Author's Notes: Okay.. I haven't written for these two in an age.. but.. something struck me at work and I just let it flow.

Title: From Here -Working Title-
Characters/Pairing: Reno/Rude
Rating: Strong R/Not-quite-NC-17 - lots of sex, but nothing explicit...yet.
Language. Sexual implications, sex, (with these two, it's usually inevitable...), Violence.. lots of that.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not my game, just my words using Square/Square Enix/Squeenix, whatever-they're-called-now's characters.

I asked you once to touch me, like you touched them, like they touched you.

You responded by running your fingers along my back and shoulders, whispering in my ear "Later."

The wounds dyed your shirt and skin the blood red of your hair; I couldn't differentiate them at the time as I lifted your broken body in my arms and begged you not to go. You smirked at me and told me you were better than that.

You clung to me as you clawed your way into consciousness, but panicked as I held you, and you were gone before I managed to untangle the sheets from my legs.

I moaned your name when you took me in, shaking with iron-control my hands buried in the sheets beneath me.

I screamed your name as my world shattered to your tongue, the only time I had ever called a name, or screamed.

And then you were gone for days on assignment. There was no word, nothing.

When you came back, you begged me to take you, needing something solid, something tangible, something more than shadows and words and promises, something you could feel, something that you knew was swallowing us /both/.

Your body fit against mine without effort, you took me in just as effortlessly, your arms around my neck, mine around your waist, hands gripping your ass as we moved.

You cried my name when you tumbled. I had nothing left within me when yours fell from my lips in a ragged cry.

But where does that leave us now?

Where does that leave us, but tangled in the sheets, your hair a bloody spill across my chest and shoulders, your arms tightly around me, my arm wrapped around your shoulders.

Where do we go from here?