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Note: Well guys, here's the sequel to Face Down. I tried to wait a few days to start this, but I couldn't stop myself, lol. This time around, I'm using a song I wrote myself back when I was 16. It was originally about trying to get over a long time one way crush, but I guess the words could also be applied to trying to get over a really bad relationship. Well, here goes. Also, dunno what Ben's last name was, so I made one up.


I am under your feet, you crush me everyday

I want it to stop but I'm too afraid to speak

It'd be easier; yeah it'd be so much easier

If I could not be filled with all this.

"Maddie, honey," Madison heard someone say. She looked around. She was in a dark smoke filled room. The voice was distant, yet at the same time it felt like it was coming from right next to her. "Maddie," the voice repeated.

"Who's there?" She asked.

"You lied to me, all you ever did was lie to me," the voice said. The voice became all too familiar.

"B…Ben?" She asked. She felt a large hand grab her shoulder. Before she could scream or call for help, she was slammed onto a table and hands grabbed onto her neck, squeezing tightly. "No!" She whimpered, clawing at the hands. She looked up and saw Ben's face towering over her. "Stop it!" She looked ahead and saw Xander, Nick, Chip and Vida standing not to far away with their backs to her. The hands tightened even more around her neck. "Guys!" She tried to scream but her voice was too small and breathless for them to hear. "Help……please……"

Madison shot up in bed, taking in ragged breaths as she awoke from her nightmare. Madison touched her neck and was relieved to feel just her skin and not Ben's fingers. She looked across the room and saw Vida was still sleeping peacefully. Madison sighed and got out of bed, making her way to the bathroom. She flipped on the light as she closed the door behind her. The bright light made her eyes water as they tried to adjust to the change. She leaned against the door for a moment, taking in a few deep breaths. It had been two months since she had finally ended things with Ben. She filed a restraining order against him after the last time she saw him and hadn't heard or seen him since. Through her parents, she found out that he had been sent to live in Arizona with relatives where he was enrolled into a court mandated counseling program. Her father had said that that wasn't enough of a punishment before sighing and saying nothing else could be done. Madison was just happy to know that some punishment had been dealt out, even if it was slight. She was also happy to hear that he wasn't in Briarwood anymore. It banished her fear of running into him somewhere on the street. Still, even with that, she still remembered his hands on her. His fists slamming into her skin over and over again.

Madison sighed and walked over to the bathroom sink and looked in the mirror. All her bruises and cuts had healed and faded away weeks ago. But the reminder of those marks still lingered in her mind. She sighed again and crept back to her room, finding her blue cardigan sweater and throwing it over her white pajama top before leaving her house. Ever since she and Nick had talked in the backroom and he told her he would wait for her, the two of them got closer, but still hadn't ventured into anything even resembling a relationship. Madison just didn't feel like she was ready yet, but she couldn't deny that his presence gave her a sense of ease. A sense of ease she desperately needed at that moment. After walking for a while, she finally reached Nick's house. She crept to his bedroom window and knocked on the clear glass. After a while, the red curtain was pulled away from the window and she saw a shirtless Nick looking at her through the window, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. Madison quickly averted her eyes as Nick opened the window.

"Maddie?" Nick yawned. "What's going on?"

"I'm sorry……I just……Had a nightmare and just…..needed to see you……I'm sorry, I'll go-"

"No, no, it's okay," he said. He looked down at himself and realized that all he was wearing was red and black boxers. "Uh……Let me just…..put a shirt on……Come in," he said. Madison watched as he stepped away from the window to let Madison climb in. Madison climbed in through the window as Nick picked up his discarded shirt from the day and pulled it on. He looked over and saw Madison sitting on his bed. It had been a scene he had dreamed about since he first met the blue ranger…..under different circumstances, of course. "Want to talk about it?" He asked, sitting down beside her.

"It was about Ben," she said. Nick nodded, urging her to continue. "He grabbed me and started choking me. I saw you guys standing not too far way turned around and I tried to yell for help but he just kept choking me and I couldn't get your attention," she said. Nick sighed and pulled her into a hug. Madison gave a relieved sigh at the feel of his arms around her. It felt good, giving her comfort and telling her it was all alright.

"After my sister stopped seeing that guy, she'd have nightmares for a while," he told her. Nick had told her that Amy had gone through an abusive relationship a while ago.

"Well, so glad to know this is completely normal," Madison muttered sarcastically.

"Sorry," he said. "Thought that would help,"

"No, it does," Madison said. "I guess I'm just a little sensitive right now, I'm sorry,"

"It's okay," he said, smiling at her. "Do you want to stay here?" He asked.

"Can I?" She asked. Nick nodded.

"Sure," he said.

