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Chapter 4: Desires of the Flesh

Holly woke up early in the morning. Her head was filled with memories and feelings. She could practically feel her attraction grow towards Artemis the longer she was around him. She groaned inwardly, it was impossible for her to have these feelings and not be able to shut them out when she wanted to. She could either act on them or ignore them. But, she was finding it impossible to ignore them and she had tried as hard as she could to ignore them but it didn't work. That's it, she thought, I'm going to have to find out if Artemis feels the same way. If he does then we can be together but if he doesn't, then it'll probably break my heart but it will be worth it if he feels the same. With this new resolve and determination in her eyes, she got out of bed and got dressed, putting on a short-sleeved laced forest green top and cut off jeans. She quickly brushed her hair and then went down stairs to find Artemis. She found him in the kitchen, as usual. He was just staring into space again but looked up when she entered. When he looked up at Holly, she swore she saw tears at the side of his eyes but then he looked away. Holly walked over and went to sit by him.

'Artemis, are you all right?'

'Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Why?' he asked, looking at her again. She noticed that the tears were gone and he was his usual self again.

'I don't know, you just look upset.'

'I'm fine.'

'Well anyway, I wanted to talk to you.'

'We are talking,' he said with a slight laugh. Holly couldn't help but grin at the remark.

'I know that, but I mean…' Holly took a deep breath but continued. 'About… About yesterday.'

Artemis froze and turned to look at her. 'What about yesterday?'

'Well, um… I, er…'


'Oh god. Do you love me?' Holly glanced at Artemis to see his reaction. Like always, his face was blank but in his eyes she could see surprise and confusion. A second later it was gone though.

'Do I…?'

'Do you love me?' she repeated.

'I… Well, I… I don't know.' Artemis looked at her and saw as her face fell. In his heart he felt a glimmer of hope but quickly stopped it. He would not let his emotions rule this conversation. 'Holly, look at me.' She did, she raised her head and stared deep into his blue eyes. 'I really don't know.'

'Is there even a chance?'

'But, but yesterday you said you weren't ready and that… that you couldn't…'

'I know what I said but I didn't mean it.'

'Then why…?'

'I said that because I didn't want to get hurt. I didn't know if you felt the same way. I didn't want to feel…' Holly stopped and looked down again.

'Holly, do you love me?'

Holly nodded and raised her head again. 'Yes,' she said in barely a whisper. 'Yes, I do.'

'Well, I… I love you too.' Holly's head turned so fast you could almost hear it crack. Her eyes had filled with tears but she quickly wiped them away.

'Then why did you say you didn't know?'

'I was scared that if I told you and you didn't feel the same then our friendship would be ruined.' Holly smiled genuinely for the first time since she came back to Fowl Manor. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. Artemis, a little surprised but pleased, deepened the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist. After what felt like an eternity of passion, they broke the kiss and instead took to looking into each other's eyes. Holly smiled slyly and that look worried Artemis slightly. Holly grabbed Artemis by the hand and pulled him to his feet and out of the kitchen.

'Where are we going?'

'You'll see,' she said as she dragged him up the stairs and into his bedroom. After a moment she let go of his hand, closed the door and then jumped onto his bed. Artemis instantly understood what she wanted.

'Holly, do you really think we should be…?' Holly cut him off.

'Come on. Stop being such a spoilsport,' she said teasingly.

'Holly but…'

'Shut up,' she replied as she pulled him to her and kissed him deeply. While she kissed him, she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him and then pushed him onto the bed.

'OK,' he said quietly and then flipped Holly over so that he was on top. He kissed her again and pulled her lace top off. He teased her for a while and ran his fingers over the edge of her bra while she pouted. He smiled and undid her bra revealing her breasts. Instant thoughts of how beautiful she actually was with her mocha skin ran through his mind. He leaned forward and kissed her again and then began to move down her neck, spreading kisses along it as he nipped and sucked at her skin. Occasionally she would give a little giggle as he moved downwards until he reached his target. Holly gave a little gasp and moan as he kissed her breasts. She arched her back against him and he began to suck on her nipples. He moved from one to the other, continuing to tease her. Holly's hands, which had been at her sides, moved up to his bare chest and then downward. Just like in the dream, Holly's hands brushed against his groin and he moaned. She smiled and tugged at his pants, pulling them down. She quickly got them off and his boxers joined his pants on the floor. Artemis began to trail kisses down her stomach towards her jeans, which her reached in a matter of seconds. He pulled them off, along with her knickers. He moved upwards again and kissed her lips, which only made her pout again.

