I know, I know…I'm SO sorry I've haven't updated. Everything has messed up, 'cause my parents divorced, then my friend tossed me to the curb…So PLEASE forgive me!

Also Gingertail is in honor of my dog Ginger that died at age 3 when hit by a car. It wasn't the car, really, that killed her…she lost too much blood. So Gingertail is a WindClan cat now. I know she loved to run…


Snifflenose and Silverstripe exchanged anxious glances. "Well, whatever happens," Snifflenose said finally, "it can't be good." The tortoiseshell and the gray toms darted behind a tree as the horrid Twolegs opened the gate and lumbered out, looking around with their flabby pink faces. One Twoleg, with long dark fur on her head, reached down and picked Paris up, pulling her into a loving hug. Both the cats tensed.

As the Twolegs began to carry the brown queen away, she looked back and gave them a dirty look, hissing. Silverstripe finally recovered and stared at Snifflenose. "Benny?" he exclaimed. "What? You were named Snifflekit!"

The tortoiseshell winced. "Well, you know how I was two days older?" The silver tom nodded. "Well, yeah…in that time they named me Snifflekit. I'm sorry I didn't tell you; Sharkstar swore me to secrecy. Anyway, it wasn't Puddlefur who was my father…actually, it was Brownpelt." He hung his head. "That's why he's so stern with me."

"So if Brownpelt was your father, who was your mother?" Silverstripe mewed, looking confused.

"Mother?" Snifflenose grimaced and sighed. "I'm not Paris's pure brother. I'm her half. Different father. My mother was Frostfeather. She didn't just feed me." He flattened his ears for the piercing scream that followed.

"But Frostfeather is my mother! Only mine and Graybelly's! I was her first litter!" he screeched.

"Yeah…not so much. And I'm not two days older, either. Same age." Snifflenose gave a weak smile. "Frostfeather told Paris I was Benny."

"So…so…that means I'm Paris's quarter-brother, and your half-brother!"

Snifflenose nodded. "Uh…shall we hunt while you process this?" Weakly Silverstripe agreed, and they began stalking prey.


Snifflenose padded back to camp with two squirrels and a sparrow clutched in his teeth. Silverstripe trotted behind him, three mice and two voles filling his jaws so he could barely breathe, let alone speak. But his friend guessed he didn't want to talk. He was almost fuming.

"Well, it looks like you've made quite a successful hunt!" purred Frostfeather happily. Silverstripe dropped his catches on the fresh-kill pile, and even then didn't reply. She looked worried, but when her other son gave her a meaningful look, she gasped.

"Oh, Silverstripe, dear, I wanted to tell you so much…" she mewed in the gray cat's ear. Silverstripe hissed and pushed her away.

"Really? Why didn't you?" he snarled. Cats' heads lifted in concern. "Because you're too…" He paused and looked at her with fire in his eyes. "Because you think I'm too young to keep a secret!"

Snifflenose jumped to Frostfeather's aid (no, literally, he jumped in front of Frostfeather). "Stop, Silverstripe! Just because she couldn't tell you didn't mean she doesn't love you, or that you can blame her for what's happened!"

"You're right," he meowed, straightening. His words hung in the air like ice. "But…I can blame you, you stupid half-bred medicine cat's son!" He leapt through the air and landed on the lighter cat's back, digging his claws into the tom's pelt.

"MRRRRRROWW!" Snifflenose shrieked. He bucked up as a reflex, throwing the cat off of him. Silverstripe tumbled to the ground, winded. "What's wrong with you?"

Sharkstar padded out of her den. "What's going on?! Snifflenose, why are you bleeding?" Snifflenose twisted around, and, sure enough, blood was welling from the cuts Silverstripe gave him.

"Silverstripe attacked him!" piped up Forestpaw, ears flattening in concern.

"Only because he defended Frostfeather, when she didn't tell me that he's half medicine cat and has a kittypet half-sister!" Silverstripe spat. All eyes turned to Snifflenose, except Sharkstar's. They remained quiet on Silverstripe.

"You all know that I came from a place very far away, where the Twoleg nests are on sand near water and giant fish eat Twolegs alive." The cats nodded. "I came, and told no one of where I was born, only that my name was Shark. But when Runningstar found out of my true origins…everyone shunned me. The reason I told none of Snifflenose's heritage was because I didn't want the same fate for him." Her gaze passed over the Clan, from the tiniest kit to the oldest elder. "Who here would like to be treated unfairly because of where they were born, or who they were born to?" Silence crossed the cats' faces. "Now, I—"

There was a horrified yowl as Silverstripe pounced, yet again, onto his former best friend. They writhed across camp, a ball of fur, muscle, teeth, claws, and screams of anger. Sharkstar jumped down from the Highledge, but Frostfeather's tail barred the way. "Don't get in the midst of it. Let them calm themselves."

Now, it seemed, Snifflenose had the upper paw. He raked his claws down the furious cat's belly. Silverstripe screamed, but relaxed. Snifflenose stayed stiff. "You're the one who taught me that trick, you two-faced idiot! You turn tail at the first sign of difference!" he snarled, rolling them over and over. They hit the edge of camp and stopped as pebbles rained upon them.

"Stop this now!" Sharkstar hissed. "Silverstripe, stay and guard camp. Snifflenose, Frostfeather, Forestpaw, Rabbittail, Brownpelt, Shadowleaf, Cinnamonfur, Blackears, Leafclaw, Juniperpool, and Morningpaw will be going to the Gathering. Let's go." The cats proceeded out.


Snifflenose sat quietly, near a group of WindClan warriors. Their fur was short and mottled, and their lean muscle stretched their pelts tight over their skin. They were passing raillery back and forth, laughing loudly.

One warrior, a strangely-colored ginger she-cat, padded over to Snifflenose. "Why are you hurt?" she asked, her voice a concerned but spunky meow. Her long, fluffy tail flicked as she awaited an answer.

"My best friend attacked me…but he's not my best friend now," he said, his mew hoarse.

"Well…I can be your best friend, if you want me to," she mewed.

"I don't even know your name," he said. "By the way, I'm Snifflenose."

"I'm Gingertail." She was about to say more when there was a yowl from the Great Oak.

Grayfoot, the WindClan deputy, sat on a branch. "Owlstar is dead!"


I hope you like it! Also, if you can guess who Owlstar's grandfather was, you get a Gingertail plushie! Is it: Onestar, Sedgewhisker (from Dark River), or Tornear? Find out in the next chapter!