Chapter 20

The Plan that was Made After the Other Plan which was Made When the Original Plan had been Changed Due to the Change of Circumstances. Yes . . . That Plan

TK took a deep breath. Tokomon had digivolved to Angemon just in case. They were pretty sure they had lost the Dragomon that had been chasing them . . . of course now TK was lost. He set Snowbotamon down and slid to the floor trying to catch his breath. The stone on his sweaty skin made him feel cold. The fear and the doubt were at the back of his mind, slowly eating away at his confidence. It was darker than it was before. He could only see Snowbotamon and Angemon because they were white, and even then they were just a white mass. He couldn't make out any details. Every sound made him jump, and he had trouble from keeping himself quiet. He didn't want the Dragomon to find him, but the silence and darkness made him want to scream in terror.

Snowbotamon made a squeak. "Shh," said TK, but when he looked down at Snowbotamon, she was no longer there. "Angemon! Where'd she go?!" TK scrambled in the dark for a while before he heard her squeak again. Following his ears, he found her small white form. "Snowbotamon," TK whispered. "What's wrong?"

Snowbotamon scrambled away, and TK followed her through the darkness. Hopefully she knew where she was going.

After a few tries of trying to lure the Dragomon into the cave, all of them failing, Tai sat at the base of the cave. The sun was at its peek in the sky. There were no more shadows, and the Dragomon weren't stupid enough to fall into the shadows again, even if there was . . . Or go into this cave. He had to make them stupid again. What did the Dragomon want so badly that they'd do something stupid . . . ?

Tai's eyes landed on Matt's blond hair.

"I got it!" Tai cried, jumping up in the air. The others looked at him, excited. He grabbed Matt's shoulders. "What do these guys want more than anything else?"

"Um . . . to make us all dead?" answered Matt.

"But who do they want dead the most?"

Matt gave a vague head gesture. "I don't know."



"When he, Sora and I met with one of them, the thing hardly cared about Sora and me, but he wanted TK dead!"

"Tai, the more you talk, the more I want to rip your head off! How could you just leave TK when you know that most of the population in this place wants him dead?!"

"Calm down. It's okay, because we are trying to trust TK on what he's doing . . ."


"The plan?" Izzy asked quickly, before Matt and Tai could get violent.

"Yes the plan . . . The guy we met definitely knew Matt was dead . . . but these haven't seem to notice him. I mean they've seen Omnimon . . . but I don't think they've actually seen you . . ." Tai said, motioning to Matt.

Matt was busy glaring at Tai.

"You and TK look a lot alike. What if we make it look like you're TK and they all chase after you into the cave, just like how that one went after TK and Sora and I were able to escape?"


Tai ignored Matt's panicking. "But how are we going to make you look like TK . . ." He snapped his fingers. "TK wasn't wearing his shirt, remember? You ripped it in half to make shoes. So we'll just rip your shirt, and maybe from the sky . . . you'll look just like him!"

"No!" cried out Matt, still angry about his brother.

"If only we had Patamon . . . if he was with you, you'd really seem like TK. How can we make it look like you have Patamon . . . ?"

"Are you aware how stupid this plan is to begin with?! And how exactly are we ever going to find TK?!"

"Patamon's orange . . . orange . . . what is orange . . ." He looked at Wargreymon. "Tom! No wait . . . Tom's too big when he's Agumon . . . but Agumon!" He looked at Omnimon. "But then I still need Omnimon . . . wait . . . IT ALL MAKES SENSE!" Tai cried out waving his arms in the air and dancing in a circle. The other's stared at him oddly. "Omnimon, dedigivolve. Tom, digivolve with Metalgarurumon."

"What?" cried out both Tom and Omnimon.

Tai held up his digivice. "Just do it. Come on Matt, this won't work without you."

Matt stared at Tai. "I'm pretty sure you've lost it . . . No wait. I'm definitely sure you've lost it. How is this going to solve anything?!" But despite his words he held up his digivice. They made the switch, and Tom was now part of Omnimon.

"How do you feel?"

"Awkward," replied Omnimon.
"As long as it doesn't affect your fighting . . . and it's only for a little while. Wargreymon, dedigivolve."

Wargreymon turned into Agumon with a frown on his face. Why did Tai switch him with Tom?! He was supposed to be Omnimon with Metalgarurumon! "Cheer up," said Tai. "You are so important in this plan. You are Patamon."

