A Chance Meeting

By HelenofIllium

Summary: (FINALLY EDITED!) Keira and Jak never met until that one night. Keira's currently attached, but looking for adventure in her dull life. That's where Jak comes in.

Rated M

Another uneventful night in Haven City. Keira sifted through a magazine and signed to herself. Her boyfriend of eight months, Errol, was on prison duty once again for the Krimzon Guard, and he wouldn't be back until tomorrow afternoon.

The pretty mechanic signed again. Her life was dull, she knew it. It lacked spontaneity, adventure, something Errol seemed fine to live without. Sure, he was okay looking, but not handsome, and she liked him, but didn't love him.

She looked at her clock; it read 9 o'clock. 9 o'clock on a Saturday night, and looked at me, she thought, sitting in this depressing apartment alone.

Keira felt like getting dressed up, letting loose for a bit, mingle with the night life of Haven for once.

Coming to a decision, she stood up and threw her magazine on the coffee table in front of her, then walking to the bedroom. She ruffled through her medium-sized closet, finding a slightly scandalous dress that she hadn't worn since before she had met Errol. It was a stunning, form fitting dress, sea green in color, perfectly accentuating her dark eyes.

In the mirror, she tousled her hair and expertly applied her make-up until she achieved the look she wanted. For a finishing touch, she dabbed a bit of perfume on her pulse points and grabbed her purse.

When Jak had headed back to the Underground for anther mission, he was surprised when Torn told him there was none, and to go take a break. It was strange, having any time to himself for once. Ever since he had joined the Underground resistance five years ago when he was seventeen, he had rose in the ranks and quickly become quite and asset to the movement, being handed all the important and dangerous missions. Now, he wandered around the sparsely lighted Port sector looking for something to do. Down the way, he saw the blinking lights of a well known bar called the Hip Hog.

A buzz to take the edge off of his boredom seemed to be the cure.

Keira sat down on the bar stool in the back of the Hip Hog, surveying the place and its occupants. Average people seemed to be enjoying their average lives, drinking and laughing with each other. Keira then turned her attention to the bartender and was about to order when she recognized her blonde friend behind the counter.

"Tess! What are you doing here? I didn't know you were working tonight?" Keira exclaimed, happy to talk to someone.

"Yeah, third straight Saturday in a row, would you believe it? ...Hey, where's Errol?" Tess asked while serving a man two seats down from Keira. Keira just rolled her eyes.

"Oh, I see...Working late again?"

"Yup..." Keira shook her head.

"Well, you should be able to have some fun by yourself anyways. What'll ya have?" Tess leaned on the counter smiling at her friend.

"A martini," she said and turned around when she heard the door open, where a young and handsome man walked in.

Tess slid Keira her drink and she took a sip before deciding that she needed a make-up check. She motioned to her busty friend that she was going to the bathroom, and Tess put her drink under the counter.

Keira walked into the hazy bathroom which smelled heavily of cigarettes. She stood at an unoccupied mirror and dabbed away a smudge that had formed under her eye. Once she was satisfied with herself, she made her way back to the bar where she noticed a blonde stranger had taken her seat.

Walking up behind him, Keira tapped him on the back lightly, "Excuse me, but you're sitting in my-"

The stranger turned around and her tongue seemed to become dry. Keira had seen him walk him, but he was definitely better-looking up close.

"Just keeping it warm for you," he smiled apologetically and got up, taking a seat on the one next to her.

"Thanks," she said in a flirty tone, locking into his blue eyes, and instantly scolding herself for doing so.

Tess gave her drink back and took the blonde man's order of a rum and coke. Keira crossed her smooth legs and sipped her drink nonchalantly, stealing another glance at the cute stranger.

While waiting for his drink, the man turned to face Keira and put out his hand, "I'm Jak, by the way."

"Keira," she said smiling again and shaking his hand.

Tess handed Jak his drink and he took a long gulp, letting the alcohol slide down his throat.

