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BTW: This is set where Hinata 18 and Neji is 19

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Hinata slowly entered her father's office and shut the door behind her. Dreading the meeting waiting before her. Every month it was the same, him telling her how worthless and weak she was. Nothing but disappointment in his eyes the whole time.

"Y-you c-called for me f-father?" She asked as she bowed down. He nodded to her as a silent order for her to sit down, which she did without a second of hesitation.

"Hinata…" He started out slowly. "As you know, you will be taking over the Hyuuga clan at some point in your life." He got up and started pacing back and forth behind his desk. "It displeases me greatly to know that someone who has failed at everything she has ever done and is worthless in battle will be taking my title." He stopped pacing and looked at his daughter. "I have decided that since you will be worthless as a present leader. You will at least be able to guarantee that things will be good in the future…" He sat down in his chair and stared at her.

"I-I do n-not understand." She said quietly with a quick bow to show she meant it with all respect. Her father sighed. "It means that you are to get married. I am in the process of looking for someone within our clan who is part of the main house and can keep order around here while you are their leader." He cocked a brow at her. "You didn't think I would really let you have the clan to yourself, did you?"

With that he waved her out and got back to his papers. "The marriage will take place within the month." He said without looking up as she slowly slid the door closed behind her. She walked slowly away from the door as the news finally started to sink in. It had finally hit her. She was going to be getting married.

Her father announced the news at dinner to the elders and the rest of the main house family. He explained that he was still choosing a suitable husband for her and he'd be watching all the males carefully. Hinata sat in the corner as all the men looked her up and down with a power hungry look in their eyes. She became beat red from the feeling of their stares.

Hinata turned the faucet and let the bathtub fill. She took off her jacket and set it on the counter. Discarding her other clothes and putting them in her laundry hamper, she started undoing the layers of bandages she used to push down her chest. After finishing with the last bandage, she put them on top of her jacket and turned off the faucet. Stepping into the warm bath she let out a sigh of relaxation and sank down to where just her nose was above the water. She closed her eyes, letting her thoughts overtake her.

In the next room over, Neji sat on his bed trying to read a book, but was failing miserably. He had just returned from Hiashi's office and was told some very strange things about what would be happening to him in the upcoming month. He was honored, shocked, and pissed at the same time by what Hiashi was ordering him to do. 'How could he make Hinata do this…? He thought to himself, wanting to walk to his uncle and give him a good beating. Then his mind strayed to a more comforting picture. Hinata…So kind and fragile. He still thought she hated him because of what had happened at the chuunin exams. She told him many times she had never hated him, but he just couldn't believe it.

Hinata heard a knock on her door shortly after stepping out of the bath. She wrapped a towel around her and slid the door open a crack so only her face was visible. Her father mean eyes glared down at her. "I need to see you in my office as soon as possible, Hinata." He said with a displeased look as he noticed she was in a towel. "Y-yes f-father, I will b-be out in a m-minute." She stuttered out as she closed her door and ran to her closet to grab some clothes; glad he had knocked after she had finished taping her chest back to looking flat.

She grabbed a pair of baggy pants and a baggy shirt and got dressed quickly. Running out her door to find her father had shockingly waited for her. She bowed to him and received a nod as they started walking.

"W-why have you c-called me so l-late f-father?" She asked while keeping her head down as they walked to his office. "I found you a husband, I informed him about it earlier this evening." Her father told her coldly. "We are going to meet him now."

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