Author's Notes: Though not new to X-Men, writing, or fanfiction, this is my first X-Men "fic" although the whole thing will be a collection of Gambit/Rogue drabbles. All fairly short, all unrelated. OTP!

Dedicated to Kristen Elizabeth and Violet Fairygirl, my fellow X-Men fangirls.

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men and am making no profit off of this fan work. X-Men is the property of Marvel comics and its associates.

From The Sky

By Nessie

A boy born and raised in the black parts of New Orleans' heart isn't always one who has a knack for believing in things. Remy finds religion his own way, through doing what he can and what he's good at (usually stealing), and he knows that no matter what's really out there – even if it's nothing – it's not going to get the best of him.

But the Girl. The Girl he isn't so sure about. The Girl has big eyes and trembling lips and a bullshit sob story that he's more than happy to fall for. The Girl takes his money, takes his bed, and then is gone the next morning…when he leaves her. The Girl has gotten the best of him more than once. Damn, Gambit likes that Girl.

But it isn't the Girl that Remy loves. Remy is in love with a woman; an honest-to-goodness, all grown up and ready for him woman whose first name is as much of a mystery to him as just what makes her able to fly. Names don't matter to him though. As long as he can witness the beautiful way she whizzes through the air fast enough to remind him out birds chasing freedom, he's satisfied that she's the woman.

He watches through rings of cigarette smoke as she lands and starts walking toward where he sits on the Xavier's roof in the middle of the sunny day and smiles. Though Rogue has said more than once how much of a devil he is, she's like an angel setting foot on Earth.

And she's religion enough for him.

The End