Hell in a New World

By: Escachick357

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A/N: This is a story that I'm trying to make a dramatic-humor story out of (which I probably will not succeed in doing, but it can't hurt to try). This does not star any of the Straw Hat Pirates, but instead it stars Shanks and his crew. I might mention Luffy or Usopp in this story, but they will not be making an appearance in this story. Just a warning though, things may seem ooc, so please don't send me reviews saying "this is impossible. This could not happen in One Piece." I got enough of that when I got e-mails about The Melody of the Seas and I don't want any more...besides, this is a fanfic. In fanfics, anything can happen. I also do not know much about Shanks' crew. I only know very little about five crew members so I'm going to be making up some crew members, but don't worry. The new crew members won't have big parts in this story so you won't get confused.

And now, onto my story...


The Red Hair Pirates sailed through the wild, untamed waters of the West Blue. Half of the crew was standing upon the deck of the ship, steering with the steering wheel and working with the sails to help prevent the heavy waves from tipping the ship over while the other half was just trying to stand. So far, the working members were unsuccessful. The ship was tossing through the seas and if the crew couldn't do anything to prevent it from tossing, then the ship would tip over and the crew would be lost.

The captain of the ship, "Red-haired" Shanks, looked around at the heavy waves and at the scared, scrambling crew. The storm that was coming onto the pirate ship was showing no signs of it ending. In fact, it looked like the storm was getting fiercer and winning the battle between the ocean and the pirates. Shanks was running out of orders to shout to his scared crew since none of his previous ones were doing any good.

The ship's navigator's nose twitched. The smell of burning acid filled the sea, a smell that was never smelled upon the ocean. It was something like battery acid that was burning by some sort of torch. He looked up and his eyes widened. "Captain! Look!" The navigator screamed, pointing at the sky.

In the sky was a blue-green swirling vortex. Coming out of the vortex were lightening bolts...and the ship that was barely surviving the heavy storm was heading right towards the vortex.

"Move to the left! Hurry!" Shanks shouted to the navigator and the rest of his crew.

The crew again scrambled around the deck, attempting to move the ship to the left to avoid the vortex. Unfortunately, the sea was having different ideas. The waves of the storm were much too strong for the ship to handle and the pirate ship helplessly headed for the vortex. Almost immediately, Shanks knew that it was useless to fight against a storm as great as this one.

"Everyone! Get into the ship!" Shanks shouted to the crewmen on the deck. The crewmen fearfully followed orders and ran inside the ship. The door to the ship's inside slammed shut and all the crewmen were breathing hard.

"What are your next orders, Captain?" a crewman asked.

"Hold on tight to something and pray that the ship doesn't break apart or sink." was all Shanks could say.

The ship began to shake wildly and the crewmen grabbed chairs, counters, the table, and each other as they saw items flying across the ship with nobody touching them. They were being thrown with such velocity, it was unbelievable.

"Captain? Do you think we're going to die?" the youngest crew member, a young boy the age of twenty and the crew's chef by the name of Saiyoru, asked in a scared voice.

Shanks was about to yell at Saiyoru to be a man, but then remembered that this guy was very sensitive, not to mention that the rest of the crew was scared to hell, too. The ship was tossing and turning so roughly that even the bravest man in the world would be scared to hell.

Suddenly, the ship began to move at a fast speed forward. The captain figured that the ship had finally entered the vortex and the crew was now becoming reckless as the speedy ship shook even more wildly than before.

All the crewmen closed their eyes and clutched what they were holding onto even tighter. Some of them even began screaming. The whole experience, which probably lasted only about five minutes at the most, was horrifying and scary.

Finally, the movement of the ship slowed down dramatically. No longer was the ship tossing around roughly with the waves of the wild West Blue sea. In fact, it felt as if the sea was calm and tranquil unlike the wild ocean they were sailing in.

A few minutes passed and the ship was still sailing calmly through the ocean. Shanks believed that it was safe to go out onto the deck and that it would be a good idea since they could figure out if they were in a different place rather than when they were originally sailing.

The entire crew ran upon the deck of the ship and searched around. They were definitely off course. The waves were not wild at all, but instead calm. The acid smell was replaced with a smoky smell.

Shanks looked ahead and right in front of the ship was a large dock with several boats tied to it. Behind the dock was a little town. There were about four restaurants aligning the streets with open windows. The smell of different foods flew out of the open windows and went to the sea.

