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(Sakura's POV)

Pain. Thats all I felt as the world finally came back to my senses. I groaned and rolled over as a painful throb coursed through my head. Slowly I lifted my eyelids and I waited for my eyes to adjust to the light. Finally I could get a sense of where I was and what I was laying on. My hand swept across the ground that I was lying on, filthy! I lifted my acheing body up and tried to stand. I steadied my balance, then slowly took a step towards the door, just as my hand touched the doorknob it turned and was flung open, leaving me there standing in shock.

A guard clad in black stood infront of me, I couldnt see his face because he wore a mask.

"My master wants to see you," Roughly he grabbed my hand and dragged me down a lit hallway. We passed alot of doors, I wonder which one will get me out of here? We stopped infront of big oak doors, the gaurd opened the door and shoved me forward, making me stumble and fall to my knees in the room. The doors slammed shut behind me leaving the room in complete darkness. A chuckle drew my attention forward, I stared forward trying to get a glimpse of who was infront of me.

" Why dont you come out of hiding you coward!!" I shouted standing up. There was movement in the darkness, then in a flash of light, there he stood infront of me, the red eyes of sharigun staring down at me. I backed up and he mimicked my steps untill my back hit the concrete of the wall behind me. Another chuckle escaped his lips as he got closer, to close, his body slightly grazed mine sending shivers down my spine.

"What do you want from me?"

He smirked, his eyes lingered on my lips, he leaned in closer, closing the gap between us. I stood frozen, finally my mind registered what was happening, gripping his shirt, I shoved him back and slapped him. He glared down at me and shoved me against the wall, slamming his hands on each side of my head. No escape!

" You'll regret doing that" he hissed, he slid his hand down and locked the door. "Your my new toy, Sakura" My eyes widened and I began pounding him on the chest with my fists. He growled and slapped me across the face, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me with him to the dark shadows. He threw me down on a bed and jumped on top of me. He grabbed something from the table beside me, rope! He pressed his knee down on my stomach, making moan in pain. He grabbed my wrist and tied them to the bed post along with my feet to the footboard.

NO! Someone please help me! I tried to slip my wrist from the rope but it did no good they were tied to tight.

"If you stop moving then this wont be as bad as you make it out to be" he said bending down to kiss me. I glared at him and when his lips touched mine, I bit his lip as hard as I could causing him to scream. He pulled back and glare at me, slapping me across the face. I knew that was going to be a nasty bruise later.

" Im going to make your life hell" He brought his face down fast and slammed his lips across mine. He bit my lip hard causing me to gasp, he took the oppertunity and forced his tongue into my mouth. His hands tore across my body ripping my dirty kimono at the chest to get a better view. He moved his kissing to my neck where he bit and sucked my skin roughly leaving little bruise everywhere. His hands roughly groped my breast. When he was satisfied with his work he smirked and ripped my kimono bottom and my underwear exposing myself to him, I wanted to cry but I refuse to give him the pleasure of what he has done. As he positioned himself at my opening, I prepared for the pain. It came as he forced his way into my virgin body, I let out a scream before the I surrendered to the on coming darkness.


( Neji's POV)

I looked at the building that held Sakura, it was heavily guarded, just as I planned. I turned to look at my teammates and nodded to them, they nodded back and got in their positions. We had to take out the guards without anybody noticing.

"Ok on my signal, you go"

"Roger!" whispered Naruto. Shikamaru just grunted.

" GO!" we took off in different directions taking out guards silently and swiftly. Im coming Sakura, just hold on.


(Sakura's POV)

My body! It hurt all over! I blinked then got up slowly, I shivered then looked down, I was wearing my ripped kimono that barely covered my body.

A knock sounded at my door bringing fear to me, I tried to hide, but there was nothing for me to hide behind. My room was bare.

My door opened and the guard from before grabbed me, dragging me down the hall, but this way wasnt going to Sasuke's room. The guard stopped infront of one of the many doors and opened it. Carefully I peered in then stepped in. The door shut behind me making me jump, I looked around and noticed I was in a bathroom, looking on the counter I saw fresh clothes, to bad the shirt had the Ucihia fan on it. I ran the water as hot as I could, then stepped into it, it stung the many cuts I had on my body. Dunking my head under the water, I sighed, this felt so good. After I was done cleaning myself I got out and grabbed the towel, I notice it had the Ucihia fan on it too. After I dried myself off I grabbed the overly large shirt and pulled over my head then grabbed the shorts. They were a bit big on me and kept falling off but it was better then going around naked and letting that sick pervert look at my body all the time. A glimmer caught my eye off to the corner of the counter, it was a bobby-pin, I smirked, I could use that later.

