Genre: Angst
Character: Severus Snape
Rating: T for dark themes
Disclaimer: Snape is a Slytherin bastard and Dumbledore was stupid to trust him. I own neither of them.

The Darkness

Darkness; it seeped into his soul. Drowning, he wanted to let it wash him away, into nothingness.

It was hell, a dungeon he could not escape, for how could he escape from his own mind? His own memories?

Fine, Snape decided, if I can't beat the darkness, I'll join it instead…

He immersed himself completely in the darkness, embraced it like a lover while it consumed him.

He hated it.

He loved it.

When Albus Dumbledore finally broke through the prison door the light flooded in. Burning. Cleansing. Liberating. He was free…

…And yet, the longing for the darkness remained.

A/N: Before I get a bunch of reviews saying "it was good but too short/ it sucked because it was too short": it's supposed to be short. It's a drabble which means 100 words only. Yes, for any of you who happen to read my 100 drabble: Good things come in small packages fanfic most of the drabbles aren't 100 words, but this time they will be so if you don't like short, 100 word stories I'm sorry to say this is not the place for you. Thank you for your time.