Only Human

Author: iacssi111

Summary: Diana does some soul searching in light of Maia's most recent vision.

Spoilers: Most of Season 3- especially Mommy's Bosses, Blink, The Ballad of Kevin and Tess, The Starzl Mutation, The Gospel According to Collier

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from The 4400

Note: I don't know about anyone else, but this whole "Ben" thing happened a little too fast for my taste, so I haven't really warmed up to him yet…I'm trying to be open minded, but for now I'm still partial to Marco, so I'm going to stick with him : )

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Chapter 1

Diana Skouris was in that strange state between sleeping and waking; the state where you can't quite separate your dreams from reality, when she suddenly jerked in her seat, scaring not only herself, but her partner, Tom Baldwin, as well.

"Jeeez, Diana, don't let me keep you up or anything," Tom said sarcastically. Diana felt his concerned stare from across their desks as she rubbed her tired eyes. "Are you okay? Everything all right at home?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just haven't been sleeping well lately," She told him. Diana knew her response would not be enough to erase the worried glances Tom was giving her, but it was at least good enough to stop him from pressing further. The truth was that her problems were entirely personal, and although she and Tom were close, she wasn't ready to completely unload her life on him. No one ever said working for NTAC would be easy, but she was under an enormous amount of pressure and the stress from the recent events in both her personal and professional life were starting to take their toll. With the recent return of Jordan Collier, the events surrounding Kevin Burkhoff (including her becoming his personal lab rat) and Maia's new precognitions, Diana was emotionally and physically drained. Luckily, Diana and Tom were having a relatively slow day at NTAC. She was busy filing reports and he was busy making sure that charges against Alana were dropped entirely. Between work and trying to stay awake, Diana had managed to find some time to attempt to sort out her personal life.

The most troubling aspect as of late was Maia's precognition that she would end up marrying her sister's boyfriend, Ben. Though she was not overly convinced of the accuracy of this particular vision, Diana couldn't deny that it had an affect on her. She had felt something for Ben, although she was not sure if they were actual feelings or just the results of curiosity derived from Maia's announcement of her fate. She was somewhat taken aback at how seriously Ben took Maia's precognition. She certainly wasn't expecting him to break up with April, especially for her. She soon found herself shamelessly flirting with him in a grocery store, and then before she knew it, she was envisioning their life together. Since their 'date' at the grocery store, Diana had seen Ben a few more times (without April knowing, of course) and had enjoyed herself for the most part. He was wonderful, creative, handsome and smart, but there was something about him that she couldn't quite put her finger on. She had thought that they 'clicked' initially, but it eventually became evident that was not the case. The simple truth was, at the end of the day, she felt like a homewrecker. She didn't want to be that person, especially when her sister was involved and their relationship was strained enough as it was.

Slowly, Diana came to realize that she had really messed up and was in complete denial. She still had feelings for Marco. It finally hit her one day when she returned home. Maia had been at a friend's for dinner and Diana was dining alone. About half way through a glass of wine she found herself thinking about Marco and wishing he was there. She had even picked up her cell phone and considered calling him, but all she could do was stare at his name on her list of contacts. Tears had welled up in her eyes at that point from the sheer pain of being alone and the realization she couldn't just have Marco over; it wasn't fair to him. That night, she had thought long and hard about the choices she had and what needed to be done.

Diana looked up when she saw Tom get up to leave.

"Heading out?" She asked him.

"Yeah, I'm making dinner for Alana and Kyle tonight. You should head home too; you really look like you need some rest." Diana smiled wearily and shook her head.

"I think I'm going to stay here for another half an hour, just to finish things up. But don't worry, I'll head home soon." Tom smiled at her and gave her a look that said 'you better.' As he was about to leave he suddenly turned to her. "Oh! Hey, I was thinking about having a dinner to celebrate…You know, a 'My Son's out of Prison' celebration?" Tom said, laughing. "You should come. You're welcome to bring Maia or anyone you want."

"I would love to come," She told him, smiling at him. Diana was happy for Tom. His life was starting to return to normalcy. As normal as an NTAC agent's life can be anyway.

As she said good night to Tom she was already contemplating whether or not she should see Marco. Things had been extremely awkward between them. They were able to work professionally around each other, but Diana knew that their friendship had suffered. She sat in silence for a few minutes, getting completely lost in thought. A knock at her door made her jump. She looked up to see Marco standing in the doorway.

"Hey Diana. I'm heading out for the night. I'll…uh…see you tomorrow," He said, his discomfort clear in his voice. He turned to leave and before Diana knew what she was doing she called out to him.

"Marco, wait!" She stood up and started gathering her purse and coat as Marco returned.

"What's up?"

"Can you stop by my place tonight? Maybe around 9:00?" Her nervousness and hesitation was evident in her voice. Marco looked up and away from her, as if he was searching for the right answer.

"I don't know, Diana…."

"Marco, please. It's really important," Diana pleaded with him.

Marco knew that he would not be able to say 'no' to her. Not when she had that look in her eyes and not when she said his name like that. He slowly nodded his head.

"Okay. I'll be over at 9:00." Diana smiled and headed out the door and past him.

"I have to go pick up Maia at the Center. I'll see you later." She turned as she walked down the hallway. "Thank you, Marco." With that, she left, leaving Marco to slump against the wall, wondering what he had just gotten himself into.

Marco wandered around his apartment aimlessly, not knowing whether to be overjoyed or annoyed at the prospect of going over to Diana's. He wasn't even sure what she wanted to see him for. Knowing his luck, it was just going to be something work related. Glancing at his watch, he noted that it was only 6:45. Great, he thought to himself. About three hours of anxiety left. Usually willing to do anything Diana asked, Marco found himself completely frustrated. He was practically infatuated with Diana, but he also considered her a good friend. Their break up was easier to take than the dissolution of their friendship. Diana only came into the Theory Room when she absolutely needed to and avoided even looking at Marco. Marco missed their once playful banter and random conversations. He missed seeing her laugh and missed seeing her completely at ease around him. It saddened him that he no longer had anything to look forward to on Friday nights. He greatly missed the dinners he had with Diana and Maia. Sometimes, he could tell by the look in her eyes that she did too, but he knew Diana would never admit it. She was too stubborn to do so. Maybe she just doesn't want to admit that she took advice from a hallucination, he thought bitterly. Marco understood that the kid made people see their true feelings and what-not, but he also understood that no one knows the extent of the 4400s' abilities, and just maybe this kid might have been wrong. At least he'd like to think he was.

Marco sat down on his couch, running his hands through his dark hair. Maybe he was a masochist, but he decided that he was going to remind Diana of how he felt about her. He loved Diana, and he needed her to know it. If that didn't work out, then at least maybe they could salvage what was left of their friendship. He wanted her to at least know that no matter what happened, he was always going to be there for her and Maia, even if it meant putting his career and life on the line.

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