Summary: Sakura an exchanged student from America has come to Japan and is staying with the Uchiha family.. She needs to figure out the lost memories of her past.. However when two guys catch her eye things become complicated.. She is here for only two reasons one to reveal the past she had in Japan and second to find that certain little boy that promised to be with her forever who lived in Japan. What happens when she thinks one of the brothers is the one who promised her? Who will win her heart Sasuke or dangerous itachi?

Itachi (17 years old) Sasuke (15 years old) Sakura (16 years old)

Couple: SasukeXSakuraXItachi

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto!

"Boarders, we are now in Japan.. Welcome to Japan and thank you for flying Delta. Enjoy your stay here." The pilot said. A young girl with porclein skin and long pink hair that reached the end of her shoulders with a hat had landed in Japan. She sighed and said, "I guess this is it.." Anxiety had overwhelmed her.. What if.. it was a huge mistake to come here and something horrible happened? Also there was the fact if the family she was staying with would like her.

Emerald eyes searched the airport for a family that had a sign saying Haruno Sakura on it. She walked further into the crowded airport and say a young woman with black hair with the sign with her name upon it. She walked towards her and said, "Hey, I'm Haruno Sakura." The woman smiled and said, "Hey I'm Mikoto Uchiha! You're from America right?" She nodded. Mikoto said, "I was just wondering since your name sounds so Japanese." Sakura said, "Yea, I get that all the time.. my mother was Japanese and my father was American. Sadly my mother died so our home in Japan was gone.. Father thought it was best to return to America where he grew up." Mikoto said, "So sorry about your mom." Sakura said, "don't worry about it. So, shouldn't we go to the baggage claim?"

Mikoto said, "No, my two sons have taken care of that they're getting your stuff." She said, "ooh okay!" Sakura and Mikoto waited in front of the airport and there entered two guys with raven hair and onyx eyes. Ayumi shouted, "Sasuke! Itachi! Over here hurry!" The older one said, "Mom, here are some of the bags Sasuke has two of them because he couldn't carry it all.." Sasuke said, "Hey! I'm not weak at all I could carry them all if I wanted too!" The rivalery between the two seemed to very strong. Mikoto said, "Boys!" They both looked at their mother and shouted, "What!" at the same time.

Mikoto pointed at me and said, "This is the exchanged student from America that I've been telling you boys about, her name is Sakura Haruno. She'll be staying with us for a while, while she's in Japan." Sasuke said, "Welcome to Japan Sakura.." She smiled and said, "Thanks umm.." He said, "My name is Sasuke." She grinned nervously and said, "Right Sasuke!"

The older one just seemed to be bored with the conversation and already was in the car listening to his mp3 player. Sasuke said, "So, Sakura.. you must be Japanese because of your name." She nodded and said, "Half Japanese." Mikoto was driving and said, "What grade are you in Sakura?" Sakura said, "I'm supposed to be in 10th grade but i'm in 11th grade this year." Mikoto said, "Just like Itachi he's in 11th grade too.. isn't that great Itachi? Sakura will be in the same class as you.." He said, "hnn." Sakura's eye brow arched and thought what was up with this guy?

She looked at him with raven hair and onyx eyes like his younger brother but one difference between the two was he had his hair a ponytail almost always.. Itachi had realized she was staring at him and smirked and said, "Are you already totally in love with me that you can't take your eyes off me?" She grew angry with the remark he gave her. She said, "Take that back Itachi!" She looked like she was going to kill him. Sasuke pulled her back and said, "Sakura, relax.. he's always like this."

Mikoto said, "Here we are now the Uchiha Mansion." Sakura looked at the huge mansion with wide eyes. Itachi, Sasuke, and Mikoto all were out of the car now. Sasuke said, "Sakura, time to get out of the car." She said, "Wh-aat? oohh." He helped her out and she said, "This place is amazing!" She came in and saw two staircases one on the right and left with the red carpeting everywhere. Sasuke went up one and Itachi went up the other. Mikoto explained, "Itachi and Sasuke aren't really into talking to each other let alone looking at each other.. So they each got a seperate wing.."

She questioned, "So, where will I sleep?" She said, "Go up either staircase and go straight." She went up the stairs and saw a room and opened the door. There was a huge bedroom with a TV with DVD system, music system, satalite TV and fridge and a breathtaking view.. She flopped down on her bed and said, "So soft and smooth." She was glad she was here with the Uchiha's.. She went to the porch with the view and something was nostaglic about it.. A flash of an image with a young boy and her making a promise..

