Roy trailed off helplessly, not finding the words he needed to express what he did mean. He knew what could though, and his hand was on the boy's chin once again, turning the head slightly and pulling the boy's lips to his own once again.

Edward's eyes went wide at the surprise of the contact, but it took him only seconds to relax into the kiss and soon his eyes lolled shut, and his fingers were tangled in jet black hair. Roy took this as permission to deepen the kiss, nipping lightly at the boys lips, tongue prodding the corners gently, begging for entry. And when those lips parted he dived in, mapping the orifice by touch. His fingers found the clasp of the boy's jacket, sliding underneath the shirt below to ghost lightly along bear flesh, cold from the snow in which the boy still at.

Roy pulled back then, concern still in his eyes, and he waited for Edward to respond, the boys eyes still shut lightly, lips only just open, looking delectably damp from the contact. When the eyes did open there was no hurt left in them.

"Um, Roy" the boy said huskily, speaking around the palpable lump of desire buried in his throat, "I, uh... that was, I mean ..." He blinked, but faltered, not being able to wrap his mind around it quite yet. Roy just smiled, and stood, extending a hand downwards to the boy.

"Come on, Fullmetal, its a little cold and wet here. Why don't I give you a ride somewhere warmer and drier?" The blonde gladly accepted, still a little dazed from the experience.


The car ride had been silent once more, as their car rides were shaping up to be. Roy pulled up the driveway to his townhouse, a sight Edward recognized from that night, the night he had made the mistake of being lured into the man's bed. But was it really a mistake? He's really not being that bad right now, maybe it will all work out in the end. But still being here again made him nervous, and now he didn't even have the slight burn of alcohol on the edge of his mind to numb it. He struggled to keep his breath normal, even while his heart thundered in his chest. He was sure that Mustang could hear it, and any moment he would look over with that god awful smirk and rip it right out of the boy's chest.

But deep black eyes met his own before the man stepped out of the car and Edward knew the man already had it. He had handed a little bit over when he'd first seen the man, a little more when he had finally tumbled into his bed, a little more when he had accidently screamed his feelings out in the office, a little more when Mustang's lips had found his in the snow. How much of his own heart did he really have left at this point? And at this rate how long could he expect to keep it?

He jumped when the door beside him was opened and there stood the man, smirking at him, though the dark eyes softened when he saw the fear written in Edward's face. He held out a hand to the boy, helping him out of the car, and leading him dazedly up the steps, through the door down the hall, seating him on a soft couch, and handing him a throw blanket. He turned then, leaving to go make some warm tea. Edward shifted uncomfortably when Roy left feeling all the more awkward sitting alone, damp and cold, in the man's living room.

He fixed his eyes on the coffee table in front of him, trying to think of what he could say to the man who until today he had thought to be an utter bastard. Well, he had always been supportive and protective of the Elrics when the situation called for it, and he had known when kind words were necessary for the situation, not to mention the just plain damn attractiveness of the man, but he had still been an utter bastard.

A cup of tea being set in front of him broke him from his reverie, and he was shocked to find fear in the Colonel's eyes when he met them. Finally, I have one up on the bastard, his thoughts echoed, but did he really? Im just as scared right now, what the fuck do I DO? the boy parted his lips.

"Thank you" he almost croaked. The blonde blushed at the cracks in his voice, and wrapped the throw more tightly around himself, staring at the floor. Roy just smiled, and walked over to sit next to the blonde.

"Really Edward, it was nothing. I needed to fix what I broke before." Roy shifted closer, slinging one arm over the back of the couch, around the boy's shoulders, "I have a feeling I still have some work to do there." The man smiled, and leaned in, lips touching Edward's a touch more firmly than they had in the park, but with no less care behind them, without losing the edge of fear either. But Ed still melted into the man's arms, his mouth opening at the slightest request, his hands moving to fist tightly in the front of Mustang's shirt, while the man's own crept up to tangle in waves of gold.

The kiss broke then, the older alchemist pressing his forehead to Ed's, breathing coming heavy. Ed's fingers fell from his shirt, and snuck beneath the hem, dancing idly around the waistband of his pants before sliding his damp palms up the smooth chest, pulling the material upwards as he went until the shirt bunched at Mustang's shoulders, then the dark haired alchemist was shrugging it off, letting it fall behind him in a whisper before pulling the boy's own up over his head.

Then they dove into each other once more, the new sensation of skin against skin maddeningly perfect, the smooth and slight sliding from the sheen of sweat across them both making their skin tingle slightly. Roy let one hand fall then, tracing the boy's spine lightly, continuing on to the gentle curve of his ass. Ed jumped slightly at the contact, and let out a startled gasp when the movement pressed his growing need into Roy's skin. The man smirked at the gasp, and Edward colored slightly, his eyes popping open in surprise when he felt pressure return as Mustang stroked his palm across the leather covering his erection.

When the man removed his hand, however, the noise returned, small and quiet, high and keening, a desperate sort of noise. Mustang's hands gripped Edward's hips then, and he silenced the boy with a deep kiss before softening it, and trailing his mouth down Edward's jaw, the tendon's in his neck, the curve of his collar bone, the muscles in his chest, it was an exercise in planes and perfection. He bit slightly when the pink nub of a nipple fell into his mouth and the blonde gasped, his eyes pressed tightly closed, cheeks still flushed.

Mustang tilted his head back for a second, the boy was beautiful then, more beautiful even than usual. He smiled as he returned to the task at hand, trailing kisses down the flat stomach in front off him until he reached the waist band of the leather pants. Fingers fumbled with the button for a second, before he grasped the zipper between his teeth and pulled slowly, the feel of his hot breath on the newly exposed flesh made the body beneath him wiggle. He smiled then,

"How manly, Fullmetal." The boy blushed furiously,

"yeah, well, you try wearing underwear under pants this tight..." Mustang smiled, it was true. Not that he was complaining, it did make his job a whole heck of a lot easier. It didn't take more than a second then, to get the boy's now painful length out of the leather prison, peeling the skintight material away from his hips and down past his thighs. It didn't help that the boy was squirming beneath him again though, the feeling of the Colonel so close driving him slightly crazy.

It seemed the only way to still the boy was to give him what he wanted, so with a crooked grin Roy did just that. He arranged his hands firmly on the boys hips and took him to the hilt without warning, tongue swirling around the length encased in his mouth. Edward opened his mouth, but no sound came out. It was like sensory overload, he couldn't move, he couldn't do anything but feel Mustang all around him. Edward being as young and surprised as he was, and Mustang being as damn sexy and talented, it didn't take long for the boy to clench his eyes shut, open his mouth wide, and shudder to completion into the other's mouth. Roy held him until he went soft, the boy whining slightly at the oversensitivity he felt now.

The older alchemist smiled as he rose then, coming back up to plant a damp kiss on the boy's forehead, now sheened with sweat. He hugged the blonde closer to him, and Edward snuggled his head into the crook of his neck, smiling sleepily. They just laid there for awhile, Edward almost purring softly in Mustang's arms, until they both fell asleep, half naked, on a couch, in the living room. And everything, for once, was fine.