"Land ho!" Shanks shouted, "Now pull into port!"

"Aye aye, Captain!" the crew shouted. The crewmen worked together and moved the ship into an empty space on the dock. The anchor was dropped and the sails were tied up.

The whole process took probably about ten minutes before the crew was ready to relax or explore the town. Most of the crew stayed above the ship while only four crewmen: Shanks, Ben, Yasopp, and Lucky, went wandering around the town.

They stepped upon the sidewalk in front of a pub and saw what looked like metal carts painted all different colors all parked in front of stores. They weren't even moving, so the streets were safe to walk in.

Streets were safe and quiet...until a cherry red metal cart without a roof like the ones that weren't moving had, came driving down the streets. A beep came out of it as the cart screeched to a halt.

In an act of defense, Yasopp took a gun out of his pocket and aimed it at the driver of the cart. Shanks took a good look at the people in the cart. There was a boy with messy blonde hair holding a steering wheel. Sitting next to him was a young red-haired girl with a cigarette in her fingers.

"Hey! Get the fuck out of the road!" the boy shouted.

Shanks looked from Yasopp to the boy. The boy didn't seem to pose any threat even though he did have a mouth on him. "Put the gun away." Yasopp listened to his captain and put his gun away.

Before anybody could say anything, a man in a suit like the Marines walked out of a restaurant and walked up to the car. His attention was not focused on the pirates, but upon the boy and girl.

"Okay, Hooker. What's going on out here?" the man asked with a bit of annoyance in his voice. The boy didn't answer, but the girl did, "It's called driving, Officer Dumbass."

"Quit being a smart-ass, Anders." The officer said. He leaned in towards the girl. The girl took a long drag of her cigarette and blew a cloud of smoke into the officer's face.

The officer coughed and said, "Hey, shouldn't you two be in school?"

"Teacher quit, so we don't gotta go." The boy announced.

The officer grunted, "Another one? That's the seventh one this year. What the hell is the matter with you kids? You guys are making this place look bad."

"Whatever." The girl muttered.

The boy honked the horn of his vehicle suddenly, causing the people in front of the car to jump out of the way. He then started the cart and sped off down the road with the girl. A faint trail of smoke from the cigarette followed the car before disappearing.

The officer headed for his own cart and drove off in the opposite direction of the cherry red one that fled. Unlike the officer's cart, there was no small, faint trail of smoke following it.

As he watched both carts disappear, Shanks clicked his tongue. "Well, this place is a little different than the other islands we've been on. Now we just need to find out where we are exactly.

Suddenly, the scared Red Hair Pirate's chef came running to the group of four standing in the street. "Captain!" the chef shouted fearfully.

"What is it, Saiyoru?" Shanks asked in a voice that was a mix of annoyance and tranquillity.

"If we're going to stay here, then we have a problem. Money is different here. Nobody has even seen our money, so it's useless to stay here. I'm not lying. A fisherman down by our ship came by and looked at some money we had and called it 'Monopoly Money' and that it was useless to use this money. They call the money here dollars." Saiyoru explained breathlessly.

"Did you find out where we are?" Shanks asked.

"Yeah. Wataru found that we are in some place called Starlight Island. All he was told was that the island is small." The chef explained about what the navigator had found out.

Shanks walked back to the ship and looked around towards where the vortex was last seen. It was nowhere to be seen and from the looks of the surroundings, if the crew was ever going to go back to the West Blue seas, it wasn't going to be anytime soon.

Shanks called his crew onto the deck and prepared to make an announcement that could possibly shock the rest of the crew.

"What's wrong, Captain?" Saiyoru asked.

"Men, it seems as if we are stuck here on Starlight Island. So we are going to have to find some place to get some useful money. So, anybody have any good ideas?"

Nobody had any...namely because they knew nothing about this new land they forcibly sailed upon. Finally, Ben had an idea. He raised his hand and suggested that a few crewmen work at some of the bars on the island. There would possibly be some place that would hire them since everyone on board was technically an adult.

The crewmen decided that six of them would go searching for any place that would hire them, whether it be bars or not, and pay a good amount of money to support the whole crew for however long they would stay here on the island. The six that were chosen were by drawing straws. Shanks was unfortunately one of the chosen.

