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Not Real

The words ring through her head. Not real. Atlantis is all an illusion of your mind. Two weeks later and she is still trying to come to terms with it.

John never came. There would be no rescue because there was no one to save her.

The place she thought she had inhabited for the last two years was now becoming hazy and unclear. The faces and voices of her friends became fuzzy and unfamiliar. Could it all be a trick of her mind?

She never really showed it but she always prided herself on pretty much being a sane and down-to-earth person. Well, as sane as one can be trying to keep your expedition safe from, lack for a better term, space vampires.

She had always been able to live with every curve ball life seemed to throw at her. Why not this one? She just had to accept that everything she experienced in the last two years was all a lie.

She is going to take control of her life. She would not sit around crying in this metal institution anymore. Even if that means she is going to have to renounce Atlantis and everything she held dear there to gain control.

She's out. She's gotten rid of the white scrubs and taken a long shower hoping to wash off the guilt she feels. She knows Atlantis is real. Even if it is a few brief images in the back of her mind.

She goes back to work. They say she is a preschool teacher. But she has no recollection of this. She doesn't argue and pretends to remember. She doesn't want to go back there. She knows she's not crazy.

Her apartment, where she lives alone, has a small balcony that looks out at the sea. When she stands there alone she can almost see him, John, standing there beside her.

She goes through the motions but it's not really living. She will never be complete without her real home.

Nearly a year has passed and she is working in her preschool. Even though she likes children and wants a family some day. She never imaged this would be one of the things she decided to do with her life.

Then she saw him, the one she had been waiting for. He just walked through the door as simple as that holding a little girl's hand.

A sharp gasp escaped her lips. She ran up to him. "You're here."

"Yes, I phoned yesterday. I said I'd be coming." He said in cocky voice and gave her one of his flyboy smiles.

He didn't recognize her. Her whole world came crashing down on her the moment his words left his lips.

"This is my daughter, Tabitha." He said. But his words fell on deaf ears. They discussed when he would pick her up, allergies and other such stuff.

Then, he was gone. And she hoped against hope that maybe there was some sort of mistake. That this was a cosmic joke.

She felt the small hand slip into hers. She looked down to see the same eyes and smile that John did. And she knew that this child was his and never would be hers. She would never have a life with him.

He never came. He would never come.

They had won. Atlantis didn't exist. They had finally broken her.

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