a ponytail. Just looking at Holly made Artemis smile.

'Hey Mud Boy,' she greeted.

'Hello Holly, and I do wish you would stop calling me Mud Boy, I'm seventeen you know,' he said with a small scowl but it was soon replaced by another smile.

'Fine, hello Artemis. Did ya miss me?'

'Hmm,' he said as he put a finger to his chin, 'Actually I didn't,' he lied. He saw Holly scowl. 'Anyway, why did you want to call?'

'Well… I'm not doing anything for a couple of days and I was wondering if maybe I could hang out with you. If that's OK?'

'Of course it is. When can you come?'

Holly grinned, 'I can be there in an hour. Is that all right for you?'

'Yes, my Mother and Father are in Spain for a week so you can stay until they come back. So I'll see you in an hour.'

'Yeah, bye.' She hung up. Artemis smiled again. Holly was coming over and nobody else would be there. Better go and sort out a guest bedroom, he thought.

An hour later, Holly knocked on the window outside Artemis' bedroom. She knew he would be there as this was the window she usually knocked at. Sure enough, Artemis got up from his bed and opened the window where Holly was hovering. She flew inside and landed in front of Artemis, who closed the window behind her. They both grinned at each other.

'Hello Holly, long time no see,' said Artemis as he brushed of long raven hair out of his dazzling blue eyes.

'Yeah, how've you been?'

'OK, you?'

'Good. Me and Mulch just arrested some low life who's been stealing and smuggling human technology into Haven.'

'Nothing too serious I hope.'

'No, we handled it. What have you been up to lately? None of those villainous scandals I hope,' said Holly teasingly.

'I have not and I'm disappointed that you would think I have,' said Artemis, hurt. Holly saw that he looked a bit annoyed at the comment and it shocked her. Since when did Artemis take offence to me asking about his criminal activities? She pushed it out of her mind.

'Sorry, didn't mean to annoy you.'

'That's all right. But to answer your question, I haven't been doing a lot lately. Mainly staying up here, hacking. To tell the truth, I was getting bored.' He sat on the bed where Holly joined him. They just lay there for a moment, lounging on it. Holly rolled over and looked into Artemis' deep blue eyes, which were staring back at her. Oh how blue they were, she thought she might drown in them. For a moment, Holly noticed a glimmer in those eyes that she had never seen before. Before she could look closer though, it had gone and Artemis' eyes looked the same as they always did. Holly's eyes left his and she allowed herself to gaze at the rest of his features. His skin was as pale as it normally was, bleached almost white from spending hours in front of computer screens, but oddly, the paleness of his skin suited him. His hair was as black as night and reached down to his collar, where he wore his usual Armani suit. Then her gaze moved to his lips, which were pink and thin. Some how, a strange thought popped into her head. How would it feel if I kissed those lips? As soon as she realised what she had just thought, she mentally slapped herself. How can you think that? He's a human, you're a fairy. It would never work, plus he kidnapped you and you almost died because of him, said one side of her, but another rose up to defend itself. Yes, but he's changed so much. Your friends now and he's saved my life countless times too. I would have died a long time ago if it wasn't for him.

Before the war could continue in her mind, Artemis spoke, shaking her from her thoughts. 'Are you all right, Holly?'

'Yeah… I'm fine.' He didn't look reassured though but didn't press her, which she was grateful for. She knew that something had changed between them, but she didn't remember when. Maybe it was after the Opal Incident, when she had gotten all emotional when Commander Root died and had shown that side to him. She didn't know, but something had definitely changed. Artemis got up from where he lay and glanced at Holly who also sat up. He sighed. Holly could tell there was something wrong but she didn't know what and she knew Artemis probably wouldn't tell her but she had to try.

'What is it? What's wrong?' she asked as he got up and walked away.

'Nothing, it's nothing.' Holly stood up and placed a hand on his shoulder. He flinched but didn't try to move it.

'Artemis, look at me. What's wrong?' He turned around and looked down at the elf but still gave the same answer.

'Nothing.' Holly knew him better than that and as she looked up into his eyes, she lost herself in them and did one of the boldest things she had ever done. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Artemis full on the mouth. She then pulled back and looked at Artemis' shocked expression. After a minute, she realised what she had done and turned away with a hand held to her mouth.

'Oh god, I'm sorry.' Holly felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around.

'Don't be,' was all Artemis said before he kissed her. Holly was shocked to say the least but not in a bad way. Soon she lost all coherent thought in the passion of his kiss. It was both demanding and giving, making Holly feel elated like she had never felt before. She felt Artemis' tongue run around the bottom of her lip, begging for entry, which she allowed. She held back a little gasp as his tongue massaged hers and she felt that, like everything else in his life, his kiss was perfect. A moment later, she felt two strong hands encircle her waist, pulling her closer to the man in font of her. Holly felt her own arms move as they curled around his neck, pulling him to her as well. After an eternity of passion, Artemis broke the kiss. He gazed down at the woman in front of him, perfect in every way to him. They stood staring at each other for minutes, maybe even hours, they didn't know, until Holly spoke.

'What… what do we do now?'

'I really don't know.'

'I never thought I would hear those words leave your lips,' she said with a small laugh. Artemis smiled and brushed his lips against hers again but she pulled away. He gazed her a questioning look. 'I'm… I'm sorry Artemis, but I don't think we can do this.'

He sighed. 'I know what you mean. Why did you kiss me?'

'I could ask you the same question, but I don't know. I really don't. I'm tired, can you show me to a room?'

'Of course.' He gently took her by the arm and led her to the nearest guest bedroom, which was only a few rooms away from his own. He opened the door to the room and Holly instantly liked the room. It had dark green walls with lighter green vines creeping up the walls. The bed was a jade green and so where the pillows. There was a door to the right was an on-suite bathroom which was also green. 'There are some spare clothes and pyjamas in the draws for you. G'night,' called Artemis as she settled down.

'Night,' she answered sleepily. Soon after, she was tucked up in the bed with some pyjamas on, thinking about the kiss she had just shared with Artemis. She wondered how it would affect their relationship as friends and she also wondered if she wanted to be more than a friend to Artemis. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep, with these thoughts still swirling around in her mind.