"But I'm Agumon."

"Not anymore." Tai looked at the others, holding Agumon's head in his heads. "Does anyone else see it?! His head is the perfect size for Patamon!" Agumon blinked. "Mimi! What do you have in your purse?!"

"Huh? Oh well, um I have a mirror, some brushes, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, eye shadow, face cream . . ." She said as she rummaged through her purse.

"Good, good. Bring it over here." Tai took the purse from Mimi and dumped the contents onto the ground. He found the white face cream and spread it over Agumon's head, trying to make his head look more like Patamon.

"Um . . . is Agumon's skin dry?" asked Mimi. Sora saw what Tai was doing and picked up eye liner, drawing in where Patamon's eyes would be, then coloring the irises with green eye shadow.

"Ta-da! Patamon!" Tai declared.

"But he has a whole Agumon body attached to him . . ." Matt pointed out. "And he doesn't have any ears. He doesn't look anything like Patamon!"

"We'll make ears," Tai said.

"How?! With what?!" Matt cried.

"Orange . . . orange . . . " Tai's eyes landed on Davis. More specifically, on his orange shirt. "Davis, shirt!"

"Wha . . . ?" Davis said dumbly, touching his shirt.

"Take it off!" Tai said impatiently. Tai bullied Davis out of his shirt. Once the shirt was in Tai's possession, he went to Omnimon and ordered him to cut the material into a zigzagged pattered with his sword. The others watched Tai, wondering if Matt was right in that he had lost it. Then Tai took a pack of gum that was in Mimi's purse and gave a piece to Davis. "Chew man, Chew!" Of course Davis did what he said, and Tai started to chew a piece too.

"Tai, what are you doing?" Matt asked, more calmly now hoping he might get an answer if he tried this approach. Instead he was silenced as Tai held up a finger and concentrated on chewing. He spat his gum into his hand, and then he held his other up for Davis. Davis spat his piece into Tai's hand as well. Then Tai attempted to stick the fabric of the shirt onto one of Mimi's brushes-since she had more then one- with the chewed gum.
Mimi cried out when she realized what Tai was doing. "EW! I DON'T WANT THAT BACK!" She was very glad that she remembered to bring an extra brush . . . until Tai did it to that one too.

"Look! Wings! . . .Or ears!" He waved them around like flags, and with the air going through them, they did look a little like Patamon's wings. Matt stared at him unimpressed. The more Tai did with this plan, the more ridiculous it seemed. Tai turned to Agumon, holding up one of the brushes. "Now . . . we need to stick this to your head."
"What?!" exclaimed Agumon at the thought of stabbing his head with the brush handle.
"Oh, sorry." Tai held up both of the brushes. "We need to stick both of these in your head. Well maybe you could just hold them up with your hands."

"Not only is that not going to happen, but like I said before, there's no way they're going to miss the bright orange body that's attached to his head!" cried out Matt.

"We'll camouflage it with sand! When can get him wet so that it sticks! I don't think these guys can see very well to begin with. Their aim is terrible if you haven't noticed and when we met that one in the caverns, he had to stick his face close to us to tell us apart. Besides, they'll be up the air. They won't be able to tell the difference!"

"Sounds good to me," said Davis

"But–" Tai interrupted Matt.

"This is what we'll do. Omnimon and Imperalultramon will stay in the cave, because they're our power. They'll be the ones to actually get rid of the freaks. The rest of you guys . . . are going to get out of the cave, fly up to the top of the cliff – when I say go, because the evil guys are up there now and we have to make sure they're gone – but once you're up there, start attacking the rock, so that the rocks fall and trap the creeps into the cave. That way they can't escape. Matt and Agumon will be the ones to lead them in."

"Um . . . Yeah . . ." Matt said, still glaring at Tai. "You know even if that worked . . . WE'D BE STUCK IN THE CAVE TOO!"

"I got it covered . . ." Tai said with his hands up in the air. "We can send Digmon underground in there and get you guys out. The digimon can dedigivolve so that they can fit through the hole . . . Then you guys climb out to freedom."

"That's brilliant!" Davis cried.

"Yeah . . . it is . . . especially since I'm sleep deprived . . . the only flaw I can see is the small chance of Matt being injured when th digimon are fighting . . ."

