Me: Hello all, this is my first fic, and what better way then to do a TOS one? Ok, just so you all know, Sheena's brother is in it, who is fourteen years old. He becomes worried for his sister and has Yuan help him to Sylvarant, where he eventually finds her. Also, they already made pacts with Undine, Efreet, and Sylph, and got the unicorn horn.

Ok, I am taking a few things from Pirates of the Caribbean, as in, his theme is the music played when Jack escapes from the Pelegostos. His title displayed at the beginning is a costume title, which has him dressed up like Jack, and his sword is like his, so just so you all know, now onto the disclaimer! Please don't flame also...

Me: Ok, now lets choose my disclaimer mascot. It is... none other than the pink haired warrior Presea! Say the disclaimer.

Presea: Bentleyandtalesofsymphoniafan does not own Tales of Symphonia or the Pirates of the Caribbean stuff put in the story.

Me: Very good, here's a cookie.

Prologue: The First Twist

"Ok, I'm opening up the gate to Sylvarant, get on the rheaird I'm lending you and get through quick, this will only be open for a few minutes, so hurry up," Yuan said through the speaker of the machine.

"Fine Yuan, don't get so angry, I'm hurrying," A fourteen year old said to the speaker as he mounted the rheaird and got up to the altitude of the portal that appeared above the Tethe'alla base.

"Ok, the portal is open, you'll appear in the Triet desert, and right now they're heading towards the Tower of Mana, so use your map I gave you to get there," the Seraphim told him.

" Ok, but I have a question Yuan,"said Dustin, Sheena Fujibayashi's younger brother, as he went through the portal, and appeared in Sylvarant's Triet Desert.

"What is it?" Yuan snapped, losing his patience.

"Why is the rum always gone?" he said with a laugh as he sped off to the eastern continent.

"Haha, very funny, be grateful I helped you!" the blue haired half-elf yelled at the boy through the speaker

Dustin gained the title of "Where's the rum?": A title for a pirate with a love for rum, even if it is a joke.

As he flew over towards a tower he guessed was the next seal for the Chosen's journey, he saw six little dots on the ground halfway to the Tower. Out of nowhere, the rheaird started to beep and smoke started to pour out of the engine.

Me: So what will happen to Sheena's younger brother? Find out next time, and also, I forgot to add, he doesn't have one of those ninja aliases, he keeps his real name, he never truly became one of the ninjas of Mizuho when the chief took him in.