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Gregory House sat in his apartment bored out of his mind. It was midnight, he thought about sleeping but he wasn't tired. He flipped repeatedly through the channels to find nothing remotely interesting on, sure he could watch something he had tivo'ed but really he wasn't in the mood to watch T.V. then an idea came to him that was so brilliant he couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it sooner. Standing up from the couch he grabbed his cane, and walked over to the piano. Sitting down he began to play, then he stopped, this was not his big brilliant idea. He had gotten side tracked. He then took his bottle of vicodin from on top of the piano and popped a few, setting the bottle down he proceeded to pick up his cell phone that accompanied it. Sifting through the numbers in his phone he found the one he was looking for and pressed the send call button.

House MD

Over at James Wilson's place, he was sound asleep. He was in the middle of a very very good dream involving a very pretty nurse in pediatrics, when he was woken up by an annoying ringing. Brought out of his dream, he found the source of the ring, picking his phone up off the night stand he looked to see who the call was from. Figures only House would call someone at midnight. Then he reluctantly answered it.

"House, please tell me all the clocks in your apartment have stopped and you have know idea what time it is." Wilson was not in the mood to play one of House's little games.

"I know what time it is." House answered.

"Then why are you calling me at this hour, I was in the middle of a very very good dream, and you ruined it." Wilson was getting very annoyed and thought about hanging up on his best friend.

"Jimmy you can get back to your sexy nurse dream later. I was bored and I came up with the perfect way to overcome my boredom."

"And that was to wake me up in the middle of the night?"

"Well that's only part of it; I still have to wake up Cameron, Foreman, Chase, and Cuddy. I'm going to need a few things, oh and I need you to get up, get dressed, and meet me at the hospital." Wilson couldn't believe his ears, House had to be high or drunk, at least he hoped he was.

"This is insane; can you at least tell me what your brilliant plan is before I go along with it?"

"It a secret, Jimmy boy, you're just going to have to come to the hospital to find out." And with that said he hung up the phone in search of another number.

House MD

Allison Cameron was curled up on her couch, watching infomercials when her cell rang. Who calls at this time of night then looking down at her phone she got her answer. House, I should have known.

"What is it House?" She asked answering her phone.

"Did I wake you?" He asked only pretending to sound concerned.

"No, I was already up, but you're lucky I wasn't sleeping…..What?" She too wasn't in the mood for Houses games.

"Meet me at the hospital in and hour."

"Greg House if this is some kind of joke, if I go all the way to the hospital in the middle of the night and you're at home laughing because I was stupid enough to believe you so help me I will….

"Chill Cameron, I'm bored and I came up with a really good way to get rid of it, I already called Wilson he's coming too and I'm going to call Chase, Foreman and Cuddy when I hang up with you."

"Fine I'll come, I'm up anyway, but this better be good." And with that said she hung up on him before he could hang up on her.

House MD

Again sifting through the numbers on his phone he selected one and hit the send button. Across town at Robert Chase's apartment, Chase was sitting at his kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. Just as he was about to place the spoon of lucky charms inside his mouth his cell rang. Getting up from the table he walked over to the counter it had been on and without looking at the caller id, he answered it.

"What do you want House?" Chase asked very annoyed.

"No need to get all bent out of shape wombat boy, I just called to tell you to get over to the hospital right away if you still want to keep your job." House loved to mess with Chase, it might've also been able to cure his boredom, but he had bigger plans for that.

"Why? Do we have a patient?" Chase asked as he walked back over to the table and continued eating his now soggy cereal.

"No, we're going to play a game!" House said very excited. "Now hurry up and get to the hospital before I fire you!" Then he hung up the phone and went to call Foreman, leaving Chase very confused.

House MD

Eric Foreman had literally just gotten to sleep when he was awoken by the annoying ringing of his cell. Grabbing it of the night stand he answered it groggily.

"This better be important House, I just fell asleep."

"Get up, get dressed and get to the hospital."

"We don't have a case… Why do I need to get to the hospital at this time of night?" Foreman wasn't about to drive all the way to the hospital unless it was an emergency.

"I need some help curing my boredom, I already called Wilson, Cameron, and Chase and they're all coming. I threatened to fire Chase if he didn't come, so same goes for you, be there or you're fired." Then he hung up leaving a pissed of Foreman to cuss out static.

House MD

Lisa Cuddy was in her living room, paper work sprawled out in front of her. She was tired but the work had to get done. What she really needed was a break. Just as she was about to get up her phone rang. Someone better be dying! Who calls people at this time of night? Wait what am I saying I'm a doctor for Christ sake. Well that and House. And the caller was just that, House.

"House, its 12:30 at night so unless you or someone else is dying, I'm going to hang up. I have a lot of paper work to get done and I don't have time for your games." Cuddy said sternly.

"Oh I think you'll like this game, and I'm also pretty sure you could use a break from all that boring administrator mumbo jumbo. Meet me, Wilson, and the ducklings at the hospital as soon as you can."

"What if I don't want to?" She asked testing his patience.

"Then you're fired!" He practically yelled into the phone.

"You can't fire me I'm your boss." Cuddy said matter of factly.

"Crap! It worked on Chase and Foreman, oh well, will you please come pretty pretty please!" House pleaded.

"Are you Gregory House actually pleading, well I never thought I'd see the day…. Okay I'll come but I want seven more clinic hours from you this month.

"Deal," was all he said then he ended the call and went to get his plan ready.

House MD

Everyone arrived at PPTH before House; they were all now waiting in the conference room.

"Figures he would make all of us meet him here in the middle of the night, and he'd take his sweet little time." Cameron stated very annoyed. As if on cue House appeared in the doorway.

"Sorry I took so long, wait actually no I'm not, but anyway what I have planned is going to be so fun, that you are going to be thanking me when you go home." He said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Really, because right now all we want to do is kill you…. This better be good." As Cuddy said this she thought to herself why didn't I just fire him when I had the chance.

"Trust me, would I ever lie to you?" a small smile crept onto his lips and accompanied the glint in his big blue eyes.

"YES!" Wilson, Cuddy, and the three Ducklings all responded at the same time.