"So, Keira, to sound cliché, what's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?" Jak spoke with a confidence he had never known he had. This girl just made him feel so...different, just looking at her.

Keira blushed slightly at the hinted compliment, "Oh, just bored; a little curious."

He noted the sparkle in her eye when she said the last bit. He watched at she took the last sip of her martini, and delicately, slid the olive off with her small white teeth.

"Mind if I buy you a drink?" Jak offered.

"Okay," she nodded, feeling her conscience tug at her thoughts. He's just some nice guy...nothing's going to happen... she told herself in defense.

As they both continued on to their second drinks, the two began talking about what they did for a living.

"Really? You actually work at the Stadium! I've always wanted to try my hand at racing," Jak said excitedly.

Keira giggled at the boyish glow his eyes lit up with when she told him she worked as a mechanic, "What do you do, Jak?"

"I, erm, work for a small, uh, business," he said, his eyes shifting uneasily.

Keira giggled again, "Oh, the Underground?"

It was Jak's turn to laugh for being stupid, "Well, yeah."

"Don't worry," she explained, "I supply the zoomer and weapons for them; strictly unattached though, I don't get involved with that stuff."

Jak's eyes widened in shock, "You're the one who made the mod-guns! I love you!" he blushed at the last thing he said immediately, taking a rather large gulp of his rum and coke, resulting in making himself choke on it. His eyes watered as he coughed and pounded his chest, "Went down the wrong tube," he squeaked, very embarrassed.

Keira smiled at him warmly, moving her hand slightly, accidentally grazing his hand. They locked eyes at the sudden touch, and then looked away.

Jak smiled on the inside. Something about this girl made him shy and confident all at once. She was mysterious, yet he could read her like a book. He hadn't come here looking for something, or someone, but he had made an incredible find nonetheless. Yet still, she seemed to be holding herself back for some reason. Jak could tell by her eyes that she just wanted to let go; but he couldn't pinpoint why she wouldn't do so.

Jak looked back at the green-eyed beauty and saw that she was watching him. What happened next came as utter surprise as the girl leaned in and kissed him. Not one to refuse such a thing, Jak kissed her back.

"I'm sorry," she pulled away rapidly.

Jak gave her a shocked expression, "No...It was great, fine..." he cocked his head, trying to figure her out.

Then, Keira turned back to him, giving him an impish grin, "Will you come with me?"

"What?" Jak was surprised again, but instantly changed his answer, "I mean, yes!" He took her outstretched hand, allowing to be led out of the bar.

Tess stopped from her hustling about to watch her friend walk out the door with the stranger.

How Keira and Jak arrived at her apartment doorsteps, she couldn't remember. The zoomer-cab drive there had been a blur.

Jak trailed behind her, playfully gripping her tempting hips as she clumsily fumbled with unlocking the door.

She stopped abruptly, though, and turned around to face him with a serious look, "I have a boyfriend..."

Jak winced, "Do you want me to leave?"

"No," she replied after a moment, burying her conscience.

Once in, Keira turned around in Jak's arms, pinning him to the wall and kissing him hard. He breathed deeply in though his nose, inhaling her clean scent of fresh rain. He broke off their kiss only to let his lips trail down to her neck. Keira moaned low in her through, feeling her body temperature rise steadily.

Slowly, she took his strong hands from their current position on her waist and into her own hands, leading him and walking backwards, through the living room and into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Keira sat Jak on the edge of the bed, lifting his black t-shirt over his head and arms, tossing it on the floor. His bronze, finely chiseled chest was hard to resist as Keira ran her hands over hi toned torso. Jak held back a gasp as she pushed him gently on his back and hand began to lightly kiss a trail down the middle of his chest and stomach, stopping just below his navel. She looked up at him, her eyes shining brightly, even in the darkness.

Jak took her by her delicate wrists, pulling her next him and laying her down on her back.

She bit her lower lip as he unhurriedly inched up her dress up her body and over her head, revealing her bare breasts. She covered them in a sudden realization; she was near naked in front of someone she barely knew. Her nervousness seemed to fade though, when he spoke in his deep, rich voice.

