Dark clouds threatened to bring rain upon the land. A cool wind blew, but none noticed the darkness that rode in with the breeze. No living being was in sight that day. It was as if the animals sensed some unknown evil and wished not to be found by it. It was empty everywhere, and the wind blew through the town with a howl like the demons of Hades.

All of it centered on one long figure that now walked the streets, unfazed by the events around it. It was a girl in her early twenties. Her brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, fluttered in the breeze. Blue eyes carried a dark and haunted look. A scar was on the left side of her face, stretching across most of her cheek. Her wrists bore thin lines of healing scar tissue. Her right hand bore the deepest of her scars, as if it had been pierced through. She wore green cargo pants and a white T-shirt, along wit ha slightly darker green jacket.

Any who met her would do their best to avoid her. One look at her scarred face would send shivers up a person's spine. Darkness followed in her wake, as if chasing her and trying to engulf her.

She stopped walking, a black-cloaked figure in her path. The figure's face was hidden by a hood, and black gloves covered their hands. Time seemed to stand still. Even the wind had fallen silent upon their meeting.

"Why fight the darkness? Why try to stop it? It's in your blood. You know it." The girl kept silent, her expression betraying nothing. "Oh, ye of so little faith. What hope do you have for the world? Why do you want the world to live when you yourself have lost all will to live.?"

The girl remained silent, a flicker of something behind her eyes. The scars on her wrists tingled, reminding her of what she had tried to do.

"Roivas, the darkness will win. Nothing you do will change it." The figure pulled back its hood, revealing the face of a girl just a bit older than her with brown hair also worn back. She almost bore some resemblance to the one in front of her. "You know it. Because it is you who will bring the darkness. You will be the world's downfall. For you have no faith in yourself, let alone the world. The evil in your heart is eternal. Nothing shall change that."

The girl, the youngest of the Roivas line and cursed by the darkness within, stared at the figure before her… and grinned.