"Hahaha . . . Tai, I'm going to kill you," Matt said with a fake grin.

"We'll vote on it. If majority doesn't agree, we'll think of something else."

About five minutes later, Matt found himself shirtless at the mouth of the cave standing next to a sand-covered Agumon. Everyone had gone for Tai's plan. Even Sora, though she was a little hesitant at first. Yep. If Matt didn't die . . . again, Tai was going to.

"Agumon, remember to keep your mouth and your eyes closed. You look freaky with them open. You won't be able to see, but follow the sound of Matt's voice. And keep flapping your ears. Don't let them fall flat for a second. And Matt, try to make your hair more like TK's."

"No one is touching my hair! You," Matt said pointing at Tai, "get away from me!"

"And remember to act like him."

"I don't know how to act like TK!"

"You're his brother! You should know him better than anyone!"

"And what's Agumon? Patamon's cousin?"

"Bloom Bubble!" Agumon cried, trying to imitate Patamon.

"Good! But . . . Don't talk," said Tai. "Okay, Matt just say, 'Patamon, how about you digivolve using the hope crest!' Emphasis on hopebecause that's how in identifies us."

"That's stupid! TK would never say that!"

"But they don't know that. And your voice is too low. TK's voice isn't as low as yours."

Matt glared at Tai."I can't make my voice higher without sounding like a retard."

"Try. And don't get zapped, 'cause they're gonna zap you. You have to run back in here as fast as you can, but not too fast because you want them to notice 'who' you are. Are you ready? IS EVERYONE READY?!"


"Go! GO!"

Agumon sped out the cave at the first go, but Tai had to push Matt on the second. The Dragomon didn't seem to notice Matt and Agumon at first, because Tai had been right about their poor eyesight, and they weren't paying much attention to begin with. So Agumon started running around in circles around Matt with his eyes closed tight. Matt was giving Tai a 'what-the-hell-now!' look.

Say it!" Tai answered in a loud whisper.

Matt rolled his eyes. "Hey Patamon!" he said in a failed attempt to make it sound like TK's voice. "How about . . . we do something . . . with hope . . . Patamon, where are you going?" He said as Agumon started to drift away from him with his eyes closed.

"Say it louder!" Tai whispered some more.

The Dragomon heard Matt and turned their attention to him, expecting to see Davis, but instead they saw the light coming from the tower, hitting golden hair. They hesitated . . . was that the hope child?

Matt let his head fall back in exasperation and the Dragomon saw blue eyes.

Hope! one of them cried, and they all tried to zap him.

"Ah, damn!" Matt cried out, grabbing the blind Agumon and running for the cave.

Get him! cried the Dragomon and they dove from their spot on the cliff.

"NOW!" shouted Tai, and the digimon and their partners shot out from the cave, right past the Dragomon who was intent on getting Matt. They waited until all the Dragomon had flown into the cave, then the Digimon attacked the mouth of the cave, closing it up.

Yes! thought Tai, feeling even more giddy now that his stupid plan had worked. Suddenly a Dragomon came out of nowhere. Megakabuterimon tackled it into the dark ocean where Pleasimon could finish it off.

Huh . . . They must have missed one . . . But then Tai realized they hadn't. More were just coming from the tower. They were multiplying in there and they couldn't stop them.

They would just keep on coming . . .

It was getting lighter and TK was feeling a lot better. Not to say he still wasn't nervous. He was just happy that he could see his hand in front of his face now. TK was still paranoid though, and had Angemon digivolve to Seraphimon just in case. TK's mood was affecting Seraphimon's mood as well. If anything snuck up on them, whether it was a shadow or a piece of dust, Seraphimon would blow whatever it was up . . . including the wall and whatever was in the way, hopefully not TK or Snowbotamon by accident.

They slowly, but surely followed Snowbotamon up the tower, the light getting brighter and brighter. Seraphimon's foot steps made clinking sounds as they went. TK could see a door at the end of the steps. He stopped Seraphimon. "I'll go in. I'm quieter," he whispered. "If I scream . . . come get me." He picked up Snowbotamon and cracked open the door.

The light was blinding, but once TK's eyes became used to it he could see something on the ground. The Master was cutting his finger and letting it grow to another one of him. Then that other one would move to the window and fly away.

There was something floating and glowing in the middle of the room. TK's heart went up when he realized it was Kari.

