FMA Fanfic: Change Can Happen Aay Day
Author: ursweetheartles (that'd be me :D )Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: ima go with pg-13, but eventual NC17
Warnings: Yaoi, but no boisex yet, only implied/fantasy still not 'core
insert generic disclaimer on not owning FMA, but putting more of teh boysex if i did

AN: this was a challenge i got from a friend when i started writing again, to write a songfic for a RoyxEd pairing, which my favprite when she wrote. reviews and criticism are always appreciated! I know it isnt REALLY a songfic, but bear with it. The song is "So Says The Whipporwhil" by Richard Shindell

And the change could happen any day
Or so say all the guards
In the prison I have built around
My solitary heart
I tell myself that I'm alright
That it's not so bad a place
The truth is I'm just scared to death
Of walking through that gate
-"So Says the Whipporwhil"


Colonel Roy Mustang, the famous Flame Alchemist, sat at his desk, ignoring the paperwork piling up in front of him as always, twirling a pen through his fingers, staring absentmindedly out the window of his office. They said it was going to snow this evening, a lot of snow. it was already starting, a few fluffy flakes falling in the afternoon's light. He really should be doing the work laid out in front of him, but instead he was thinking about the snow. It didn't snow very often in Amestris, for which the Colonel was grateful, but it had been unmercifully cold the last couple of days, and he knew the snow had been inevitable. It made Roy wish he had a warmer coat, or a roaring fire. He was just looking forwards to being finished with the work in front of him, the work he was having so much trouble motivating himself to even touch, so he could finally go home, build a fire in the fireplace, have some hot tea, and curl up in bed.

Roy closed his eyes then, briefly entertaining the idea of going out to find some lucky girl, and bringing her home to help warm him up. The idea didn't survive long though. It would take effort, and that was too much for even Roy Mustang at the moment. It had been a very long week, and the cold was not helping the fatigue he felt. Besides, he disliked the idea of bringing a women he didn't really know home to his own bed, something he avoided when possible. It always felt too much like inviting them into his life, into himself, which ruined the chances of keeping them at a safe distance. No, that was just too much to do tonight, it was too cold, and the first colors of sunset were already staining the horizon.

It took a considerably more abrupt, and certainly louder than necessary breach of his office door to snap the Colonel from his reverie. He knew before he turned his head exactly who it was that stood on the other side of his desk. There was only one member of his team that entered like that: without knocking, without greeting, without ceremony.

"Fullmetal, can't you manage to be a little quieter? I seriously doubt anyone in East City missed that entrance." Roy turned his head, gathering the weariness he felt behind the mask he always wore, setting his usual smirk into place. The blonde alchemist who stood across the desk said nothing, just dropped another report onto his pile.

"There's the paperwork you requested from me. Now is there anything else you want to put me through before I can get back to the important things i have to do?" Edward crossed his arms in front of his body, shifting his weight onto his back leg.

"Well I do have another mission for you, but the specifics aren't together yet so it will probably be another week or two at least before I can actually give it to you. That should give you a good chunk of time to work on whatever it is you deem more important around here than doing your job." The blonde turned around, taking a couple steps towards the door.

"Thanks" He said grudgingly over his shoulder, not looking at Mustang.

"Hey Fullmetal" Roy said, stopping the retreating boy in his tracks, "one more thing before you go. You seem a little worse for the wear lately, maybe you should take some of that time to relax. You really do look like you haven't slept a full night in a long while." The blonde curled his hands into fists.

"I can take care of myself, you bastard, im not a little kid and i don't need your advice. I'm perfectly fine without you."

Mustang lifted his hands defensively and shrugged "Whatever, just a suggestion..." and with that the boy left, hands still taught and curled, muttering under his breath. He didn't close the door behind him, and in a couple of seconds the form of Riza Hawkeye appeared in the frame. The Colonel got the hint, and quickly picked the pen he'd been twirling back up, and started in earnestly on the stack of papers before him. Really, he told himself, the sooner he finished this pile, the sooner he could be on his way home, to his own warm, soft bed.


Roy Mustang, he signed his name on the last piece of paper left on his desk, finally fulfilling the promise he made to the rather threatening Hawkeye, without whom he was pretty sure nothing important would get done around the office. He dropped the pen back onto the desk's top, and leaned back in his chair, stretching an rubbing his tired eyes. Outside the window the snow was falling much more heavily, white flakes that appeared deceptively light and fluffy fell against a dark background. Mustang glanced at his watch: 10:00 o'clock. He had stayed pretty late, he was almost certainly the last person in the building, except for the night guards. He had always enjoyed walking through the empty hall of Eastern Headquarters though, hearing his footsteps echo in the darkness, isolated but still powerful. He let out a yawn as he stood, grabbing the trench coat he'd draped on the couch when he'd come in this morning. He doubted it would be enough to keep him comfortably warm, but it was the best he had with him. He promised himself that when he got home he'd find something a bit warmer for tomorrow, and with that he let himself out of his office, locking the door behind him and turning off lights as he went. He put his hand on the switch to the lights in the break room, thinking he'd like nothing more than to be home already, when he froze.

