Warnings: Some language, angst.

In The Dark

By Nessie

Someone trapped him underground. He bets it was that Avalanche fucker, because all he knows is one second he's tossing kinetically-charged cards as carelessly as if they were Frisbees, and the next he's waking up under piles of boulders. There are only pinpricks of light assuring him it's still daytime and just enough air to breathe. And while he knows he's going to be black and blue in the morning, nothing is broken.


I'm here, chere, he wants to say. Remy not gon' die so eas'ly. But there isn't that much air and he seriously doubts that his voice can make it through a hundred-something pounds of rock.


So c'mon, he thinks, starting to worry. Normally she'd be there to help him in a flash, but something must be keeping her. Did Quicksilver cut her off? Nah, she'd take him down with that godlike strength of hers, unless she got tangled up Mystique and they're having some kinda untimely mother/daughter bonding time.


And then the rock lifts, boulders roll away, light blinds him and the air nearly chokes him. Blinking rapidly, he waits to see gorgeous green eyes and waves of brown and white he wants to hold in his hand… "Rogue?"

Storm stares down at him sadly, casting off the rest of the rubble with a controlled wind current. "No, Gambit. No…Rogue left us, remember?"

And he suddenly wishes he were still buried.

The End