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Contains scenes not suitable for sane audiences, proceed at your own risk. Mwahahaha…

Narumi's Rampage

Someone humming being heard…

"Narumi-sensei is coming…" Serina-sensei said nonchalantly, not even bothering to look up.

Then something stirred just near her making her fan herself with her hand when flames came bursting out of nowhere.

"He will be so dead when he gets here! I'm going to hang him! No! It's better if I ruin his face!" Misaki-sensei was surrounded by a dark aura. "Or better yet chop him to pieces!"

Some of the people around snickered, while others were curious as to why Misaki was so angry to Narumi.

"Or I'll just hang him! Better yet I'll shave his head!"

Croak! Croak!

Jinno-sensei stopped reading the magazine he was holding and stared at the fuming teacher. "Misaki, what did he do this time?"

"That pig brain!" Serina-sensei's magic ball almost fell when he stomped his right foot on the coffee table while waving his hands like crazy. "He--!"

"Good afternoon everyone!" All heads turned to the other direction, and everyone had a sweat drop when they saw Mr. Narumi wearing a long, tan gypsy skirt, a pink spaghetti strap, his arms full of bangles and his blonde hair sporting its new curly locks, courtesy of hair extensions.

"Good heavens!" Mr. Jinno gasped.

"What the - - -" another uttered.

Narumi continued to walk pass through his colleagues, his gold accessories creating a clanking sound. Straightening his skirt before sitting, he found himself sprawled on the floor, butt first!

"Hey! What did you do that for?" Mr. Narumi shouted.

"You! … I told you not to steal my bean whips!" Misaki-sensei yanked him up by pulling his shirt.

"Aww…" The youthful teacher pouted beautifully. "But I was just borrowing it."

"Hah! You wouldn't get away with that kind of reason!"

"But I'm telling the truth!" Their surrounding seemed to change, sakura petals floated and the area was glittering.

Narumi batted his eyelashes.

"Why you!" Misaki was ready to give the former a good and well deserving punch.

Clenching his fist, "I'LL GET YOU THIS - - -"; "Whaa! Not my face!"


"What the hell!" Misaki was so close in taking retribution; his fist was just a centimeter away from Narumi's skin when his arm felt limp. From the corner of his eye he saw that the faculty door was wide open and there stood two figures.

"Reo-sensei!" Electricity sparking sporadically around Jinno's stick now. "What are you doing lowering our alices down like that!"

The person addressed scratched his head. "Well…"

"Well what!" Croak!

The one with Reo then spoke with its languid & baritone voice. "It's because he cares for his sempai…"

Narumi's hair being blown by the breeze, "Aww! Is that true Reo!"

Reo glared. "Persona, you mask addict! I do not care about Narumi!"

Serio-sensei just shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever. But Jinno-sensei, it's better that we stopped the fight. Misaki and Narumi's image is scandalous..."

Frowning, all the other faculty staffs turned their attention to the other two. Misaki was clutching the front part of Narumi's top, exposing the bra that the former was wearing!

"You freaking cross dresser!" Misaki-sensei shouted at the same time releasing his grasp off Mr. Narumi.

Persona and Reo then uttered. "You are sooo gaaayyyy…." And all heads nodded in agreement. nodnod

"Hmpf.." Narumi flipped his curly locks aside, "I am not gay."

All gave him a disbelieving look.

"It just comes with the costume!"

Another doubtful look from everyone.

"Oh come on Misaki," Narumi trying to reach out to his friend…

"Don't come near me!"

"Reo, my kouh---" Reo also avoided his sempai.

"How could you guys!" Narumi was getting cheesed off. "Persona!"

"Don't or I'll kill you." Serio-sensei lashed out halting Mr. Narumi's attempt to hug him.

"Mouuu - - - But it just part of the costume!" Narumi then cupped his two faked breast.

"See! It's squishy because of the gel!" squish, squish

BAM! Electric shock hitting Narumi-sensei. "Narumi! You better change your outfit or I'll burn you until you're crisp! Do you hear me!"

"But Jinno! I look so good in it!"

Swish, Shak, Sham!

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Okay! Okay! I'll change!"

Narumi went out of the office while rubbing his butt and grumbling.

Jinno then exasperatedly faced the other staff. "That Narumi, acting like a child. Okay, everyone go back to work."

While Jinno was trying to settle the faculty, Reo noticed a magazine on a table. Picking it up, his eyes widened.


"Yes, Reo-san?" Turning his head, Jinno's eyes also became big. "Ahh!" KAZAM!

At an instant, the magazine turned into ashes. Reo received a message from Jinno through their eye contact and he understood.

Reo left the faculty area. But as he was walking toward the gakuen's garden, Persona appeared next to him.

"So tell me Reo, what was that."

"What was what?"

"You know what I'm talking about…"

Reo grunted. "Oh that?"


"Well, since I trust you…" whisper, whisper

No one heard what Reo-sensei said, only Serio-san and the air blowing around the academy did. Jinno's secret was safe…quite safe…

Author's Notes:

I really don't know whether this will be a one-shot or I'll be continuing it with other scenes whehehe.It's going to depend with my schedule, the way my cracky mind works and to the reviews. Nyahahah…

In taking Jecky-chan's way: Flames are for Natsume only XP


Reo is a teacher here. Got the idea when I was chatting with the other GA fans at the GA Forums, hehehe.

With Persona, well let's just say that he has a semi-different personality here bwahahahaha.