There spread across the table was a pile of books and a scattered sheaf of notes, handwritten in a distinct and messy hand. And across all of this, slouched a boy with long golden hair in a braid down his back, a red coat draped around his shoulders, head down on an open book cradled in a soft flesh arm, fast asleep. Mustang approached the boy, intending to wake the boy gently, but he hesitated. He touched the blonde's long hair, still damp and slightly cold from the melting snow. He must not have been here too long, his jacket was damp too, and there was a small puddle under his feet of snow tracked in on his boots. The colonel let his finger tips slide onto the sleeping alchemist's cheek, marveling at the cool softness of the boy's skin. His fingers slid towards the boy's lips, slightly opened in sleep, and wondered aimlessly what the boy's hair would look like out of the braid, falling around his sleeping face like sunshine, or a halo's light. Perfect, Roy thought.

But his thought was interrupted when the boy stirred, moving his head, causing the Colonel to quickly withdraw his hand to the boy's shoulder. He squeezed lightly. The boy stirred, rubbing his eyes sleepily his flesh hand, pushing himself up with the metal one. He yawned.

"Fullmetal, wake up" The shorter alchemist started, eyes sprung open, spine suddenly straightened.

"Colonel, I... " The boy started to blush, cheeks feeling hot "I was just ... I mean ... I was only ..." He stood, hands starting to gather the notes before him into a messy stack, closing the book that had laid under his head, trying desperately to get everything together and think of an explanation at the same time. Roy laid a hand on the boy once again.

"Fullmetal!" He barked, the boy stopped, startled, dropping the book in his hand. "Chill for a minute here." Roy bent to pick up the book, handing it back to Edward.

"Thanks, i guess..." mumbled the boy, staring resolutely at his shoes, shifting his weight nervously from foot to foot.

"Now, why aren't you in the dorms in your bed where you belong?" Roy looked sternly at the boy, who didn't reply, just

stood nervously, still not really sure what to say. The Colonel sighed. "Well, come on then, get your stuff together. Its freezing cold and pelting snow outside, I'll drive you home." The blonde did so, still hesitant, convinced he was going to get yelled at eventually. He did manage a weak smile though, as he followed Roy from the room.

It was deathly cold outside, and still snowing pretty hard, and as Roy glanced over he noticed the flakes gathering in the folds of Edward's coat, and in the braid of golden hair that fell down his back. It was oddly beautiful. It registered for Mustang then how quiet the younger alchemist was. Usually Fullmetal would be busy insulting him, or at least finding something to complain about. But instead he just followed Mustang to his car silently, waiting patiently to slide into the seat beside Mustang, glad just to be out of the snow. He looked up at the Colonel then, making eye contact for a second before Mustang shook his head slightly, and started the car, pulling out onto the road.

The ride to the dorms was wordless, the only sounds being the tires on slush beneath them and the hum of the engine. The car warmed up to some degree pretty quickly, by the time Mustang pulled up in front of the dorms, it was pretty comfortable inside. As the car stopped EDward turned his face back up to Mustang.

"Colonel?" he said hesitatingly "Am i in some sort of trouble?" his voice was quiet, his face looking concerned.

Roy shook his head. He spoke, trying to sound as professional as he could. "No, why do you ask?"

"You were looking at me weirdly, back there..." The blonde trailed off, fingers of his automail hand wrapped around the door handle. "Well, thanks for the ride I guess. You really didn't have to do that."

"No, it's freezing cold and snowing hard outside, not the kind of weather to walk home in. It wasn't any trouble at all" The Colonel tried to keep the mask of propriety on his face, in his voice. He really did care about the boy, almost enough to scare him. The blonde opened the door, and stepped out into the cold night.

"Oh, and Fullmetal!" He said to the boy, catching him right before the door slammed shut, "Why don't you sleep in a bit tomorrow, come into the office late. You look like you need a good night's sleep." Without a response the door slammed and the boy disappeared through the snow, into the warm hallways of the dorm building, off to his own warm bed. Roy sighed, Time to go home.


Usually Roy Mustang enjoyed having his house all to himself, but tonight the place just felt dark and cold when he got home. He tried to tell himself it was just the weather, just the snow he carried in in his hair, on his coat, and the cold he carried in in his bones. He dropped his coat on a chair, told himself he'd take a hot shower, have a cup of hot tea, light a fire, go to bed. He was just so tired. Maybe he'd skip the tea, the fire, just have a hot shower and climb into bed.

He walked upstairs, and turned on the water, giving it a minute to warm up before turning to take off him clothes. First the uniform jacket, then the button down shirt worn beneath it hit the ground. The blue wool pants, followed by the white cotton underwear. he stepped beneath the spray, feeling the warmth on his skin, breathing as it leached the cold from his bones, and the snow from his damp hair. his hair was so soft, his skin was so warm and smooth. the images crept into Mustang's head unbidden, but he didn't try to shake them away anymore. He just let them come. I can see his sleeping face, spun golden strands pooling around tanned skin. Amber eyes rimmed with velvet lashes closed lightly, cheeks flushed just slightly, soft lips parted just so much, sleeping breath passing them hot and damp. He ran his fingers through his own wet hair, let the water wash over him, absolving him of this sin before he had even finished commiting it.

