He never saw it coming….

The poor innocent kid didn't know what was going on, and now he'll never know.

It all started like any typical food heist. Verne was against it, everyone else followed my plan to the letter.

What could've gone wrong? Perhaps Verne was right, maybe I shouldn't have let Hammy try and help. But then again, it was an unforeseen factor. No one could've predicted what happened. It almost happened to Ozzie, but that was just an act. But Hammy…

Hammy was gone…

I fought back the tears of remembering that day. Sure we had another squirrel that was exactly like him in every way. But Sammy just wasn't the same. We had that connection…that bond…

The only way I found to cope with these feelings of grief was to write them down. No one else would read it, but I figure it would be better than to have them bottled up inside. I guess it was a pathetic attempt in a hopes that somehow Hammy could read them and respond. Know my true feelings.

How foolish of me.

All Hammy tried to do was carry an armload of food across the street. But…bless his heart…he got distracted somehow…and didn't see the car coming….and….

God, it hurts just thinking about it. We all thought he was joking at first, playing dead like Ozzie had taught him. But closer examination proved otherwise. We were all shaken that day, and tried to be more careful. It was ten times worse than what the Verminator could ever do.

As I went over the event in my mind over and over again, I try to disprove it happened every time. But to no avail. I gave up and accepted he was gone. It reminded me of a song I heard on one of the human's radios, and it sort of helped me to cope with the memory.

"I thought I'd write, I thought I'd let you know
In the year since you've been gone I've finally let you go

"And I hope you find some time to drop a note
But if you won't
Then you won't
And I will consider you gone

"I know that you went straight to someone else
While I worked through all this shit here by myself
And I think that you should spend some time alone
But if you won't
Then you won't

"And I will consider you gone
I wake up in the night
All alone and it's alright
The chemicals are wearing off
Since you've gone

"The days go on, the lights go off and on
And nothing really matters when you're gone
If you think that you feel nothing at all
If you don't (If you don't)
Then you don't (No, you won't)
If you won't
Then you won't
And I will
Then I will
Yeah, and I will consider you gone"

RJ snapped awake and frantically looked around. He glanced down and saw Hammy was curled up next to him, in a deep sleep. It was all a nightmare. It was at that moment RJ realized just how much his family meant to him. He rested a paw on Hammy's head and smiled.

"Promise you'll never leave me like that." He said in a whisper.

"I promise." Hammy muttered subconsciously and fidgeted to get comfortable.