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Disclaimer: As much as I love Supernatural and the two boys, unfortunately the only claim I have to them is in my imagination. So I can only play with them for a while and then send them home.


Author's Note: This story is inspired by a Stephen King novel and movie – Misery - but with my own ahhh evil twist on it mmmwhahahaha!



She watched the brothers walking down the road; they were obviously in a deep and contentious discussion, the taller one gesturing with his hands as they walked.

Intrigued she followed them fascinated in the way they interacted with each other, perhaps they could be the ones.

'Hurry they're getting away.'

'Hush someone will hear you.'

'Which one are you going to take?'

'Oh I haven't thought about that, which do you think?'

'Well the tall one is very handsome and he has that look in his eye, but the other one, there's something dangerous about him.'

'Yes and we like dangerous don't we.'

'Remember though what happened last time.'

'Yeah I know, he wouldn't stay with us and then the others came and wanted to lock us away.'

'But we're not going to let them are we?'

'No, no not anymore, I want the shorter one; he looks like he has fire in him.'

'Yes, that is true ... well you know what to do.'

'Yes, yes but it has to be done right.'

She stopped just opposite them and watched their reflections as they got into their car still arguing even though now it seemed that it was light hearted banter now and not a full on discussion.

Smiling she watched the dangerous one get in behind the wheel, the way he acted and the way he looked at the car said a lot to her, it was his car, that could be used to her advantage.


'Hey Sammy, check out the chick behind us, she is so scoping us out.' Dean grinned as he watched the young woman across the street.

'It's Sam and I don't think so.'

'Whatever Dude, but I tell ya she is scoping us out, now me being the better one of us I can understand but a geek like you, no offence Sammy but you look like a geek.'

'So I'm geek fine but the name is Sam not Sammy, I stopped being Sammy when I grew up!'

'Oh right, well did you grow ... upright!'

'Oh now we're doing tall jokes now are we?' Sam sniped trying to look annoyed at his brother but failed miserably. 'So where to now?'

'Okay well if you don't want to check out the chickie babe then I guess we head back to the motel and get ready to go. Personally I vote for...'

'Going and packing, ' Sam finished the sentence for him, 'actually it will be great to get out of this town, that water demon was a bit much this time.'

'Yeah tell me about it.' Dean rubbed his bruised shoulder and grimaced, 'care to tell me again how you managed to stay completely dry and uninjured this time?'

'Talent I guess, sheer unadulterated talent.'

'Oh yeah right I forgot college boy knows all.' Dean scoffed as he watched for a break in the traffic. 'hey Sam, she's still watching.'

'Yeah I noticed, so what do you think?'

'Drive off and see what happens?' Sam shrugged.

'You said it Dude.' Dean grinned as he gunned the car, and skidded away. 'Well?'

'Aside from the fact that we should have every cop car in the county chasing us by now, I think we got away free.'

'She was pretty freaky but then again so was the whole town.'

'Let's get outta here.'

'Dude for once I agree with you.'

Dean grinned at Sam and then turned to pay attention to the road, suddenly; seemingly, out of nowhere the strange girl appeared in front of their car, 'fuck!' Dean yelled as he wrenched the steering wheel to avoid her and then to straighten the car up. 'Hold on Sam.' He added as the car started to snake and skid on the loose gravel, 'this is gonna be ...'


Silence descended on the area, the car smashed front down into a shallow ditch, the back wheels still spinning. Soft groans of pain came from the interior as a young man struggled to regain consciousness.

Sirens pierced the silence as they came to a stop at the accident scene, soon the peaceful country area filled with people, noise, and machinery as they slowly winched the black car to safety.

Emergency workers started to work on the wreckage and rescue the young man trapped inside.

'Can you hear me?' A man's voice broke through the buzzing in his head, he fought to open his eyes but they were too heavy, instead he let out a small groan. 'Okay, my name is Russ and I'm a paramedic, I'm gonna get out outta here.'

'What?' the young man managed to croak out before he started to cough, pain surged through him, 'help me.'

'Can you tell me your name?'

'Name? I-I don't.'

'It's okay; I'm just going to put a neck brace on you, just as a precaution.' Russ slipped the hard plastic brace around his neck and fastened it then he wrapped a blood pressure cuff around his free arm, 'just checking your blood pressure now.' He said making sure that his patient knew exactly what was happening around him. 'Shit, Chris get that back board here now, we have to get him out.'

'What ... what happen?'

'Just relax; we need to get you out of the car to assess you better that's all.' Russ reassured him, although Russ' face registered his deep seated fear and worry, the blood pressure unit showed an almost non-existent reading, 'blood pressure fifty over ... damn lost it. Chris we're losing him!'

