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Mike crept slowly along the veranda holding his stomach tightly, not wanting Dean to see just how much pain he was in himself. The knife wound stitched and starting to heal still hurt like hell. He risked a glimpse into one room and saw nothing; it looked like no one was there, all except for a faint light towards the back of the house. Silently he signalled Dean and they made their way to the rear of the cottage. Mike gasped and held his breath as he stepped awkwardly and pulled on the stitches. Frowning he looked up into the unblinking gaze of Dean.

'Don't say a word Dean.' He whispered as he righted himself and moved stealthily towards the windows either side of the back door. He motioned Dean to go to the other one, where inside they saw Karen moving around the kitchen, humming to herself and dancing around the room. Dean glanced over at Mike, 'dancing?' he mouthed before turning his attention to the interior of the cottage. Sam was nowhere in sight.

Karen stopped and turned towards the rear windows; she listened intently but then shook her head and finished making a pot of what appeared to be soup.

Dean held his breath and slipped down as far as he could without screaming in pain, his pain meds having already worn off he felt like his legs were on fire. Mike glanced over at him but didn't make any attempt at helping him, how could he when he could barely help himself.

Turning his attention back to Karen he watched as she carried a tray of steaming soup, bread and a glass of milk down the hallway, just as Mike was about to let Dean know that they should back off and make a plan he saw Dean already picking the back door lock. So much for working to a plan.

In seconds Dean had the door open and then he turned and faced Mike wearing an 'I dare you to say anything look'. Mike shook his head and took the lead moving quietly into the house. Gesturing at Dean to follow him he crept through the kitchen and down the hallway, checking for signs of life as he went.


Karen sat on the edge of the bed, spoon-feeding Sam some bread soaked in the soup. 'You do have to keep your strength up Baby.' She prattled as she forced the hot liquid into his unresponsive mouth. Clucking her tongue she wiped at his mouth when some escaped, 'dribble pot I am gonna have to get you a bib.' She scolded gently as she put the spoon down and picked up the glass of milk, she leaned forward, placed the straw in Sam's mouth, and stroked his throat until he took a few sips from it.

Satisfied that he had some nourishment she decided to straighten his bed, fluffed his pillows, and rearranged his frozen limbs until he appeared to be a little more comfortable. His hazel eyes followed her every move, wary and distrustful of her actions he refused himself to sleep while she was in the room.

'Hmm nice and quiet today Sammy, what got no quick comeback for me?' She prattled on as she straightened the small room up, and then she turned with a malicious grin back to her prisoner. 'So Sammy, how ya feeling today? Oh, what is that? Can't talk gee what a shame.' Karen slipped her fingers into her pants pocket and pulled out the syringe her smile widening even further, when she saw his eyes widen with fear.

'Oh Baby, now it isn't that bad is it?' She cooed, 'at least you're not handcuffed to the bed anymore.'

No bitch just paralysed thanks to you! Sam tried to swallow but his throat remained frozen, get that fucking thing away from me! He heard himself scream but he knew that she never heard his voice.

At least he doesn't feel the needle going into his arm anymore, and she doesn't use his neck as a pincushion either. He watched as she replaced the lid on the syringe and slip it back into her pocket, then as she picked up the laundry and used urine bottle she turned and smiled prettily at him, 'I'll be back in a flash, don't go anywhere.' She giggled as she sashayed out the door then she stopped and turned her head enough to smile at him, 'if you are a good boy I'll give you a bed bath, a very special bed bath.'

Inwardly Sam flinched and tried to focus all of his attention on staying awake and fighting the effects of the drug. But he knew deep down that it was useless even to try, his unresponsive body felt like it belonged to someone else, his breathing, and all of his bodily functions controlled by someone other than himself, and it started to frighten him. Dean where are you? I need you Bro I need you so much. As the thought ran through his mind, a single tear rolled down his cheek.

Karen came in and saw the tears in his eyes, 'oh poor sad Sammy, what can I do to make him feel better?' She walked towards the bed slowly, swinging her hips suggestively as she started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Sam's eyes widened as he watched her approach, so far she had restrained from assaulting him sexually until now. Climbing up on the bed, she straddled his thin hips and smiled down at him. 'Oh poor Sammy don't be sad, let nurse Karen help you feel better.' She ran her fingers lightly over his stomach and played with his navel, enjoying the shocked look in his eyes, 'has anyone ever told you that you have the most expressive eyes?' She said as she slid further along his torso, until her nails scraped over his nipples.

Silently Sam screamed and curled himself inward, refusing to acknowledge what she was about to do, all he could think of was that she had done this to Dean when he had a busted body and two broken kneecaps. A nurse, someone who was supposed to be there to ease suffering not cause it.

'Get off him you fucking psycho Bitch!' Dean yelled as he stood in the doorway propped on his crutches, his handgun aimed squarely at Karen's head.