'Come on, don't make me wait. Stop your teasing and finish it.' She smiled cheekily at him as he obliged and rolled over so she was on top of him. He pulled her down and she positioned herself. 'You ready,' she whispered hotly in his ear, her breath ragged with pants. The heat they felt was consuming them and was continuing to build. He nodded and she pushed down on him, hard and fast. Both felt pleasure but after a moment, Holly felt a sharp pain that made her wince. Artemis reached up a hand and stroked her cheek.

'It's OK,' he whispered, 'The pain will be gone in a moment.' She heard him give a moan as she moved to try and relieve some of the pain she was feeling. After a few moments, she felt the pain begin to fade like the new morning sun, poking through the darkness at dawn. Soon, the pain had faded completely and all she felt was immense pleasure. She felt herself able to take all of him inside her now as she pushed down on him again. They both moved together in time, rocking back and forth. They both felt the love within them, blossom as they made love.

A few hours later, they were both lying in Artemis' bed, breathing heavily. Artemis had his arms wrapped around Holly and she had her head and body leaning against his chest. Both of them were asleep, both of them dreaming of what tomorrow would bring. A few minutes later, Artemis awoke to a knocking on his door. His groaned, he had completely forgotten Butler would be back that day. Completely forgetting that Holly was asleep next to him, he called out that Butler could come in. The manservant did so and stopped, shocked, by the door. Butler looked from Holly to Artemis and grinned.

'Ah,' was all Artemis could say as he looked down at the sleeping Holly.

'I'll come back later shall I?'

Artemis nodded. 'Yes please.' Butler left, a huge smile plastered over his face and Artemis was left with Holly. He gently shook her awake. She opened her eyes and yawned. Then she looked up at him, smiled and kissed. He kissed her back and after a moment, broke the kiss. 'Butler's back,' he said quietly.

'How do you know?' she asked confused.

'Because he just came in before I woke you up.'

'Oh,' was all she said and she blushed deeply. 'We'd better get dressed then.' Artemis nodded grudgingly and they both got out of bed, putting their clothes back on. Ten minutes later, they were walking down the stairs, hand in hand. They found Butler in the living room, reading a 'Guns and Ammo' magazine. He looked up from it as they entered and grinned at them. They both grinned back but a little sheepily. They went and sat down together on the sofa, across from Butler.

'So, you to have been busy while I'm away,' Butler said. It was more of a statement then a question. Artemis and Holly both glanced at each other and then back at Butler. 'Well, it was about time you two hooked up.'

'What?' Artemis said, a disbelieving look on his face. Holly looked equally confused.

'Aw come on. Don't tell me that you two haven't noticed how much chemistry has been going on between you two lately.' They shook their heads, still looking a bit puzzled. 'Every one has noticed how close you two have gotten these few months.'

'I guess we were the last to know,' Holly said.

'When are Mother and Father coming back?' Artemis asked. Before Butler could answer, they heard the front door open and Artemis' Mother and Father entered the house. Holly quickly used her hair to cover her pointed ears so they were no longer visible.

'Arty, oh how are you?' came his Mothers voice as she entered the living room. His Father was close behind but both stopped when they saw Holly. She grinned nervously at them. 'And who is this charming young lady?'

'Mother, Father, this is Holly Short.'

'Well, it's very nice to meet you Holly,' said Mrs. Fowl as she shook Holly's hand. Mr. Fowl did the same and started to bombard Artemis with questions of where he met Holly, where she lived, how old she was, how long was she staying and so on. Artemis answered all the questions, making up the lies as easily as if they were the truth. Soon, both himself and Holly were allowed to leave and so they both rushed up to his room.

'Your parents are nice,' Holly said as she sat down on his bed. He came to join her and wrapped his arms around her.

'Yes but they're a little over protective.' She nodded as she stared up at him and he looked down on her. 'What are we going to do tomorrow?'

'Well, I've got to go to work so I've got to leave tonight but I can try and come back over in a few days.'

'OK, are you going to tell anyone about us?'

'Well, not yet but I'll have to some when. I don't know how to explain it to them because humans and fairies aren't supposed to fall in love.'

'Don't worry about it right now. I'll think of something to tell them so they can accept it. What do you wan to do until you go?'

She smiled slyly at him. 'I have an idea,' she said as she pushed him back on the bed and kissed him. Artemis sighed happily, it was going to be a long night.'


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