Tidus' Promise


Above the jagged, frosted peaks,

Beyond the colitis wide.

Before the dancing embers,

You there firmly at my side.


The leering silence we held tight,

Sins plastered on each face.

We crossed the odds together,

Put up by will, power, and race.


The secrets we didn't lose,

Memories we didn't just let go.

The words revealed to me that day,

Because how was I to know?


I said I'd take you to the place,

Where you could touch the stars.

Beyond the influence of all others,

And you could be just who you are.


A friendly place that never sleeps,

And where dreams rise with the dawn.

Where you could be safe there with me,

Your duties then all gone.


But memories are soon to fade,

And me, just as well.

To purify the world of its disgrace,

And the story I wish to tell.


I don't know where it will take me,

If I'll reach where memories await.

For painful memoirs that just won't go,

And never will abate.


I'd rather see this world perish,

Then leave you on your own.

I'd rather see your smiling face,

Then head right back home.


But it is then that I sigh,

As I stand to watch you all.

I pass you by with just a touch,

Before the final call.


I rise on up to the edge now,

To take one glance around.

To confirm all I've been told again,

The truth I finally found.


No, there's nothing left,

All because of him.

The man I hated so very much,

And secretly wished to see again.


I prayed that he'd someday leave,

And would just never come on back.

But mother was persistent,

And rode on the same track.


Anger boiled up inside,

The dreams that wouldn't go away.

And now all I feel is loss,

For here comes the final day.


Its approach is so very near,

And I fear the answer's lost.

To free us from our hateful sin,

The summoner's life, it will cost.


I gaze back now at what I want,

And all that seems right to me.

It is now that I decide for once and all,

I'll be the dream she'll never see.


I'll stand beside her through the bad,

And lift her heart with glee.

I'll share each and every emotion,

Be the hope she'll never see.


I'll give her all of who I am,

Till she finds that I am gone.

I'll silently answer all her calls,

And watch her watch the dawn.


Yes, a new day will come again,

And she'll stand tall and proud.

For the love that we both shared,

And the life were never allowed.