Flashback: The young girl with pink hair and emerald eyes was crying and said, "I'll never see you again..-kun. I'm going to miss you so much." The young boy said, "Listen, Sakura-chan.. I will see you again.. Let's make a promise.. We will meet here when we are older and be together..most of all I want to make you my bride." She blushed and said, "-kun, I love you.. I'll never forget you." They hugged. Tears stung to her eyes and the thing she hated about this memory is she had no idea who this mysterious boy was.. where he was now.. and if he was still single?

She wiped her tears away and thought Sakura relax you are in Japan for a reason.. to find this person. She knew for sure he was still alive she could feel it. Suddenly a knock came to her door and it was the older Uchiha. He said, "Sakura, dinner is ready and dress..." He eyed me up and down and said, "Formally.." He left then and a blush was stinging to my cheeks the way he was looking at me.. She opened the closet and saw a goregous pink dress and wore it and bunned her hair up.

She came walking down the staircase and into the big dining room. There was Sasuke and Itachi both in tuxs and the mother in a purple dress and the father wearing a tux. She sat down and Mikoto said, "Sakura, you look amazing!" She grinned and said, "Thanks Mikoto-san." Sasuke looked at her and thought she looked goregous.. Sakura said, "Well you guys thanks for letting me stay here." They began to eat as eyes crossed and hands touched as feet bumped.

Sasuke held my hand and she was turning pink again! Itachi hardly looked over at her and just continued to eat until he accidentally spilled some wine on her dress. She screamed, "Itachi! How could you this is an amazing dress and you ruined it! She got up and kept yelling at him. He just smirked and said, "In my opinion you look better that way and you looked kinda cute when you're upset." She wanted to double take did she just hear that from Itachi? She couldn't think of anything so she screamed, "You pervert!" she punched him and he hit the wall and she went into her room.

When she left she felt her face flushing.. it turned red.. She was in her room pacing wondering why she was feeling her heart beat so fast.. Someone knocked on her door. She shouted, "Don't come in!" Nevertheless there was the great Itachi Uchiha who opened the door and she said, "I said don't come in dumbass!" He said, "I heard you.. just didn't feel like listening to a girl." She turned around and went to the porch and said, "This goregous view..brings memories back.."

Itachi questioned, "Memories?" She sighed and said, "yea, too bad I was too young to remember any of it.. I only remember one portion of my stay in Japan when I was younger.. I fell in love with a boy.. He promised he would see me again and I would too.. I'm finally in Japan and I wonder.. where he is now?" Itachi said, "Are you serious? That guy probably forgot about you and went with some other girl Sakura." Sakura said, "Shut up Itachi! He was nice, sweet, and always caring.." Itachi said, "What is his name then?" Sakura said, "I don't know.." He laughed and said, "That will help you so much for finding him good luck with that!"

Itachi started to leave and said, "Good night Sakura!" He left and Sasuke walked in and said, "I heard screaming are you okay Sakura?" Sakura nodded and said, "Does your brother enjoy me suffering?" Sasuke smirked a bit and said, "He's like that all the time in school he picks on people and since you live here he has full advantage.." She said, "Great! Just my luck!" Sasuke said, "So, your stuff for school is in the closet and all ready to go..Itachi will driving you to school tomorrow since he can drive." She said, "That ass is driving me to school? OMG!" Sasuke said, "Well maybe tomorrow after school we can hang out." She said, "Yes, defintely.. see you tomorrow Sasuke." Sasuke said, "Later Sakura!"

Sakura took off the dress and changed into her night clothes and slept..A dream came to her mind.. Sakura when she was 7 years old appeared she was in this huge house with a certain boy. He said, "I want to show you something Sakura." Sakura said, "What is it!" He said, "Follow me." He held her hand and they ran.. They met the breathtaking view and she said, "So pretty!" He said, "This is a seperate room and when we get married you can see this view whenever." She said, "You're too kind.." She began to cry. He said, "I want to give to you because I love you Sakura." She said, "I love you too." Their lips were just about to meet...when.. BEEP BEEP Sakura put off the alarm and said, "So damn close! I want to know who that guy is!"

Mikoto said, "Sakura, wake up honey it's morning!" Sakura sighed. school was going to be something else especially with the two uchiha brothers..

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