My second story about Mwu and Murrue! Thanx to all who reviewed my first one! -Written By: Dominique


The morning light shone into the pale blue room, lighting it up with a bright glow. The two people in the room were fast a sleep, wrapped up in the other's embrace. Suddenly an alarm went off and quickly the young brunette who had been sleeping in the room, rolled over and switched it off, before rolling back to where she was comfortably resting. She sighed as she snuggled up to the man still sleeping beside her. The man mumbled something, eyes still shut, but showed no intentions of waking up. "You can sleep through anything." She giggled, planting a soft kiss on the sleeping man's cheek. Sitting up she pulled back the covers and got out of the large bed, making her way to the bathroom leading off their room. The young woman yawned and turned to look at her sleeping boyfriend before closing the bathroom door to take a shower.

Half an hour later the slim brunette woman emerged from the steamy room, clad in only a fluffy towel. Walking over to the bed, her marigold eyes fixed on the figure still laying in bed. "When do you plan on getting up Mwu?" She giggled, poking his sides.

Mwu groaned in reply, rolling over to face her, his blue eyes slowly opening to look at her. "How can you wake up so early Murrue?" He glanced at the clock sitting on the night table beside the bed. "It's only eight o'clock..." He mumbled.

She sighed and sat on the bed beside him. "We need to get up early to go shopping today, remember?"

Mwu smiled at her, moving a damp piece of hair from her face and putting it behind her ear. "We could always go later" He grinned, looking at the towel she had wrapped around herself.

Murrue rolled her eyes. "No Mwu, you promised we would go. Besides, we can do that later. Now get up and take a shower. I'll make us breakfast when I finish changing." Murrue got up and walked over to her dresser. Looking back at him still laying in bed her voice became strict, much like it had been back when she was captain. "Now!" She hissed.

Mwu flinched, then got up and quickly made his way to the bathroom without another word. Once he had shut the door he mumble a very quiet, "yes Captain..." before getting undressed and entering the shower.

It had been three months since the war had ended, but Mwu and Murrue still hadn't settled in. They had been staying in a hotel up until a few days ago, when they had bought and moved into their new house. Since they had been living at the hotel, they had close to nothing for furniture and housing necessities. That's why Murrue decided they were going to go shopping today. Though Mwu tried to get out of it with kisses and pleading, Murrue still won, finally convincing him to go along with her.

"Are we done yet?" Mwu groaned, a few hours later, his hands filled with bags.

"Almost." Murrue sighed, checking another item off her list. "We have all the clothes we'll need for now, and we have enough food from grocery shopping to last us for about a week. All we need now is..." She looked at the white paper, passing all the scribbles and checks, "A t.v." She declared.

Mwu perked up, "Okay, let's get that one and go!" He said while trying to hold up the bags and point to a large t.v. in a nearby shop window.

Murrue glanced over to where Mwu had pointed, "It's a bit big, don't you think?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nope, it's perfect!" Mwu smiled. "Please Murrue, you know you like it too! Lets just get that one and go." He pleaded.

Murrue looked at Mwu, his face pouting like a child. "Fine, we can get that one" She sighed, too tired to argue. "After we buy that do you want to get something to eat?" She asked.

Mwu smiled happily, "Sure do!"

After they had purchased the t.v. and ate dinner at a nearby restaurant, they arrived home. Immediately after placing her bags on the table, Murrue flopped down onto the couch. "It's a good thing that the people who lived here before us didn't want all of their furniture." She sighed.

Mwu finished placing his bags on the kitchen table before joining Murrue on the couch. "What would we have done if they hadn't left all this stuff?" He wondered.

Murrue laid down, her head resting on Mwu's lap. "We would have done more shopping." She giggled, watching as Mwu's noise scrunched up.

"Well I'm glad they left so much, I don't know what I would have done if we had to go though that again." He groaned. Leaning down, Mwu gently kissed Murrue's forehead, pleased that the days events were over.

Murrue's eyes started to flutter closed as Mwu began to lightly caress her sides. Sighing in contentment, she snuggled closer. "Mwu," Murrue whispered sleepily after a few minutes of silence had passed. "I love you..." She yawned, eyes closing and breathing evenly.

Mwu smiled as he watched Murrue drift off to sleep, the hours of shopping finally taking their toll on them both. "I love you too" He whispered back, even though he knew she was already fast asleep. Softly he placed another kiss on her forehead and wrapped his arms around her. It didn't take long before he too fell asleep.