Together the two paramedics eased the now unconscious young man onto the backboard and laid him on more solid ground. Working in a comfortable silence that only comes with years of teamwork; they had the IV inserted and bagged, an oxygen mask fixed over his mouth, feeding him vital oxygen, the monitor's patches on, and another blood pressure reading. 'We need to defib him now.' Russ glanced up at Chris, who nodded and put the gelled patches on the patient's now bare chest.

'Charging.' Russ said, 'clear.' He looked around to make sure no one was touching the young man and then he placed the life saving paddles on the patches, he watched the dials carefully, his own heart clenching when there was no change, 'he's tachy charging again.'

'Clear.' Chris confirmed as Russ used the paddles again, this time a soft but steady beat sounded, the green line moving again.

'Got him, okay Chris you drive, let's get him outta here.'

'We have to talk to him Russ.' A police officer said standing over the small group.

'At the moment Mike, the only one he'll be talking to will be St Peter if we don't get him to hospital.'

'Right, I'll meet you there then.'

'Why what's the problem Mike, the kid ran off the road and got banged up.'

'There's footprints leading to and from the wreck and it looks like someone was dragged away.' The officer stared down at the young man lying unconscious on the ambulance trolley. 'He could be our only witness.'

'Well he'll be a dead witness if we don't get him to hospital, he's sustained life threatening injuries, so if you don't mind.'

'Fine, I'll shadow you, and have an armed guard waiting at the ER when you arrive.'

'You really think that's necessary?' Russ asked as they loaded the gurney into the back of the ambulance van.

'Definitely until we find out who was dragged away and who else was involved this kid is our only link. Keep him alive Russ.'

'I'll do my best but hey what can I do I'm only human, I'm not God.'

The doors swung behind them as the paramedics ran their patient into the ER department, the nurses rushing to meet them, the doctor standing ready at the cubicle all-professional, all-proficient in the respective jobs, but none could say if they could save the fragile life of the accident victim. Russ the paramedic quickly gave a rundown of what had happened in the car accident and of the sustained injuries and then he handed the young man over to the doctors of Mercy Hospital.

As the doctor flashed the small flashlight into his eyes, the patient groaned and weakly tried to push the hand away. 'No don't.' His voice muffled by the oxygen mask sounding slurred and then his eyes fluttered shut and his head fell to one side.

'Get him up to radiology straight away, get a cat scan done and send him straight to...'

'Doctor he's crashing again.' A young nurse interrupted.


She watched him sleeping; he was so handsome even with the nasty bump on his head and the swath of bandages she used on his injured shoulder. She held her breath as she gently undressed him and tended his wounds; he was even better than she had ever imagined.

Slowly he opened his eyes and blinked furiously trying to clear his vision, his head thumped unmercifully and his shoulder felt like it was on fire. 'Where ... where am I?'

'Safe.' She said, standing she walked over to the bed and hovered by the end of it, 'I saved you.'

'You're the chick ... the one watching us.' As his sight cleared, he stared at her intently his green eyes blazing, 'what? Where am I?'

'I brought you to my home, where I can look after you, my name is Hattie, well actually it's Harriet but I prefer Hattie.'

'Where's my brother?'

'Who? You were the only one in the car.'

'No, my brother Sam was with me, where is he? What have you done to him?'

'You were alone in the car I promise you.' Hattie stammered, 'I brought you here to help you.'

'You ... you're the one who was standing in the middle of the road.' Dean accused her, sitting up quickly he winced as the pain shot through him, 'where's Sam what have you done with him?'

'You're scaring me.' She whimpered, 'I don't like it when I get scared.' She added as she ran from the room and clearly locked the door behind her.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck!' Dean cursed as his head dropped back on the pillow, his fingers twisting the sheets angrily. 'Good one Dean, scare the girl and make her runaway.'

'What did you do to Hattie?'

'What are you talking about? You're Hattie.'

'My name is Ellen.'

'Where's Hattie?'

'She is safe, you scared her ... why?'

'I want to know where my brother is, what have you done to him?'

'Nothing, you were alone in the car.'

'So you were there too?'

'Of course I go everywhere with Hattie, she needs me to protect her.'

'I just want to know if my brother is alright. You said that you are Hattie's protector right? Well I'm kinda like Sam's protector. He's my baby brother; I have looked after him for nearly all of his life.'

'Don't say that, I don't believe you.'


'Get some rest.' Ellen hissed as she slammed the door behind her.

Dean groaned inwardly, he had done it again, 'come on Dean think!' He kept muttering when he stopped when he heard a voice just outside, she sounded as though she was having a heated argument but he could only hear one voice.


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