"Has anyone told you what an amazing thing of beauty you are?" he breathed into her long ear.

"Mmm, no..." she mumbled, shivered as he nibbled her ear.

"I can tell...or else you wouldn't be hiding yourself," he said as he uncovered her hands from her chest and grazing the flesh of her left breast with his soft lips.

Keira reached down, taking his face in her hands and pulling him up to her face, kissing him again. He was now straddling her thin frame. As she explored the warm insides of his mouth, she could feel his member hardening against the inside of her thigh. This only increased her warmth in her nether-regions and she hastily began reaching blindly for his shorts. Her fingers fumbled with the zipper and undid it, sliding his shorts down as far as she could reach.

Finishing the job, Jak stood up off of her; leaving her missing his touch already; kicking off his combat boots and then his shorts.

She looked at him and smiled, "Commando?"

He laughed, "I don't like to be restricted..." and he reached for her lacy black underwear. Nimbly, he slid them down her thighs and flung them into a distant corner.

A bead of sweat began to form on her forehead as Jak crawled back onto the bed, hovering his body over hers. He lunged for her lips and kissed her with more unbridled enthusiasm than she had ever felt before. Not even with...No! I will not think of him!

Jak felt her body tense up and broke away from her breathlessly, "Is something wrong?"

Then she stared into his deep blue eyes, and if she had even the slightest thought of turning back now it was thrown into the wind. "No..." she smiled and took his shaft in her hand, causing him to close his eyes as his body tensed, poised and ready.

She giggled mischievously at how she suddenly had all the power in her hands. Painfully and slow, she guided him into her as he buried his face in her neck, sucking in a breath through his teeth.

Jak was very well endowed, she thought as her eyes fluttered with his first thrust. She felt like he was touching her very core. Keira pushed against him, rolling him over so she was now on top.

Jak groaned in pleasure as she rocked her hips in unison with his own and raked her nails down his back as he began to sit up. He kissed her again as he grabbed a hold of her thighs, lifting her slowly up and then down.

"Fuck," he cursed into her collarbone while she gasped and ran her hands through his long, swept back hair.

Keira squeezed her legs around Jak's waist as he quickened his pace. He clenched his teeth as a drop of sweat ran down his jaw, and he felt her muscles tighten around him. No...I want this to last... he told himself.

As time went on, the rocking of their hips steadily increased as they were both getting closer to their peak. Keira felt her stomach jump and adrenaline coarse through her body. She whispered his name against his forehead as he thrust up harder into her, sending her into blissful ecstasy. She cried out again when he reached his climax, too, and dug his fingers into her soft flesh.

Jak fell back on the bed slowly, so Keira would follow. They panted loudly, Keira rising and falling with Jak's deep breaths as she lay on his glistening chest.

The emerald-eyed girl locked up at him, shooting him an exhausted grin. He smiled back, moving a strand of sweat-plastered hair out of her eyes.

Once they had caught their breath, together, so as not to break their connection, they moved to the middle of the bed and pulled a thin, cotton sheet over their nude bodies.

Before they fell asleep, the broke apart, and Keira turned around in his arms. He wrapped a strong arm around her, just underneath her breasts. Keira fell asleep soon after, but Jak stayed awake. Even though he appeared to be the kind of person who did this often, this was his first 'one nighter'. He'd never been one to go and sleep with someone he'd met in a bar. But, Keira, she had captivated him. He felt like if hadn't done this, met her, went home with her, and had the best sex he'd ever had with her, that his life would never have been truly fulfilled.

But...she had a boyfriend. This was a one time thing for her. He wondered if Keira actually loved the guy.

What am I thinking? I haven't even known this woman for more than four hours! It's not like I'm in love with her! He found himself battling his own thoughts, but was too tired. He sighed and kissed Keira lightly on the shoulder. In her sleep, she cuddled closer to him, making him smile and fall asleep fully satisfied.

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