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Scorpion vs. Paladin

He saw it coming. He knew he had no chance.

The Paladin had thicker armour and more damaging shells. But what scared him the most was how much bigger it was then him. At least three times as big as him.

His Scorpion rocket, capable of tearing threw armour on a Battle Master or Crusader, and wreaking havoc with a Humvee or Gattling Tank, would simply be destroyed by the Paladin's anti air/rocket laser.

But, there were two things that the Paladin lacked. Speed, and brains.

The Scorpion also had the element of surprise. He was positioned on a hill above the Paladin, who wasn't facing him.

"Prepare for return fire after you fire." The captain told the gunner.

"Fire!" He shouted.

He closed his eyes after he heard the shell hit the Paladin. When he heard and felt nothing he opened the hatch and looked down. The Paladin hadn't even noticed.

"Huh?" He said in astonishment.

"Switch to armour piercing shells!" He said after a moment to think.

This time when the shell hit, the Paladin noticed.

"Oh crap, he's turning towards us! Fire again and then retreat!" He yelled.

Another shell hit the Paladin before the Scorpion began to back away.

The captain saw a shell from the Paladin fly above the Scorpion, narrowly missing it.

"Alright, lets get around it where it will have to pause and spin its turret." The captain ordered.

The Scorpion headed off in full speed to the back of the Paladin.

When there, the Scorpion fired to more times and then tore off, just as the Paladin was about to fire.

"Alright, lets make one final stand. Even if we get damaged, it doesn't matter. The Paladin is to damaged to stand a chance." The captain said.

The Scorpion raced towards the Paladin, which was aiming at them. The Scorpion shot first, only to be hit by the Paladin.

The Scorpion shook violently, and the captain was thrown to the ground.

"Fire!" He shouted from the ground.

The Scorpion released another shell, hitting the Paladin dead on, and almost destroying it.

The Paladin retaliated, shocking the Scorpion.

"Sir, we can't take anymore hits!" The driver yelled to the captain, who had regained his balance.

"That's all right," The captain began very calmly, surprising his crew mates. "Because nether can he." The captain finished.

Without word the gunner launched another shell, obliterating the Paladin.

"We did good today, and proved the Americans wrong about us." The captain praised his crew.

He pulled out a walkie talkie and reported the good news to the commander.

A voice crackled a reply.

"Good work men, you should be proud. You are all as of now, Veterans. For your next job, look to the north east with your binoculars."

The commander pulled out some binoculars and looked out the hatch.

There sat an Overlord.

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