Double drabble, gift!fic for StrawberryAshes, implied shonen ai.

Flame in the Dark

The spirit's presence is a cheerful one.

It takes joy in the destruction and the suffering it brings at the hand of its cards. It laughs, electrified, as gods close in on it, blowing them out like a candle.

And even as it lies dormant, a dark sea slowly eroding the edges of his mind, he can feel it take pleasure in the mere thought of the golden seas of blood it will spill over the world.

So when daily life sparks helpless feelings of anger and resentment in him, the spirit leaks through the creaks in his mind, fills him up with warm, fortifying hate and desire to pay back their pain a thousand times over; and there's such a lightness to it, such a promise of happiness, that his fingers almost itch to act, to help it in its work of destruction.

He lets the moments pass, fearful of this fleeting wish, but he learns to cherish them like coded love-messages; because he doesn't think there's any calculation to it; it's an act of pure kindness, a simple attempt to ease his pain, a silent, sweet, it will get better once fire rains from the skies, I promise.