Here's a new fanfic. I hope it will be more liked than the other two. I'm on vacation, in Japan again, so updates will be as plentiful as there normally are updates. Lol. Provided that I could avoid writer's block I should be able to update often.

I need to thank my little brother for helping me come up with this plot and for letting me bounce ideas off of him. Pity he's not with me, no one else is good for bouncing ideas off of as he is even though we get off topic often. Lol.


"Shotgun!" a voice cried. A blast of blue light engulfed the room.

"Urameshi!" a boy with orange hair yelled in a gruff voice.

Two figures were sent flying in opposite directions by the blue explosion. Seven identical boys with blond hair and two red strands of hair were pierced with the light until only one remained. A long whistle that was soaring through the air shattered and dissolved into nothingness.

"Suzaku!" a green bird cried with its shrill voice before it was swallowed by the light and became particles of dust.

The other boy, Yusuke Urameshi, had his eyes wide open in agony as he took the toll of the blast's recoil. He was barefoot and his green uniform was tattered from his battle. He fell to the ground with quiet knowledge in his brown eyes and relief lied underneath seeing the whistle was destroyed at a long last.

Yusuke's opponent, Suzaku, struggled to his feet. He regarded his fallen opponent calmly, his sapphire eyes were filled with disbelief, awe, and new understanding.

"I was wrong about you once again, Yusuke. It wasn't because you weren't human that I lost. I lost because you were. Feelings are your power. Touché human, at last I understand." With those final words Suzaku fell to the ground with dust billowing around his still form.

A boy with long hair, Kurama, leaned over Yusuke examining his numerous wounds and checking his life signals. A black-cloaked boy stood a bit further aside looking on with detached eyes.

"Wake up, Urameshi," the orange-hair boy, Kazuma Kuwabara, said walking over to Urameshi's side.

Kurama raised troubled emeralds to the tall boy and met his concerned brown gaze. "I'm sorry," he started in his soft tone. "But he has expanded all his body energy."

"Then I'll give him some of my own." Kuwabara replied as he reached Yusuke's side.

"That wouldn't be very wise; your body is still badly injured from Byakko. Any more strain on it could kill you" he reasoned.

"Me and Urameshi jumped into this deal together!" Kuwabara cried, his eyes flashing defiance. "And we're both gonna come out alive or we're not coming out at all, okay?" He turned back towards Yusuke and placed his hands over his chest sending his energy to him. "Here it comes, Urameshi."

"Well," Kurama said to the black-cloaked boy, Hiei, as he stood up."I suppose we'll have to return to Living World carrying both of them on our backs." He mused with a tiny smile as he look over his human partners.

"Like I said, baby-sitting." Hiei replied in his usual tone with a voice full of contempt for the humans who weigh him down. "Here's what I don't understand. Why would he bother saving her if he died in the process?"

"Trust me Hiei" he said with his eyes of the two friends. In an even softer voice, "There are reasons."

"Hn!" Hiei scoffed. "Maybe for a person who's lived there but I'd never do it. The challenge is enough without taking someone else's slack."

As to prove his point, the energy donor doubled over, he too exhausted and drained of energy.

The group of four fighters left Maze Castle and the two demons carried the humans through the portal to the living world on their backs.

As the prince of Spirit world ordered; bells were ringing in celebration of the fall of the Saint Beasts. Suzaku's reign as the king of the Saint Beasts was over but a new reign of terror commenced. One that promises revenge and to carry on Suzaku's name.