Hissing as she turned to stare at the intruder, Karen stopped when she saw Mike standing at Dean's shoulder with his gun aiming at her also. 'So gentlemen what are surprise, and pray tell what do I owe for this visit?'

'Get off him.' Dean yelled again, 'Sammy? You alright?'

'Sam is just fine, aren't you baby.' Karen smiled down at Sam and brushed a stray hair from his eyes, 'he doesn't want either of you barging in on us we were about to get umm rather intimate.'

'Yeah well sue me if I don't believe you.' Dean snarled as he trusted Mike enough to keep his gun up and dropped his enough to make his way over to the bed, 'just move away from him bitch!'

Mike stood in the doorway with his gun still aimed at Karen but he wore a look of disbelief and horror at the woman he thought he knew and loved more than life itself.

'What are you staring at?' Karen turned on him, 'oh poor Mikey feeling left out are ya?' She stepped closer to him, 'want Karen to make it all better?'

'Stand still Karen.' Mike said his voice shaking with emotion. 'I have backup on the way, give yourself up now and we can get you the help you need.'

'Help? Oh I don't need help, Sammy does I had to rescue him from Ellen she was going to do unspeakable things to him.' Karen pouted as she spoke, 'it's Ellen and Hattie who need the help I don't, for goodness sake Mike I am a nurse.'

'Karen please don't make it any harder on yourself.' Mike stared at her in sheer disbelief, 'you were about to ... to do things to Sam as we burst in.'

'No – No that was Ellen that wasn't me.' Karen screamed backing away from Mike she turned on the two brothers, 'and it was them ... they all ganged up on me.'

'Please Karen come with me and I'll get you help.' Mike said trying to reason with her but Karen started to become hysterical as she lost control of the situation.

'Anyway it's too late for the Baby ... such a weakling he deserves to die.'

'What did you do to him?' Dean demanded gesturing at Karen with his crutch, 'tell me or...'

'Or what Dean? Want to fuck me again? Or was it the other way round, want me to fuck you again? Get you up – bit of violence and pain and you were a wild animal.' Karen laughed shrilly, 'honestly I can't believe that I thought that the Baby would even come close to you and your own style of debauchery.'

'What did you do to Sam?' Dean demanded again.

'Say good bye to your brother Dean ...he'll be dead before you can do anything for him.' Karen giggled as she pulled a short-bladed hunting knife from her waistband and brandished at the two men standing either side of her; then she smiled sweetly, said goodbye and pushed the knife into her own stomach, as she dropped to her knees she giggled and spat up blood. 'Good night sweet princes, I'll see you on the other side Sammy you'll never be free of me.' With a last glance up at Mike she threw herself face down onto the ground making sure that the knife continued on it's last bloody and lethal journey.

'No!' Dean screamed, 'oh God Sammy.' He brushed a shaking hand over Sam's face, he saw the confusion and fear in his brother's eyes and felt the tears scalding his own face as he tried to muster up a tremulous smile.

'I have help on the way Dean ... the copter will be here in a few minutes.' Mike said as he stepped over Karen's legs to go to the grief-stricken brothers. 'Hang in there Sam, we're gonna get you to hospital and work out what she has been pumping into you.'

Sam fought with all of his waning strength to move his unmovable fingers, the sweat of his effort shining on his skin as he managed to lift his finger enough to hook Dean's with it, as his eyes fluttered shut, exhausted with the effort, the image of his brother's grief-ridden face stayed imprinted on his mind.


Sam opened his eyes and stared around at his new surroundings, a frown burrowed deep on his brow as he regarded the room carefully. He could remember the girl watching them, and then ... then the accident. Oh God Dean frantically he sat up and tried to get out of bed, but the assorted tubes and leads attached to him prevented him from doing so. Frustrated he laid back against his pillows and fought to calm himself down. He couldn't remember anything after the accident, only fragments of faces, a nurse named Karen and Mike, for some reason they remained in his fractured memory.

He started to shake as he tried to make himself remember what had happened. But the more he tried, the more his head hurt, large fat tears ran down his face and mingled with his hair as he tried desperately to remember what happened to Dean.

'Hey Kiddo what's the tears for?' A familiar male voice broke through his raw emotions, blinking slowly Sam opened his eyes and waited for his sight to clear enough to make out the features.

'Mike?' He asked his voice heavy and low, 'you're Mike aren't you?'

'In the flesh, you had us all worried Sam, you've been out of it for two weeks.'

'Two weeks? But ... I ahh don't.'

'Hey it's alright, the Doctors said that you might have some short term memory loss with the drugs that she pumped into you.'

'She? Drugs? Mike what happened? Where's Dean?'

'He's just finishing up his physical therapy session and then he'll be here.'