I opened the door and came face to face with the guards back, I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around and grunted, grabbed my wrist and brought me back to my room.Only when the sound of my door locking did I relax, When we passed a window on my way back, I notice it would only be about an hour till nighttime. I would wait till it was late then I would break out and try to escape.

(About midnight)

I silently went to my door and pressed my ear to it to see if I heard anything, nothing! Carefully slipping the bobby-pin in the lock, I played around with it till I heard a satisfing click. I pushed the door open slowly and looked around both ways, clear. I slid along the wall in the shadows, I found a corner and went to take it, I stopped when I heard footsteps. I flattened myself against the wall, as the person passed me I began to tremble, when the guard went by I let out a breath I didnt know I was holding. I began my journey towards an unknown area. Suddenly something stopped me, a hand on my shoulder, I closed my eyes tightly, hoping I was just dreaming. When the hand tightened on my shoulder, I turned and did a upper cut to his stomach, successfully leaving him in shock giving myself some time to make a run for it. Before I could the guard grabbed my wrist, spinning me around and punched me.

"You annoying brat! I'll let Sasuke-sama deal with you!" spat the angry guard, dragging me to HIS chambers. I struggled and screamed my whole way down there. When we got there the guard pounded on the door. It swung open and there stood an angry Sasuke, who looked like he had been asleep.

"What the hell do you want?" Sasuke asked coldly, he glared at the guard then at me.

"She tried to escape, I brought her here for her punishment" was the guards reply. Sasuke grunted then glared at me, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me in slamming the door behind me. Before I could register anything his hand came across my face with such force I staggered backwards. Sasuke walked to his dresser and got something, when he came back he showed it to me, a whip!

"I'll go easy on you for now" he said, he brought back the whip and came down with great force. Over and over again he struck me in different places leaving deep gash that either bruised or started bleeding. Once he got me across the face, I could heal the easily, but I'll leave the one on my face to show what the asshole did to me.

When he was done with me he called the guard to come get my beaten body, He drug me to my room and threw me in slamming the door behind me. I laid there, feeling the pain. I missed Naruto and Ino and all my friends, most of all I missed Neji. Tears started falling from my eyes and I did nothing to stop them. After crying I grew tired so I got ready to sleep, leting it take over me.

(About 4am)

My door opened slowly giving a slight creak as it did causing me to stir awake from my slumber. I began to panick, hoping it wasnt a guard to take me to Sasuke. I stared at the door as a guard walked in, I got ready to fight, as soon as the guard was in and had shut my door, I jumped him. I knew I shouldnt have because I reopened some of my wounds and I didnt have the strength from not eating anything in a long time. Surprisingly the guard didnt fight back, I hit the ground panting and tired. I laid there and started crying again, when am I going to get out!

I jerked back when a hand touched my cheek softly, I looked up and saw the guard kneeling infront of me. He brought his hand to my face and whiped a stray tear that was falling.

"Why are you helping me?" I croaked out.

The guard moved to take off his mask, when he lifted it off coffee colored hair fell over his shoulder, I stared up into beautiful milky white eyes.

I gasped, "Neji!"

(Normal POV)

Sakura stared at Neji, then squealed lightly and jumped him, knocking him over and landing ontop of him. She hugged him tightly as new tears began to spring from her eyes. Neji lifted her chin up gently and kissed her. When he pulled back he looked at her, his thumb rubbed the gash on her cheek and he frowned.

" I'll kill him" he said, he lifted me and him up, when he stood he picked me up bridal style and went for the door.

" What if we get caught?" Sakura asked concerend.

He smirked then scanned the area with his Byakugun, " We wont, I knocked all the guards out that would get in our way"

Sakura smiled then snuggled into his chest as he took off fast and quietly down the hall.

Somehow we got out the door and into the forest running.

Neji stopped at a clearing that had three tents set up, Neji set Sakura down on her feet and called out, " You guys here?"

Naruto and Shikamaru came out of their tents and smiled when they saw Sakura, " Sakura, Im so glad your safe!" yelled Naruto as he went to hug her, she flinched and Neji jumped in the way, " Dont shes sore from being beaten"

"Lets just all go to bed then head home tomorrow morning"

Neji led Sakura to his tent where she laid down and got comfortable, he laid down beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist.

" Neji, I have to tell you something," began Sakura but was stopped when Neji kissed her lightly.

He pulled back and smirked slightly, "Tell me tomorrow, lets get some sleep right now" Sakura smiled and nodded and closed her eyes. Neji kissed her forehead, " I love you Sakura"

"I love you too Neji"


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