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Evie lay on her bed crying. She had never been as sad as she was when she found out Jonathon had been killed. The London police didn't have all the facts, but they had discovered Jonathon's broken body found near his apartment. Rick was out speaking with the police, Evie hadn't been strong enough, she felt as though her world had come crashing down when she heard the words. "We found your brother's body..."

Rick closed the door behind the police and opened the door to their room. Evie lay curled up in a ball on the bed, she had cried herself to sleep. He gently crawled onto the bed and held his wife in his arms, he felt a void in his heart. Jonathon had always had a special place in his heart as his brother-in-law, sure he was annoying at times and he often put his foot in his mouth, but he was part of the family. He dreaded telling Alex, Alex was very close with his uncle. Thank God Alex had been at a friend's house that night.

It was so unexpected, he and Evie had settled down for a nice quiet evening, Alex had been at his best friend's house and Jonathon had been at his girlfriend's house. It had been at least two years since the last encounter with Imhotep and everything was looking as though it had finally settled down. No more mummies, no more evil after his family. His wife was the curator of the British museum and Alex helped out after school. Rick enjoyed the calmness, although he had to admit, he did miss the adventure.

He and Evie were enjoying a nice quiet dinner when someone knocked on the door. Evie had gotten up and answered the door. Rick was picking up the plates to take them to the kitchen when he heard Evie scream. Rick's instincts took over and he dropped the plates and ran to his wife. At the door were two police officers. Evie's face was pure white, as though she would faint. Rick's first horrible thought was Alex.

Evie grabbed onto Rick tightly and began sobbing. Rick glared at the police officers. "What is going on?"

The older police officer sighed. "We found the body of Jonathon Carnahan's body about a mile away from his apartment."

Rick felt like someone had punched him in the gut. The younger police officer brought out his note pad. "We need to ask you a few questions please."

Evie took off to her room, tears streaming down her face, while Rick answered the questions. Evie lay wishing that she was as far away from there as possible.

Meanwhile, in another time...

Princess Neferteri stormed up to her room, she was furious. How could her father do this to her. She paced back in forth in her richly decorated room, pausing only to throw a vase at her door. How dare her father try and decide her fate, she didn't wish to marry Imhotep.

She had never liked Imhotep from the first day she met him, he was so snake-like and fake to her, but as Princess of Egypt, she had to act dignified.

Her father Seti I ruled all of Egypt and saw fit to marry her to anyone of his choice, Imhotep had found favor with the Pharaoh, so he had been chosen. What her father didn't know was, Imhotep had no real interest in Neferteri other then just making him a ruler of Egypt. He truly was in love with Anck Su Namun, her father's paramour and future wife. Anck Su Namun had been brought to the palace to teach Neferteri how to fight, but she quickly caught the eyes of both the Pharaoh and the High Priest.

She had been summoned to the Throne room earlier, she had been in a fine mood. She wore her favorite gold dress, gold necklace and earrings. She wore gold body make-up and her hair was brushed so that it shined. She truly looked like a young Goddess. She had only just turned twenty years of age.

A soldier came to escort her to the throne room. She opened the door and was excited to see Rashidi. Rashidi was her favorite medjai, he was tall, muscular, had golden skin, dark brown hair, and beautiful deep brown eyes. He also was the only one she ever spoke with that treated her like a human and not just a brainless princess. He was a wise and kind man, for his name even meant wise.

He held out his hand and smiled at her. "I am here to escort you to the throne room my Princess."

Neferteri smiled and took his hand. "Thank you Rashidi." Rashidi couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful princess, she practically glowed as she walked, although she most likely never knew the power she held over him.

When he had first been assigned to guard her, he thought she would spoiled, bratty, and incredibly dull. But she was none of those things, she was kind, and very intelligent, though she did have an attitude at times. He knew it wouldn't be long till he completely fell in love with her.

Once Neferteri entered the throne room, Rashidi left her, he needed to be training other Medjai before returning to her. He kissed her hand and left.

Neferteri was caught off guard when she saw only her father and High Priest Imhotep in the room. She bowed low. "You summoned me father?"

Seti I stood to his feet and hugged his only daughter. She hugged him back. Seti I turned and looked at Imhotep. "My daughter, I have decided that your future husband shall be, I have chosen Imhotep."

Neferteri gasped. "Father, I am not ready to marry!"

Seti I frowned. "You are of age and as your father I have the right to choose your husband, you will wed Imhotep by the fortnight's end and that is the end of this discussion."

Imhotep stood looking smug at Neferteri, she knew what he was thinking, that he could control his wife easily, but he didn't know her very well. She glared at the Priest and whipped around, storming from the throne room, not allowing the tears to fall.

Rashidi was just returning from his earlier duties when he saw Princess Neferteri slamming her doors shut. He was instantly worried and walked over, gently placing his ear to the door. He heard her pacing and mumbling to herself, then she stopped. He leaned closer to the door only to fall back as the vase crashed against the door. She was really in a venomous mood.

He decided to take a chance and knocked on the door. He was answered with a nasty. "Go away!"

He pushed the door open only to dodge another vase. Neferteri stopped when she realized who she had almost hit. She turned and walked out onto the balcony. Rashidi followed her onto the balcony. "Princess, what is wrong?"

Neferteri turned and began to cry in his chest. Rashidi didn't know what else to do but wrap his arms around her and hold her gently. Neferteri felt so warm in his arms and he smelled so good. She looked up at him, the tears still falling and leaned up. He had the same idea. He leaned down and their lips met in a gentle kiss.

Suddenly her doors opened and her father came in. He saw the gentle kiss end. "So, this is why you don't wish to marry Imhotep, you are in love with a common servant!"

Rashidi broke from Neferteri and bowed low to Seti I. "Pharaoh, I did not know the Princess was to wed, however I will not deny my feelings for her, I do love her."

Neferteri smiled until she looked in her father's eyes. Her father loved her, but he was also seeing this as a direct act of disobedience. "I will not have you put to death because of your ignorance, but you are not to be with my daughter any longer, am I understood?"

Rashidi looked sadly up at Neferteri, but he nodded at the Pharaoh. Rashidi stood to his feet and bowed low to both father and daughter and exited the room. Seti I glared at his daughter and also left the room. At that moment, Neferteri wanted to be as far away from there as possible.