There she was!

He tried to wave, to get her attention but she continued to glow and float. He guessed he should probably get rid of The Master . . . but The Master seemed awfully big and Seraphimon seemed awfully far away. What was making Kari like this? How could he snap her out of it? He bit his lip. Kari was still possessed looking. He couldn't stop her at the lake. How was he going to be able to bring her back here?

The Master, by chance, happened to look in TK's direction. TK screamed and bolted as The Master tried to make a grab for him. TK ducked as Seraphimon sent out his orbs that exploded on impact, the Master at TK's heels. It was only here that TK realized that if you attacked the Dragomon, they would only multiply. He switched directions, and ran back to the room where Kari was. Once they were inside, Snowbotamon suddenly digivolved, skipping all her levels, straight to Magnadramon.

The room was a little too small for Magnadramon, so only part of her was in the room, the other half was trying to keep the Dragomon at bay.

"Kari!" TK cried out once he was in front of her. She turned her head to him at the sound of his voice, her eyes glowing. TK took a step back as she looked at him.

She raised a perfect eyebrow, as if trying to decide what this creature was. Kari? What did Kari mean?

"Kari . . . ?" TK said even less sure of himself now. He raised a shaking hand to her. "Kari . . . let's go home . . . okay?"

Suddenly one of the Dragomon escaped from the two Digimon and grabbed TK by the neck, pounding him into the wall, strangling him. TK tried to struggle, but the Dragomon was stronger than he was.

Too much was going on. There was fighting just outside the hall with things that Kari did not recognize. In front of her, The Master was hurting another creature that she did not recognize. Why were they here?! The Master said everything would go away! She didn't like this.

A wave of light came from her, solidifying and pinned everyone, including the digimon in the hall, to the wall. Silence enveloped the room as Kari slowly set her feet back to the ground.

My Queen . . . started the Master, but she didn't want to hear it. Everything he said never made any sense. She glared at him, and the light pinning him to the wall started to burn him. He screamed in pain, cracks forming in the walls. He couldn't multiply because the power that allowed him to do that was the very thing destroying his being. Eventually, The Master was nothing more then dust that blew away from the wind that came from the window.

TK sighed in relief and looked at Kari, but as Kari turned her gaze to him, a searing burning hit him as well. He cried out in pain. "KARI! STOP IT!" She only narrowed her eyes at him and the pain increased, more cracks forming in the walls. He cried out louder and Seraphimon struggled against his bonds. "STOP IT!" TK sobbed, a small tear trickled from the corner of his eye. "Stop it . . . why are you doing this?"

Why was she doing this?


The question surprised Kari. Why was she doing this? She didn't know why . . . Her confusion caused her to release her power and the bonds disappeared. TK crashed to the ground. As soon as he landed, he pushed himself up and ran over to Kari, flinging his arms around her shoulders.

Kari froze, confused and frightened. What was going on?

"Kari, you got to snap out of it," said TK in a hoarse whisper. "This isn't you. You're not acting like yourself!"

She wasn't?

TK held her tighter. "We have to go back home, back to the people that love you. Tai misses you. He's going berserk, and Davis too, and everyone else. Kari," He took her face in his hands, staring into her glowing eyes. "Come back, please. We need you to come back. Come back to me."

She started to shake, tears forming in her eyes. She blinked, and when she reopened them, instead of glowing, they were chocolate brown again. "T-TK?"


She flung her arms around his neck and started to sob. She was still shaking so TK held her tightly, trying to make her stop.

"I'm so scared!" she cried out into his chest.

"It's all right now," he said. "It's . . . all right."

"TK!" Seraphimon said as he finished off the Dragomon that The Master managed to create before he died. "I think the tower's unstable from the fighting."

Magnadramon curved her long body around TK and Kari. "Yeah." TK let go of Kari and Kari let go of him just long enough to let him climb on. Then she climbed on behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her face into his back, trying to block out everything. Once they were on, Magnadramon let out a spiral of fire from her mouth, exploding a hole into the roof to make their escape.

Tai heard a crash and looked in the direction of the Tower. The light had stopped glowing. The digimon that were outside the cave were fighting the new Dragomon, and as Tai watched closer, he could see they were no longer multiplying. Before Tai had time to be excited, the sand he was standing on started to sink. He cried out and briefly thought he was randomly sinking in quicksand before he saw the drill of Digmon. "Drilling through sand is a lot different than dirt," said Digmon.

