Sequal to A Recognised Loss (don't have to read that first but would help) : The Doctor returns to earth to visist Rose and his daughter, Venetia, only to discover terrible news and to be faced with a life changing decison.

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A Recognised Gain

Part One

The year was 2015; it was three years since the Doctor had discovered that he had a daughter he hadn't know about. Venetia Jacqueline Tyler was now eight years old, she had blonde ringlet curls, the face shape of her mother – Rose Tyler, and her fathers' intense brown eyes. Venetia had her mothers' attitude and her fathers' intelligence; she was half Gallifreyan and half human. She lived on earth with Rose and was regularly visited by the Doctor. He would visit at least once a week, sometimes he could stay for hours, other times he stayed for days or even weeks, but this time was different.

The Doctor had been on board the Tardis having just returned from the far away planet of Jerab where he had bought a bottle of the strong alcoholic drink Jerabka for Rose. It had been a joke but she would know the sentiment behind the gift, he had visited them only a week ago but that time he had made a decision. He was sick of the longing gazes and rushed kisses, he was tired of pretending not to love her, and he was determined to call her his own. So he bought the bottle as a symbol – it's what they had drunk before they conceived Venetia and hopefully it would be what they drank before they revived their relationship.

He was about to pop to the moons of Jupiter to collect some rocks for Venetia's every growing collection. She loved to analyse them and study them, comparing them and making notes – her hobbies were Astronomy and Mineralogy. She was a spectacular child – she had skipped two years at school and was still the top of her class in everything, she could answers sums that her teachers struggled on in seconds, she was amazed by the simplest things such as an ants struggle to carry a grain of food and she was surprisingly compassionate. Venetia thrived to learn, she could always be found with her head buried in a book as she learnt facts and dates and excitedly spurted them out to her mother who would just smile back and nod. When she wasn't learning she loved to play, she could be outside for hours playing in her make believe worlds, fictional characters created from the stories her Father told her – she was always the hero and the monster always lost – but not as in died. She understood the difference between right and wrong but she also understood the effects of peoples' pasts and their societies, in her games she would create a punishment that was just right for which ever evil she was facing never being too quick to judge.

Rose and the Doctor were immensely proud of their daughter, the older she became the more her knowledge, wisdom and character grew. The Doctor hummed to himself staring at the photos on the walls from various occasions that had been taken, each photo had a message etched on the back which was put there by one of the two females who lit up his life. Whenever he felt lonely or lost in the darkness as the Tardis fell through time and space he could look at these photos and lose himself in their memories warming his soul.

The Doctor had been hitting the co-ordinates in the control panel when suddenly the ship shook and the Doctor felt a twinge in the bottom of his stomach. He had what humans might describe as 'a bad feeling' but he was the Doctor and he didn't get 'bad feelings'. He held onto the Tardis' railings as the ship moaned in protest

'What's the matter old girl?' he asked his favourite time machine. When the ship ceased to move he dug around in his coat pocket searching for the Sonic Screwdriver hoping it should shed come light on the situation, maybe there was a faulty connection the Doctor pondered. He pulled his hand out of his coat pocket and found that he had pulled out the psychic paper – it felt warm in his hand despite the fact that his pocket was very cold. He slowly opened the cover to see words scrawled on the normally blank piece of paper. His heart stopped as he read the words

Daddy, help me!

The words were scrawled out as though written by someone in a panic. The Doctor paused for a moment – only telepathic creatures could call out to him on the psychic paper, creatures such as the Face of Boe – yet Venetia had done so. Then he stopped in his tracks – Time Lords have telepathic abilities and she was half Time Lord. For the last two years her Time Lord abilities hadn't been apparent – she was just extremely intelligent and observant, for her abilities to suddenly excel to such an amount that she was able to call out to him through time and space she would've had to awaken a dormant power within her – the Doctor knew that something must be terribly wrong.

He frantically began to change the co-ordinates on the control panel setting them for the Powell estate; he nervously paced the floor as the Tardis changed her course. The ship finally came to a land after what felt like forever to the Doctor. He burst through the doors into the crisp March air, it was chilly but the sun was beginning to shine again, flowers were starting to push their way through the dirt up to the surface reaching for the sun. The Doctor didn't have time to study the beauties of Spring as he ran towards the flat, he clutched onto Roses' bottle of Jerabka the emerald green liquid splashing at the insides of the bottle and the Doctor frantically ran up the stairs and along the landing. When he was standing outside the door he frantically pounded on the door, his fist colliding heavily with the wood. A few moments later the door slowly swung open, inside stood a man in his late forties, he had black matted hair, his blue eyes were solemn and curious, he held a police hat under his arm and wore a uniform. The man eyed the Doctor warily

'Is there anything I can help you with?' the officer asked prudently. The Doctor stared at him for a moment before looking over his shoulder for any disturbances – everything seemed fine.

'Where are they?' he demanded swiftly as he tried to enter the flat. The police man held his hand up

'I'm sorry Sir; I'm going to have to ask you to step outside' the police man told the Doctor with a world heavy sigh.

'No – you don't understand' the Doctor began to protest as he pushed his way in.

'Now Sir!' the police officer said gruffly as he grasped the Doctor by the back of his neck in an attempt to drag him out of the flat. The Doctor had almost struggled his way to the living room; the shouts from the hallway had frightened the blonde girl on the sofa who had a friendly looking woman in her late fifties next to her on the sofa.

'It's okay Venetia' the woman soothed the frightened child 'We're not going to let him hurt you' she continued ignoring how wide Venetia's eyes were.

'Venetia!' the Doctor yelled as soon as he saw her. Venetia's face lit up at the same time tears fell from her eyes splashing down her face

'Do you know this man?' the woman asked briskly

'He's my Daddy!' she called out as she ran towards him. The police man released the Doctor who dropped his bottle letting the green liquid spill over the carpet as it smashed, he didn't care as he swept Venetia up in his arms and held her to his chest. She sobbed into his neck, her entire body shaking with sobs, she held onto him so tightly it felt like she would never let go. The Doctor hated seeing her like this, so afraid and so alone – so petrified. He rocked her softly trying to soothe her but the tears wouldn't stop falling, he gently stroked her hair

'Where's Mummy?' he asked softly but she just sobbed in response. The Doctor glared at the others in the room – the people who had upset his daughter so much, he sat down on the sofa still holding her. The police men watched him for a while then walked over towards the Doctor clearing his throat in the process

'Sir, I need to ask what your relationship with a Miss Rose Tyler was' the policeman asked importantly. The Doctor frowned up at him still not understanding what was going on, he almost smiled at his earlier thoughts of them being together – for real.

'She's my….she was….we are…' the Doctor began to stumble as he looked for the words that would sum up their relationship.

'He loves her' a little voice called out of his arms, as though it would make everything alright. She still shook in his arms, her tears soaking his jacket – he held her so tightly longing for everything to be alright.

'Why' the Doctor asked breaking the silence. The other police man solemnly took of his hat and looked at the Doctor gravely

'I regret to inform you that Miss Tyler is dead'


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