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Tori: I'm bored.

Catey: Me too.

Kirsten: Me three! We've already done makeovers...

Catey: And TP'd Matt Cohlmia's house...

Tori: And watched Pirates of the Caribbean 10 times!

-awkward silence-

Kirsten: No, Tori, I think that was you before the sleepover started.

Catey: -nodding- Yeah.

Tori: Okay!

-awkward silence...again-

Catey: We shouldn't have let her have all that root beer.

Kirsten: -agrees-

PotC peeps: -appear-

Tori: SQUEE! IT'S CAPTAIN JACK! -tackles said captain-

Kirsten: SQUEE! IT'S WILL TURNER! -tackles said Turner-

Catey: I'm surrounded by fangirls! But what the heck. SQUEE! IT'S COMMODORE NORRINGTON! -tackles said commodore-

Jack/Will/Norrington: HEY!

The Girls: Oh...-disgusted looks- it's Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: HEY!

Tori (to Elizabeth): I have a picture of you on my punching bag. Now I'm a black belt in karate!

Catey (to Elizabeth): I have a picture of you on my soccer ball. Now I'm MVP!

Kirsten (to Elizabeth): I have a picture of you in my locker!

Tori/Catey: o.O

Kirsten: The door came off the hinges 'cuz I slammed it so hard.

Tori/Catey: -nod approvingly-

Jack/Will/Norrington: As much as we enjoy this little catfight, WHERE ARE WE?

Tori/Catey/Kirsten: Oklahoma! burst out singing OOOOOK-lahoma where the wind comes rushin' down the plaaaains...

PotC peeps: ENOUGH!

Tori/Catey/Kirsten: -shut up-

PotC peeps: That's odd. DO THE CHICKEN DANCE!

Tori/Catey/Kirsten: -chicken dance-

PotC peeps: Okay, you can stop now.

Tori/Catey/Kirsten: -stop-

Jack/Will/Norrington: Okay...so we're in Oklahoma. What's Oklahoma?

Tori: A state...

Catey/Kirsten: DUH!

Jack/Will/Norrington: Alrighty then.

Catey: We're at my house. Having a sleepover.

PotC peeps: -scratch heads-

Tori: You know, where a group of friends get together and do makeovers and TP peoples houses...

Jack: That sounds fun.

Will/Norrington: o.O

Jack: What?

Will/Norrington: -roll eyes-

Tori:...and watch movies, and play Truth or Dare...

Catey/Kirsten: -lighbulb goes on-

Catey: Let's play Truth or Dare!

Kirsten: Yeah!

PotC peeps: O.O

Tori: It's fun! But we might need a camera...-pulls out a Polaroid-

PotC peeps: -back away slowly-

Tori: Say cheese!

PotC peeps: um, cheese?

Tori: -takes picture-

PotC peeps: OH MY EYES!

Kirsten: Yup! -

Kirsten: -kisses Will-

Will: What? Who? Why? MY EYES!

Tori/Catey: O.o

Kirsten: -smirks-

Tori: Okay, everyone sit in a circle! It's time to plaaay...

Tori/Catey/Kirsten: TRUUUTH OR DAAARE!

Elizabeth: -is scared-

Jack/Will/Norrington: -gulp-

Kirsten: I'll go first! Catey, truth or dare!

Catey: Truth!
Kirsten: Did you pick Norrington in Tori's fanfic because everyone else was taken, or do you like him?

Tori: -listening intently-

Catey: Um...er...-grins-

Tori: -jumps up- I KNEW IT! -victory dance-

Catey: Yeah, no more root beer for her.

Jack: RUM?

Catey: Nooo, root beer.

Jack: Oh. -pouts-

Tori: Do you need a hug? -holds arms out to Jack-

Jack: No...

Tori: TOO BAD! -flings arms around Jack-

Jack: -muffled- Mmfh! Helpf mffffff!

Will/Norrington: -pry Jack away from Tori-

Tori: -pouts-

Catey: Do you need a hug?

Tori: Not from you!

Catey. Oh.

Kirsten: ANYWAY...Catey, your answer was...satisfactory...so it's your turn!

Catey: Norrie-boo-boo, truth or dare?

Norrington: -backs away slowly- Um, dare, I guess

Catey: Well, kiss me then!

Norrington: O.o

Catey: You heard me, Norrie-boo-boo!

Norrington: If you promise to stop calling me that, I'll kiss you.

Catey: O-tay!

Norrington: -kisses Catey for 3.6 seconds-

Catey: That was the best 3.6 seconds of my LIFE! I love you Norriekins! -hugs "Norriekins"-

Norrington: -slaps forehead-

Norrington: Alrighty then...Jack Sparrow. Truth or dare?

Jack: It's CAPTAIN! And dare, any day.

Norrington: Kiss Tori.

Tori: SQUEE!

Jack: O.o

Tori: Norrington, you get a cookie -hands chocolate chip cookie to Norrington-

Norrington: eating cookie Well, Jack?

Jack: -kisses Tori-

Tori: -

Catey/Kirsten: O.o

Will/Norrington: O.o

Tori: That was the best 3.7 (ooh! in your FACE, Catey!) seconds of my LIFE! I love you Jackykins! -hugs "Jackykins"-

Jack: O.o

Jack: Okay, then. Kirsten, truth or dare?

Kirsten: Dare, please

Jack: Kiss...-spins finger- Norrington!

Kirsten: EWW!

Catey: Oh no you didn't boy!

Tori: O.o

Jack: I'm only joking! Kiss Will!

Tori/Catey: SORRY WILL!

Kirsten: - -kisses Will for 5.3 seconds-

Will: -evil glare to Jack-

Jack: Pirate.

Tori/Catey: SHE BEAT OUR TIMES! -grab Jack and Norrington, respectively, and kiss them-

Elizabeth: Where have I been this whole time? gets out stopwatch and Polaroid

Tori/Catey: That should work.

Elizabeth: Three minutes! Impressive...

Jack/Norrington: -evil glares at Elizabeth-

Elizabeth: ...I mean, that was hardly appropriate. Girls in this century...

Jack/Norrington: -are okay with that-

Elizabeth: -mouths to Tori and Catey- Impressive.

Tori (to Catey): She's getting cooler.

Catey: Ooh, we're losing you. Remember DMC?


Elizabeth: HEY!

Jack/Will/Norrington: Ooh! Another catfight!

Kirsten/Catey: -join Team Tori-

Will/Norrington: -join Team Lizzie-

Tori/Elizabeth: Well, Jack?

Jack: -pulls out popcorn-

5 minutes later

Jack: Hey, what about Truth or Dare?

Giant Dust Cloud: -stops moving-

Tori: Oh yeah!

Everyone: -scatters to reform circle-

Kirsten: My turn! Catey, truth or dare?

Catey: Dare!

Kirsten: Run downstairs and yell "ORLANDO BLOOM IS UP HERE!"

Catey/Tori: Ooh, sorry again, Will.

Will: Whaaaat?

Catey: -does dare-

Tori: 3...2...1...

Catey's Little Sister, Mackenzie: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ORLIORLIORLIORLI! and in pirate costume, too!

Will: O.o


Tori/Catey/Kirsten: -laughing- SORRY WILL!

Jack/Norrington: O.o -but still laughing-

Elizabeth: Hey, little girl! Back off my man!

Tori/Catey/Kirsten: -meaningful glares at Elzabeth-

Elizabeth: Oooh...not good.

Tori: I'm bored again.

Catey: Me too.

Kirsten: Me three!

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