I could raise my hand to that cheek, so soft. Stroke it gently, don't want to wake him. Stroke flaxen strands from his face, see them trailing down the perfect shoulders, the softness of the flesh side echoed in hard steel across, perfectly symmetrical, beautifully juxtaposed. Trail fingers to the seams, where metal meets flesh, feel him shift slightly, roll to his side in half sleep allowing me to slip in behind him, pull back the blankets, slide into the warm world underneath. Press myself to him, skin to skin. Curl one arm over his sleeping form, place one warm kiss on the base of his neck, hear the gentle hiss of escaping air from him lips. He snuggles back against me, putting his own hand over mine. Sleep, back to sleep

Mustang shuts the water off, and grabs a towel, readying himself to step into the relative cold of the hallway, and his own bedroom beyond. He dries himself off, knowing that sleep waits for him beyond that door. He knows there will be no one in his bed when he gets there, that he will slide between cool sheets and sleep alone. This fact weighs in his heart heavily, but still he manages to drift off.


Edward Elrich tries to slide through the door to his dorm room siltenly, without waking his brother. This is , of course, pointless, as his brother is currently a 7 foot tall suit of armor and thus incapable of normal sleep. Instead, Alphonse was reading, and his eyes snapped up as his brother entered.

"Nissan" He said gladly, but in a quiet voice. it was the middle of the night after all. "Where have you been? Having some fun i hope." Edward smiled, putting the sachel he carried down on the single desk.

"I was trying to get some more of these books done, i lost track of time, fell asleep. Its snowing pretty hard out there, and its bitterly cold." Ed shook the snow from his hair and took off the red coat he wore, laying it over the desk chair to dry. Walking to his bed to sit, he started to take off his boots.

"I hope you didnt have to walk too far in that, it isnt really good for you you know." Al fretted from his own bed, "You could get sick!"

Ed lay back. "I know." he said wearily, stifling another yawn, "And don't worry, i got a ride home, so i'll be fine"

"From who?" Al asked innocently

"No one special" Ed replied, turning over so Al couldnt see the slight flush in his cheeks. He didn't really want to admit it, but the Colonel had been right. He hadn't gotten a good night's sleep in a while, he'd been throwing himself hard into researching a way to give Al his body back lately, on top of everything he had to do around the office. Maybe a little break would be good for him. At least it would mean he didn't have to see Mustang's smug grin any more than necessary. Ed closed his eyes, and tried desperatly to think of any other face while he fell asleep.


Sitting on the edge of the bed, combing his hair, trying desperatly to get the last stubborn tangles from it. He let out a small exclamation as the comb caught on a particularly difficult knot, pulling his hair. he felt the warm hands on his back, from behind him, the farmilliar voice, "here, let me help you." He gave over the comb, let the older man run it gently over the tangles, getting them out one by one. He went to put it back in the farmilliar braid, but the hands stopped him. "leave it loose" the smooth voice said, "I love the way it pools like sunshine around your head." He smiled, felt the hands wrap around him from the back, he leaned back into the embrace. The farmilliar head on his shoulder, the soft lips on his neck, his shoulder, his jawline. Those lips made him melt like butter into warm arms, shifting, turning so his amber eyes could look into ebony ones before closing softly, leaning in for the kiss.

As lips crashed together like cymbals, his arms wrapped around the older man's neck, hands curling into soft black hair, pulling himself closer and closer, till there was only skin against skin, so close so comfortable. The man shifted him, laid him down softly on his back, trailing warm kisses down his neck, his chest, his stomach. He looked down, into eyes like pools of darkness, and their gazes locked for a moment that seemed like forever, before the man continued his downward trail. He squeezed his eyes shut then, lost in the sensation. He gasped in pleasure, his lips made only one sound. "Roy!"

Then there was sun in his face, light breaking through the dream, bringing him to reality. Edward sat up, trying to shake the images from his mind's eye, images that wouldn't leave. It seemed that even when he wasn't here, Mustang's smug face would not leave his mind, like he knew how much this bothered Edward and thats why he stuck around. But Ed closed his eyes and there was only one image, one he could not shake. He looked down, into eyes like pools of darkness, and their gazes locked for a moment that seemed like forever... only now the eyes were mocking him, the mouth pressed into the man's trademark smirk. you know you want me, Fullmetal, stop pretending you have any control over this It was the door opening and Al's voice that broke his reverie, thankfully for Ed.

"Brother, you're awake! I was just coming back in to get you." Al closed the door behind him, a small stack of books under one arm. Ed stretched, and yawned, sitting up and swinging his legs out of bed. He glanced at the clock. It was almost noon. he jumped.

"Al! why didnt you tell me it was this late?" Al sat on his bed, laying the books beside him on the floor.

"I thought maybe you could sleep in a bit, you've been looking like you need it these past couple weeks."

Ed sighed, getting up to change his clothing. Maybe Mustang was right, he should take a little time to rest. but he wouldn't give that man, smooth white face, black eyes like pools of darkness Ed shook his head, he didnt want to give Mustang the satisfaction...