"No kidding," said Matt, coughing up sand as he tried to find solid ground again. He was followed by Gabumon, both Agumon, Wormon and Veemon. He grabbed onto Tai's shirt. "Did the plan work? Because if it didn't, I'm going to strangle you till someone rips me off of you, or you're dead."

"Um . . ." Tai briefly thought of telling Matt the truth. His plan didn't really work, but it was okay, because the Dragomon weren't multiplying anymore . . . but . . . Matt still might strangle him for making him go through the plan for nothing . . . "Of course it worked! Do you see any more bad guys?"

"Good," Matt said, still trying to catch his breath. "You live for now."

"Here's your shirt back," Tai handed Matt his shirt, who used it to try to wipe the sand from his face.

The top of the tower exploded. Tai stared at it for a moment, trying to figure out what happened.

"You do that?" asked Matt.

Tai started to run to the tower. A pink dragon was flying from it. Kari's Digimon! She was being followed by TK's Digimon. He could see them together on Magnadramon's back!

"Kari!" Tai cried out as he ran through the sand.
Kari practically fell off of Magnadramon's back in her haste to get to her brother. She fell into Tai's arms. "Tai! I'm so sorry1 I almost blew up TK!" she cried as she sobbed into Tai's chest.

"TK, huh?" He shrugged his shoulders and made an indifferent sound. Kari laughed through her tears and Tai gave TK a wink. "Thank you," he then said seriously.

TK gave him a sad smile as he watched the two. At least their family could be back together . . . not that his family was together to begin with, but the thought of going home without Matt made him feel empty.

The others ran up to them, giving Kari hugs and TK pats on the back, but TK wasn't really paying attention.

"So . . ." said Davis. "Good job, Blondie," he said. "Did you kiss her?"

"No, I didn't kiss her, Davis!" TK said, annoyed.

Davis stared at TK for a moment. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?"


"I've already kissed Kari. At the dance, remember? You had the perfect opportunity when you were rescuing her!"

"Well maybe I was too busy from trying to stay alive!"

"You're so dumb," Davis said and started to walk away.

"I'm dumb!?" TK cried after him, but Davis was no longer listening. TK moved away from the crowd of people so that he could breathe. Everyone was so happy, and they were preparing to go home, but TK didn't want to go home. Not without Matt. He couldn't face his parents. This wasn't like telling his mom that Matt wasn't going to college. He suddenly wished that was the problem and would give anything to watch his brother and his mother fighting. He never wished that before, but that was so much better than him being gone forever.

"You know, you're sucking the fun out of this reunion, and you look like you're about to cry. Grow up; you're embarrassing me!"

"Shut up, Matt!" TK said, which was his usual retort when Matt was making fun of him for crying. It was so natural that it didn't occur to him that Matt shouldn't be standing right behind him.

He whipped around in shock. Matt grinned at him. "Seriously, how old are you? Five?"

Then TK did start to cry and flung his arms around Matt's waist.

"Aw, TK . . . hugging? Come on, I'm all dirty and gross. Get off of me."

"I'm telling Mom!" TK sobbed.

"Telling Mom what!?"

"That you don't want to go to collage. She's got to know sometime and I'm telling her as soon as I get the chance!"

Matt took TK by the shoulders and looked him in the face. "You are not telling Mom!" he cried. "I rather you tell her I was impaled by a Digimon and then my data was found in Izzy's trash!"

TK started laughing, or crying. Matt couldn't really tell, but whatever it was, made TK cough and choke. He pressed TK's face against his chest again to let him get it out of his system. "Calm down, okay? Everything's fine . . . and there no need to tell Mom about college," he said, rubbing TK's back.

TK made a noise in answer.

Matt decided he'll bribe TK later, when he was calmer. Now how to bribe TK . . .

They were all back at the camp. The summer wasn't over yet, so they decided to spend the rest of it together. The digimon decided to stay as well. At least until the summer was over.
"We're going to play soccer," declared Tai, dropping the ball in front of the group.

"Since when was this decided?" asked Matt.

"Since I decided it."

"Of course you picked soccer. You know you'll win!"

