Caution to readers:I started this fanfiction in 2006. The Avatar series was still running (about half way over?) and we had not seen the finale. There will be small inconsistencies with characters and events. (You may also notice my writing improves as the chapters progress. It has been a journey working on this. I started this when I was starting high school and I'm now starting college.) Thanks.

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The war was over. Ozai gone, the comet came and passed with no destruction and Zuko was the new Fire Lord. Aang stood outside with Momo on his shoulder and he had his hand on Appa's head.

"Kind of hard to believe it's over," Katara spoke softly from behind him. "It was always we have to get here, you have to master that. But now it's over…where do we go from here?"

"I know where I'm going…I'm going home." Aang sighed, his sight set on the horizon. He was sure Katara would go back to the South Pole and half of him wanted to go with her. But he needed to go back to the Temple…that was the only place he felt at home. How Aang would miss her. It would be hard to say goodbye, and the tears swelled up inside him as he told her.

"The Southern Air Temple?" Katara asked and Aang nodded. "Then I'm coming too. I think I would go crazy if we went our separate ways." Katara smiled putting a hand on his shoulder. Aang looked up and smiled at her. She would be coming with him; his heart soared. Katara would always be with him. Sokka and Toph emerged from the Fire Nation palace, and Zuko followed.

"Thank you, Aang." Zuko bowed to the Avatar.

"No, thank you Fire Lord," Aang smiled at the last two words, as he bowed back, "thanks for teaching me Firebending."

"It was my Uncle who taught you most of it, he's the real master. I was only a pupil like you." Zuko smiled.

"Well it looks like you have a Nation to restore," Aang said climbing up onto Appa.

"Yes, I do." Zuko laughed a little, "I have a big job ahead of me."

"Well, now that you are the new Fire Lord it will be a lot easier rejoining the nations together." Aang said and Zuko nodded. "Keep in touch!" Aang shouted as the bison took off. They all waved down upon the new Fire Lord and he waved back up at them until they were out of sight.

"Are we headed back to the South Pole?" Sokka asked as they took their seats on Appa's saddle.

"Aang and I are going back to the Southern Air Temple." Katara announced. Aang smiled and nodded while he almost blushed at the thought of Katara and himself living at the Temple.

"To live?" Sokka asked. Katara and Aang nodded.

"What about you Toph?" Katara asked her.

"I don't really know, maybe I'll come back to the Air Temple with you guys, I don't want to leave you guys, but first I'm going to have to visit my parents. I'm sure they want to see me." Toph said and they all nodded in agreement.

"I'm finding Dad," Sokka said.

"Maybe you could bring him back to visit me and Aang, we have a lot of work of restoring the Temple and we should get started right away." Katara told Sokka and Aang nodded in agreement.

"So it's settled. On the way back we visit Toph's parents and then we head towards the Air Temple. Once we get there, I go back to find Dad and bring him to visit you guys." Sokka decided.

"Are you going to stay at the South Pole with Dad?" Katara asked.

"Are you kidding me? I'm not leaving you and Aang unsupervised in an empty Air Temple!" Sokka exclaimed.

"Sokka!" Katara shouted turning a bright red as well as Aang.

"Well it's true! C'mon…" Sokka pointed out.

"They wouldn't be alone," Toph stood up for the two. "I'd be there!"

"I would just feel a lot better if I knew what you and Aang are up to, besides, I wouldn't leave any of you guys. I wouldn't let you have all the fun living in the Air Temple without me!" Sokka proclaimed.


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