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Evie took a deep breath and repeated. "I am not Princess Nefertiri."

Evie looked at both men, knowing she had just completely rocked their worlds, in a sense. The look on Rashidi's face was hard to read, while Joniaton was an open book, Jonathon always was. I guess some things never change.

Joniaton looked at her, trying to see if she was trying to make a bad joke, but there was no laughter in her almond eyes. She was serious. Poor girl, grief must have caused her to temporarily lose her mind. He looked at Rashidi and saw that his friend must have been thinking that as well. Joniaton didn't blame her for going mad, knowing Imhotep was bad enough, much less being engaged to the monster.

Rashidi looked at the woman in front of him, shock running through his system. How could she say such a thing? Who else could she be? But other things came to his mind, the princess's change in behavior, her early rising, not knowing her own horse's name, no longer being a picky eater. It was all small things, but Rashidi had noticed, he had thought it was just shock from being engaged to Imhotep, now here was another explanation.

He looked into her eyes, because eyes were the windows to the soul. He saw desperation, fear, and sadness, but he didn't see a look of madness. Another thing he didn't see was the familiar spark in her eyes, the noble look she held when she was in front of all the court. Now that he looked deep into her eyes, he didn't exactly see a difference, he felt it. Maybe there was truth to what she said.

"If you are not Nefertiri, then who are you?"

Relief washed over Evie, they believed her or at least Rashidi did.

Joniaton looked at Rashidi, surprised. He hadn't expected Rashidi to sound so serious, normally Rashidi would have made a joke, getting the princess to smile. There was a hardened look in Rashidi's face.

"My name is Evelyn Carahan O'Connell, I am the reincarnation of Princess Nefertiri." She knew how crazy it must have sounded, she was basically telling them she was from the future.

Rashidi perked a brow. "Reincarnation?"

Evie almost panicked, that sounded like disbelief in his voice. Her voice shook as she continued. "Yes, reincarnation. I am not exactly sure how mine and Nefertiri's soul were switched though, but I just woke up the one morning in a palace instead of my house with my husband."

"Husband?" This was getting to sound real, it wasn't as though she was making things up, though he definitely didn't like the sound of husband. "You are married?"

Joniaton smiled and punched Rashidi in the shoulder. "Someone got to your girl before you did, tough luck."

Rashidi glared at Joniaton, as did Evie. Joniaton seemed to shrink beneath their glares. "I believe I will just be silent."

"Good idea Joniaton." Evie saw it in Rashidi's eyes, he was beginning to believe her, perfect. "Yes, my husband's name is Rick. We have a son Alex."

Rashidi smiled. It sounded like it was a nice life and if what she was true, then Nefertiri would be safe where she was. "You must miss them."

"More then you know." She smiled, Rashidi believed her. "However, I don't know how to get back and now I have a much bigger problem."

"What would that be, being trapped in your past life sounds like a big problem." Joniaton sounded as though he finally believed her as well.

"Well, Imhotep has discovered that I am not Nefertiri, he came to me earlier tonight and told me that if I didn't go to Seti and have us wed tomorrow evening or he would have me brought before the Pharaoh as an imposter."

Rashidi was outraged, how dare Imhotep do that to her, she may not be his Princess, but he still cared for her. "What do you want us to do Evelyn?"

A light reached her eyes as he called her her name. "Just call my Evie. As for what to do, I am not sure. There isn't much we can really do, I can't take the chance of either of you getting hurt."

Joniaton smiled. "We aren't afraid of that ol snake, how about we do what I suggested earlier Rashidi?"

Evie looked hopeful until Rashidi laughed. "I still don't believe that will work Joniaton, the crocodiles would find he tasted spoiled and leave him alone, then where would we be?"

"Running for Persia or farther if we had to." Evie watched the playful exchange, as much as she loved watching them banter, they needed to figure out what to do. She was trying to figure out whether she should tell them both about Imhotep's treachery. It would change history, change it so that she might not even be born, and if she was then even worse, she might not meet Rick.

Although she hated Imhotep with a passion, it was because of him that she had met Rick and fallen in love with him. Not knowing hin would be a fate worse then not being born, at least it was to her.

She bit her lip, a habit that she had when she was nervous. Rashidi looked at her and smiled. "It seems things do not change in Nefertiri's future life, she bites her lip when she is nervous as well."

"I know a lot about this time, though none of the intimate details of Nefertiri's life. The Pharaoh would ask me questions that only she would know."

"We could tell you all about Nefertiri?" Joniaton knew a little bit, Rashidi knew a good bit, but not of Nefertiri when she was a child.

"It wouldn't work, we need to think of something else." She looked down, deciding that she was going to tell Rashidi and Joniaton about Imhotep and Anck-Sa-namun.

"There is also something else, isn't there?" Rashidi knew her so well. Evie looked up at him and nodded. "I may be changing history, but there isn't nothing I can about it now." She took a breath. "Not long from now, Imhotep and Anck-Sa-Namun are going to kill the Pharaoh."

Rashidi growled low in his throat. "That treacherous bastard, I'll kill him."

Evie suddenly felt woozy, the room began to spin. "Um, guys." Both men turned to see Evie faint.