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Inner sakura

Thinking and flashbacks


on with the story


Neji's POV

Why is the damn lord making me do the shopping, stupid lazy ass, thought neji as he picked up a canolope.

Anything I can help you with sir? asked the salesman.


The salesman just shrugged and went back to sitting on his stool reading.


Sakura's POV

Sunlight hit Sakura's face as she pulled the comforter over her head. " Hmmm I wonder why I woke up before my alarm clock went off," thought sakura

She took a quick glance at her clock before going back under the covers and rolling over

I've got awhile its only 9:55, sakura muttered drifting off to dream land.

Sakura's eyes shot open and she jumped out of bed throwing on random cloths


She ran down the steps jumping two at a time, she ran right out the door slamming it behind her

Oh no I only have 5 minutes to get to the hokages office,she muttered She bagan pumping chakra into her feet to make her go faster as she raced past the markets.


Neji's POV

A pissed off Neji walked out of the market and into the street with his groceries...( Big mistake there)
Flashback AHHHHHH! Neji jumpeed from the sudden high pitch scream, why in the process he dropped the watermelon he had been holding making it splatter all over the floor. The salesman was picking himself up off the floor from where the scream had made him jerk causing his stool to topple over. When he got the stool upright he looked at Neji them the splatter watermelon on the floor " Ummm you still have to pay for that... He put his hands up in defense when Neji sent him a death glare.
End of flashback


Normal POV

Neji stood there muttering curses to the salesman. He turned when he sensed chakra heading for him.
He had turned just in time to see pink before a body collided with his knocking them to the ground. He got up to see sakura trying to get up in a hurry.

Haruno...said neji through gritted teeth.

hahaha, hey Neji-san, you know I'd loved to stay and let you yell at at me but I only have...sakura glanced at her watch.
AHHHHHH! Neji covered his ears from the ear piercing scream.
I only have 3 minutes before im late to meet Tsunade-sama, yelled a frantic Skaura turning to leave.
Goodbye Neji-san, she yelled over her shoulder as she ran towards the Hokages office

Neji watched Sakura disapper down the road before turning and picking up his groceries. He began walking down the street towards the Hyuuga estate.


Sakura looked around as she walked down the hallway that lead to the hokages office.
"HA I made it with 5 seconds to spare, she thought as she turned the corner and was met by the hokages office door.
She went to turn the door knob when something white fluttered catching her attention. She quickly tore the piece of paper from the door and began reading it.

Thank you for showing up. Im sorry but you'll have to wait for a little bit because Im in a important meeting. Thank you for understanding and if you could just wait in the hall I would most appreciate it.

Sakura's eyes widend and her jaw dropped.
" You mean I ran all the way here fearing I would be late when I have to wait!"

She slid down the wall and groaned while rubbing her legs.
" Oh my poor poor legs"


20 minutes later the door opened and a tall man walked out. Sakura looked up to see Hinata walking out after the man.

" Hey Hinata-chan how are you today, asked Sakura.

Hinata jumped from the sudden question, she looked down to see Sakura on the floor.

" Oh, hello Sakura-chan Im fine, umm why are you on the floor?

Oh Im- Sakura was cut off by a stern voice

" Hinata come" Ye-yes fa-fath-father said Hinata in a timid voice. she towards Sakura and bowed "goodbye Sakura-chan nice seeing you" she said the turned and left.

"hmmm that was weird" muttered Sakura I wonder why shes afraid her father...

As Sakura was thinking Tsunade stepped out of the doorway looking for her

" AH there you are Sakura, come on in, I need to talk to you, she said breaking Sakura of her thoughts who only nodded and went in closing the door behind her.


"Have a seat Sakura" said Tsunade as she also sat down

"Ok you must be wondering why I asked you to come, Well a couple a days ago me and the other leaders of the other villages met.
We decided to have a competition."

Sakura's eyebrow rose.
" And I fit in this how?" she asked confused

"AH good point, well you see, for this competition every village must pick two of their strongest kunochies.
For this I've choosen you and Hinata."

Sakura's eyes widened

" Yes, yes Im sure you are surprised, well you have two weeks to practice. I've already talked to Hinata and her father.
You are to train at the Hyuuga estate with Hinata. Now that I got that said you may leave."

Sakura was so over whelmed she only nodded and head for the door.

" Oh by the way Sakura.
She turned towards Tsunade with a questioning look on her face.
" are you trying start a fashion statement?"

Sakura knitted her eyebrows then looked down to see she had ran out of the house wearing her normal red training shirt and blue with pawprints pajamma bottoms. Oh and to top it off she wore her bunny slippers instead of her ninja shoes.

She looked up and scratched the back of her head laughing nervously,
" Well you know me" Tsunade only nodded as Sakura walked out the door.


Sakura's POV

Awsome now I get to see who's the best, now I think i'll head ove to the Hyuuga's house but first im going home to change,she thought heading towards her house


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