'I don't understand any of this Mike.' Sam said wincing as his headache intensified. 'What happened to me? What happened to Dean? Was he injured in the accident?'

'Hey slow down Sam, or you'll bust something.' Mike said chewing his lip he had no idea on what to say to the young man.

'Sammy?' Dean asked as he pushed the door open and slowly limped into the room, he still wore his braces on his legs but just used a cane to walk with now; he no longer needed the crutches. 'You're awake!'

'Dean? Dean what's argh.' Sam winced and pinched the bridge of his nose.

The shattered windscreen fell around them, his head hurt and he could feel blood where he struck the dashboard. Dean's face covered in blood lay on the steering wheel he was unmoving. A car door wrenched open, hands pulling Dean out. A woman's laughter, Dean he tried to reach out for him but his body refused to move. He could only watch as his brother disappeared, dragged away roughly.

Silence, darkness, broken only by his sobs as he gave himself to the reaper.

No, not the reaper, a woman stood before him, now he was standing but still unable to move. There was no light around him, only sheer black, and her. She stood in a red light and laughed insanely at him. Mocking him, taunting him, then he was covered in needles puncturing his skin, a droplet of blood from each one stained his body. His eyes glazed and fixed he couldn't do anything but watch her and wait for her to take him.

Warmth behind him made him want to turn around and leave but she held him tightly, injecting him with more and more needles.

Dean sat on the edge of the bed and held Sam while he wrestled with his vision when he noticed the blood covering his brother. Tiny pinpricks appeared on his body with droplets of blood seeping from them. Panicked he gently laid Sam back down onto his pillows and inspected him carefully. This was not a normal vision.

'Sam come on Dude time to come back.' He said lightly tapping Sam's cheek.

'Dean what is it? What's wrong?' Mike demanded but Dean ignored him and concentrated on his brother.

'No!' Dean screamed when he saw his brother's fixed and dilated eyes, the waxy feel of his skin and then his gaze dropped to Sam's chest. His breathes so shallow that it looked as though he wasn't breathing. 'No Sam she's not having you.'

Dean? Where are you? No, no you're not real! You're not real. He screamed silently and fought against the invisible web ensnaring him. I am not going with you, let me go, it's not my time! It is not my time!

He looked down and saw he was standing on a cliff, the drop below him bottomless and she was there waiting for him to fall. 'No!' He screamed again, but his legs started to buckle no longer able to hold his weight. He knew if he fell then he would never get back to his life, to his brother.

'Help me someone please help me!' He screamed as he lost his footing a hand reached down and grabbed him.

'I won't let you fall.' A faceless voice came down at him, 'hold on.'


'She will never take you Sam I promise you, she will never take you.'

'I can't hold on. The pull is too strong.' Sam felt himself weaken, his back arching as he felt claws digging into his legs.

'Oh God his legs.' Mike pointed to Sam's legs as he kicked the blankets off and thrashed his legs around trying to kick an invisible assailant off. Blood poured from puncture wounds and deep scratches down his lower legs.

'Sam!' Dean gripped Sam's face and forced him to lie still, 'Sam I have you, I'm not going to let go.'

Sam can you hear that? It's Dean he's here to help you too.' Jess said as her grip on Sam's hand slipped and he dropped even further into the abyss. 'Hold on Sam please hold on for me.'

'Can't ... too strong!' Sam wept, 'so tired.'

'Samuel Winchester do not give up.' Jess yelled, 'she's not having you.'

'Sam I have you, I'm not going to let go.' Dean's voice filled the space as the darkness faded and a bright white light filled the area.

'Love you Jess.' Sam whispered.

'Dean?' Sam whispered and reached up to touch his older brother's face with a shaking hand, 'it's okay she's gone.'

'Dude don't you ever ... you sure that you are really alright?'

'Yeah I'm fine, I – I don't remember a lot but we're okay aren't we?'

'We're fine Dude, we're so fine.' Dean grinned and ruffled Sam's hair, 'time you got a hair cut Sammy boy.'

'Ha, ha Dean.' Sam's voice broke as he stared intently at his brother, 'I remember what she...'

'Honestly Sammy I am fine, I actually talked to someone while you took your two week snooze and Mike helped a lot.' Dean admitted grudgingly.

'I'm glad.' Sam said smothering a yawn, 'man I'm tired.'

'Sleep Dude, I aint going nowhere.' Dean said as he propped himself up in the comfortable armchair.

'Thanks Mike.' Sam smiled up at the police officer, 'for more than I can ever...'

'Just seeing the two of you are alright and alive is thanks for me.' Mike grinned as he waved goodbye to Dean and left the brothers alone.

Sam relaxed a little, yawned and glanced over at Dean, 'oh Dean one last thing.'

'What's that Dude?'

'It's Sam not Sammy.'


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