Title: A Pirate's Life for Me
Rating: G
Notes: Yachiru has a new obsession.

"Arrr," Yachiru growled.

"Do we really have to do this?" The deck heaved—really, it was more of a sudden lurch—and Ikkaku stumbled for a moment before regaining his footing.

"I be the pirate captain of this ship, not you, Pachinko-head! First Mate Ken-chan, throw the Skipper in the brig!"

Kenpachi peered over the side at the shinigami carrying their craft. "I don't think we have a brig, kid."

"Ten lashes, then!"

"Perhaps someday you'll learn to shut up and go along with things gracefully," Yumichika said, fluttering his eyelashes.

"Piss off, cabin boy."

Yachiru hopped up to the bow and put a hand to the brim of her tri-cornered hat, peering off into the distance. "Avast, there be a merchant ship off the starboard bow. Come alongside, mates!"

The ship lurched around indecisively. "No, not that way, that way!" Losing patience, Yachiru finally jumped to the ground and pointed them in the right direction.

The merchant ship was not entirely unaware of their pursuers. "Is that a pirate ship I see on the horizon? Oh, Nanao-chan, whatever shall we do?"

Nanao, who was filling out paperwork on the deck next to her captain, didn't even look up. "Perhaps we should make plans to outrun them, sir."

"But they approach so quickly! Darling Nanao-chan, save me!" Shunsui clutched pitifully at her robes.

"Save yourself!" she retorted, and pushed him off the side.

"Prepare to board, men," Yachiru informed her crew.

"Nanao-chan, they're coming right now!"

Ikkaku spit over the side. "This is the worst inter-Squad training exercise ever."