Heather & Stella were laying in the sun, getting tans.

Then Heather looked at Stella.

"Hey, Stella, wanna go for a swim?"


They dived into the pond, and began swimming.

Suddenly, they heard a voice.


What looked like a blur of orange dived into the pond.

It was Hammy.

"HAMMY!" Heather & Stella both shouted in anger.

"Oops..." Hammy said quietly.

Hammy then noticed something different about Heather & Stella.

"Hey...You guys look different..."

"What do you mean?" They both asked.

"You look...Beautiful..."

Heather & Stella both blushed.



Heather smiled.

"Hammy, that's so sweet."

She motioned for Hammy to give her a hug.

Hammy eagerly swam over to where she was, and gave her a big hug.

Then, Heather felt something pressing up against her.

She looked down, and saw Hammy's member pressing up against her entrance.


Hammy's ears went down.


"Its okay, Hammy..."

Heather then decided to have some fun.

She pushed herself farther up against Hammy, making his member push into her.



Heather began kissing Hammy, and pushed her tongue into Hammy's mouth.

Hammy then put his tongue in her mouth as well.

Heather then ended the kiss, and looked at Stella.

"Hey Stella, want to join us?"


Stella swam over to them, and began kissing Heather.

Hammy couldn't stop watching.

They then both looked at Hammy, and smiled.

They pulled him over to the shore, and they both began licking sides of his member.

Hammy moaned in ectasy.

He finally climaxed, and they lapped up all his cum with their tongues.

They licked their lips.

Stella then climbed on top of Hammy, and he quickly pushed himself into her.

Hammy's instincts took over, and he began pushing himself into Stella harder & harder.

Stella moaned in pleasure, and they both climaxed.

Heather came over, and Stella got off of Hammy.

Stella layed down, and Heather began eating her out.

Stella moaned as Heather's tongue caressed her insides, and then came.

Heather licked up all her cum.

Heather then moved up on top of Stella, and their tongues began caressing.

Heather began massaging Stella's nipples, making her moan.

Then, they began grinding their pussies together, faster & faster.

Finally, they both climaxed, and their cum mixed together.

Hammy was watching them, his member fully erect.

They both called him over.

Hammy ran over, and jumped onto Heather's back, surprising her by ramming into her ass.

Heather moaned in pain, and then pleasure, as Hammy rammed into her over & over again.

Hammy finally came, pumping his cum into her ass.

They both fell to the ground in exhaustion.

"What about me?" Stella asked Hammy.

Hammy got up, and jumped onto Stella, pressing himself into her ass.

Stella moaned in ectasy, as Hammy continued to press himself into her.

Hammy came again, and fell to the ground.

They both laughed.

Hammy was exhausted.

They both crawled over to him, and each kissed him.

All three of them layed there, and went to sleep.