Your eyes are not the way they were before

Your voice does not contain that gentle tone

I long to feel your soothing touch once more

I miss that which was mine and mine alone

What caused this change in you so suddenly

Within my heart I wish it was not true

I tell myself it's not because of me

But really you have given me no clue

It breaks my heart to see you hurt like this

I cannot ask because you will not tell

Your feelings for me now are what I miss

I don't want you to live a living hell

Within my heart I wish this is not true

Then that would mean I can not be with you

Of course your fault is not at all involved

So do not pain yourself upon my woe

I wish it could be easily resolved

I could not bear to have to let you go

Before I hurt you I must break away

My feelings, they will cause more harm than good

Why did this have to happen, why this way?

I wish now alone I forever stood

Deep within your eyes I see it there

I see my love reflected back at me

And though I may return the caring stare

I can do nothing but arise and flee

I will not let those bright and cheery eyes

Be hurt by me, and hear those mournful cries