"I did not pick it for that reason . . . I picked it because I thought everyone would have a fun time playing it. Now, since I'm team captain at school, I should be team captain for my team. I'll be nice and let you be the other captain, Matt."

"It doesn't really matter, because you know I suck at soccer!"

"I'll pick two, and you pick two. Ken and Davis."

"Yes!" cried out Davis as he ran behind Tai.

"You can't do that," said Matt.

"Why not?"

"Because everyone that can play soccer is already on your team! It's an unfair advantage."

"Now . . . are you saying that everybody else can't play soccer? Are they incapable, Matt?"

"Fine, I'll pick Izzy . . . and Sora," he said with a sly smile.

"No!" cried out Tai.

"What now?" asked Matt. "You have a problem with Sora being on my team?"

"Yeah, Tai?" asked Sora. "What's the matter?"

"Can't you see what he's doing? He's trying to claim you as his, by putting you on his team!"

"What am I, a thing? I'm not anyone's," said Sora, glaring at Tai.

"Exactly," agreed Tai nervously. "That's why Matt's a horrible person."

Sora changed her glare to Matt. "What?!" cried out Matt. "I picked Sora because she's played soccer before!"

"That's okay Tai," said Davis. "We'll still win. Pick Yolei."

"Is she any good at soccer?" asked Tai.

"No, I'm pretty sure she sucks. But she makes up with it by being more of a man than a girl." Yolei grabbed Davis into a headlock.

As they played, the game became more like football, as the two teams tackled each other, cheated and broke all the rules. The digimon didn't know how to play to begin with, so it was just a chaotic mass of laughter.

The only people not participating were TK, Patamon, Gatamon and Kari. Kari was sitting at the quiet part of the lake, Gatamon swatting playfully at the fish in the water. Kari sighed softly as she watched her.

"Hey," said TK sitting next to her. Patamon flew off with Gatamon and they talked together some little ways off.

"Hey," Kari answered miserably.

"You don't want to play soccer with the others?"

"No . . . it's a little loud. I'm kind of tired." They could hear the commotion from where they were sitting.

"Guys . . . !" they could hear Joe say. "You can't tackle in soccer! Yolei, Davis is on your team!"

"Calm down, Joe. I'm sure you'd like to tackle Mimi, just like how she tackled you back at the Dark Ocean," said Tai teasingly

"W-what?!" sputtered Joe. "How do you even know that!?"

"Davis told me."

"Yeah . . . I found it gross . . . so I think about it a lot. So I was bound to tell someone."

"Joe and Mimi . . . kissing underneath the waves," Tai sang. "Ow! Joe kicked me!" Tai whined.

"I-I meant to kick the ball!" Joe said in a panic.

"Hear that?"said Matt. "He meant to kick you in the balls, Tai."

"The soccer ball!"

"Go Joe," laughed Sora.

Mimi gasped. "Go and Joe rhyme!"

"I know," said Sora.

"That rhymes, too! I know . . . Joe will go . . . with the flow!"

"That's great, Mimi . . ."

"Yep," said TK, turning to Kari. "That sounds like our gang."

"Yeah . . ." Kari said, feeling glad that TK was there. She didn't like being completely alone. This was nice.

"You okay?" asked TK.

Kari laid her hand on top of TK's. "Yeah, I'm okay now." She rested her head on TK's shoulder. "I'm still a little shaken up with this whole Digimon Queen thing. I thought it was all over, you know? I wonder if it's all going to happen again."

"Hey, if this whole episode happens again, I'll get you out. I can protect you, Kari. I told you that before, remember?"

Kari laughed. "You said you'd protect me from Tai, once he found out that Matt and Sora were coming."

"It doesn't matter what it's from," TK said, watching the water. They were silent for a while and TK didn't dare say anything. He just let Kari rest her head on his shoulder. He would stay there as long as she needed him to.

"TK?" Kari said after some time. She lifted her head from his shoulder. "Thank you," she whispered. "For everything."

TK tried to think of what to say back. 'You're welcome' just didn't feel right. After some time, TK said "Sure," lamely, realizing it took too long for him to answer.

Kari looked at his face, then turn her gaze away nervously, then look at him again. TK stared patiently at her, waiting for her to say what she needed to say.

Then Kari closed her eyes and pressed her lips softly against his.

Suddenly, Davis cried out from farther away, "The damn squirrel is back!"