A/N: This shouldn't be too long of a story, but it's not a oneshot this time. Sorry, it IS a Dasey. First chapter is short, next one is longer.

Can I help?


She was conscious of that feeling of insanity creeping up on her, slowly, slowly… until POUNCE. It was on top of her. She fought; she tried to control herself, but it was useless. She wasn't herself now. She was … lost. Lost inside this endless, limitless emotion, this black hole into which she had fallen once again. Her body shook with the effort she tried to enforce on herself to stop it, to fight it. Her hands clenched, nails digging into her palms until they were sticky with blood. Then she was kicking, shaking, pulling her hair on her bed; silent, silent like she always was. She smeared the blood from her hands on her bare legs, her neck, her stomach. Sense was lost to her; emotion was all she had- an overload of emotion. She hopped off her bed and ripped her comforter from it, destroying the perfect picture of her perfectly organized room. She wanted nothing more than to tear it to shreds…and away went the comforter. Through the still falling stuffing and feathers, blowing around from the fan, she walked to the mirror on her dresser, staring into it, seeing a wild-eyed girl… she saw fear in her eyes, fear, anger, sadness, anguish. One swift fist, the shatter of glass, pain in her hand and suddenly she came falling back to herself. With a cry, she fell to her floor and looked around at the mess, the cotton and glass littering the ground, and finally she was able to let the tears flow.

"Case?" a confused, concerned voice came from at her door. Her face whipped around.

It was Derek.