"Thanks," she said. Madison pushed herself back and lay down in his bed as he pulled the covers over her body before grabbing one of the cots in his room. Chip had spent the night when his uncle went out of town for a business trip the previous weekend and Nick hadn't had a chance to put it away. He unfolded the item next to the bed. Madison looked at him. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"Well, I do need to sleep too," he joked. "The floor's kind of uncomfortable."

"Nick, I don't want to steal your bed," she protested.

"It's fine," he said.

"We could sh-" Madison began. Nick shook his head.

"Madison, the bed's not big enough for the both of us, anyway, it's not a big deal," he said. In all honesty, he didn't know if he could stand sleeping in the same bed with her.

"Okay, I'll take the cot," Madison said.

"Maddie, what kind of gentleman would that make me if I made you sleep on the cot?" He asked with a smile, making Madison giggle gently.

"All right, if you're sure," she said, settling down in the bed. Nick grabbed one of the extra pillows from his bed and set it on the cot, lying down. Madison curled up in the bed, facing him and laying her hand on the bed. "Goodnight, Nick," she said as she closed her eyes. Nick reached up and put his hand over hers, his thumb stroking her fingers.

"'Night Maddie," he whispered gently before falling back asleep.


Nick and Madison had woken up just before sunrise. Nick quickly pulled on a pair of jeans over his boxers and led Madison out the door as they both crept out, careful not to awaken Amy. Nick drove Madison back to her house on his motorcycle and parked down the street from her house.

"Thanks," she said as she climbed off the bike, taking off his helmet that he had given her for the ride and handing it to him.

"No problem," he said.

"I guess I'll see you later," she said. Nick nodded. Madison put a hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek before jogging up to her house. Nick watched as the breaking dawn bathed her in a soft golden light before she opened the door to the house and disappeared inside. He smiled gently and drove home. Inside the house, Madison slowly crept up the stairs and entered her room, happy to see that everyone was still sleeping peacefully. She pulled off her sweater and crawled into bed, closing her eyes and falling back asleep for another hour before the alarm clock awoke her and her sister.


"I had a nightmare last night," Madison said. After she and her family went through counseling, the counselor referred them to a psychologist for Madison to see, feeling that she might need one-on-one counseling. Madison had already been seeing her twice a week after school for two weeks. Dr. Skype's office was just the study of her house. It was a nice room decorated in modest colors with two leathers chairs, one that she sat in and one that her patients would sit in during sessions. The wall behind Dr. Skype's had her framed diplomas. Her bachelor degree, master degree and doctorate degree hung on the wall in a row.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Dr. Skype asked, pushing her glasses up on the bridge of her nose. Madison sighed and told her about her dream and what happened afterwards. "You went to your friend's house? In the middle of the night?"

"Well……yeah," Madison said. "I mean, I know it sounds incredibly salacious or something but…..Nick's not like that. He cares about me," she said. Dr. Skype looked down at the notes she had taken during their other sessions.

"Nick? He's the one who likes you, isn't he?"

"Yeah," Madison said.

"And do you like him?" She asked. Madison bit her lip.

"Yeah," she said. "But…we're not like that….We're just friends…….good friends. Last night wasn't about anything like that. He just makes me feel better,"

"How so?" Dr. Skype asked.

"He just……He was there for me when all of this went down. He actually knew what was going on before my sister and the others did. His sister went through something like this and I guess….he knew what to make of things."

"I see," Dr. Skype said. "Do you talk to his sister about Ben?" She asked. Madison shook her head.

"No," Madison said. "I just……She's my friend's sister; it would feel a little weird."

"I understand," Dr. Skype said. She looked at the clock on her desk. "Well, Madison, we're almost out of time. But," she said, walking over to her desk and pulling something out of her drawer. "Before you go, I want you to take a look at this," she handed Madison a flyer. "It's a group for people dealing with abusive relationships. Some of my other patients who have dealt with this have told me it's a very nice environment. I think talking to other people who are going through what you're going through might be good for you. I know you've said that sometimes talking to your friends and sister is hard because they don't exactly know what you're going through," she said. Madison looked at the flyer, skimming over the contents.

"Isn't talking about this what I have you for?" Madison joked. Dr. Skype smiled.

"Come on, give it a chance," she said. Madison nodded.

"Okay," she said. "I will," she said.

"Good," Dr. Skype said, putting a hand on the girl's shoulder and leading her out the door. "We can talk about it the next time we see each other," she said. Madison nodded.

"Okay, thanks," she said as she folded the flyer and put it in her pocket. "I'll see you next week," she said as she left. She found Vida sitting in Dr. Skype's living room reading a magazine. She looked up and closed the magazine when she saw her sister enter the room.

"Ready to go?" She asked.

"Uh huh," Madison said. The two sisters left the house and got into Vida's car, driving away as Madison told Vida about the group Dr. Skype had told her about.