About an hour or so later, Shanks and the five others were wandering the streets, looking for jobs. Of the five bars in town, only one was hiring bartenders. That job went to one of the six. Shanks was not that one.

The remaining five wandered the island and all but Shanks were able to find jobs. One member got a job at a pawn shop, another at a large antique shop, a third got a job cleaning up at a pet shop, and Saiyoru got a job as an assistant cook at a restaurant called "O'Malley's."

The restaurant job was not easy to get. Both Saiyoru and Shanks worked to get that job and were almost turned away because they had no resumes and they refused to tell the boss about their earlier job: piracy...although Saiyoru did say that he worked in a restaurant as a chef and it wasn't a lie. A test was used on both of them: cook a gourmet dinner. While Shanks burned the food and used the wrong ingredients, Saiyoru passed and got the job.

Shanks tried in other places that were hiring: a doctor's office, a dental clinic, an insurance agency, and a lawyer's office, but all required the schooling and resume that he didn't have. Everything seemed hopeless for the captain as he walked back to the ship. "So, Captain. How'd the jobs go?" Wataru, the navigator, asked from atop the crow's nest.

Shanks let out a frustrated sigh as he exclaimed, "I couldn't find any good place. They all wanted experience and schooling. God, there's no good jobs here for a captain."

"So, you want a good job, eh?" A voice from behind Shanks asked. The captain turned around and saw another man with wild salt-and-pepper hair in his early to mid forties.

"Who are you?" Shanks asked.

The man held out his hand and said, "Name's Billy Plumb. I'm a fisherman. Now, I know where you can get a good paying job without any of that fancy schooling. My brother quit his job yesterday and the position is open. Pays pretty good, too. $600 a day, but the price'll probably rise."

"Why did he quit?"

"Beats me, but I know you don't gotta have schooling for this job and this is the job that pays the most here in this town." Billy took out a paper and wrote and address on it along with a name. He handed it to Shanks and said, "Go to Pat Manson and say that you want to work in room 314. I think the place is still open."

Shanks quickly thanked Billy and headed towards the address. He quickly found himself standing in front of a five story brick building with the words "Morning Glory High School" on it. A bad feeling over came his body as he walked inside. The hallways were empty.

As he walked, a short girl in low rider jeans came walking in the opposite direction. As she passed him, Shanks placed a hand on her shoulder. The girl quickly turned around and instead of asking him if she could help him like all the other girls he had met before, she kicked him in the stomach hard enough to send him flying into a nearby door, causing it to fly off its hinges.

A slightly overweight man about Shanks' age walked up to Shanks and helped him onto his feet. He then turned to the girl, who was now walking towards the exit of the school. "Miss Morrow! Miss Morrow! Get back here!" he shouted at the girl. The girl ignored him and kept walking until she finally left. The man sighed and turned his attention back at Shanks, "Sorry about her. We're trying to control her."

"It's okay. Hey, I'm looking for Pat Manson." Shanks said.

The man nodded, "That's me. People here call me Principal Manson."

"I'm here to get a job in room 314."

"Wonderful. First I need to ask you some things: Do you have any experience in teaching or leading?"

"Yes. I lead a group of explorers."

"Of those people, have they ever been young?"

"Yes." Well, Saiyoru was young.

"Are you willing to keep everyone in line and follow school rules?"


"You got the job. It pays $800 a day for every full day. Be here at 7am every Monday to Friday. The days end at 2:30pm."

"So, what do I do?"

"You will be teaching room 314, the Super Special Kids."

"I'm teaching the handicapped?"

"No, we have enough teachers for Special ed. The Super Special Students are...different."

"Like how?"

"...you'll find out tomorrow."

Shanks nodded and left the school. He was happy, but also a little suspicious. He had a job that paid a lot, but he had no clue what sort of kids he was going to be teaching or what he was supposed to be doing. The principal didn't even ask for his name. He just gave the pirate a job. When he got back to the ship, he happily told his crew, "I got a job. I got to teach a group of kids at some school."

Some of the crewmen thought that was funny in a comical way. The pirate captain being stuck in a room filled with kids. They all had to admit that it sounded funny. They even began laughing.

The next day, Shanks got woken up by the church bells. He turned to the clock and saw that it was 6am. Letting out a groan, the captain climbed out of his bed and tip-toed through the room she he wouldn't wake up the sleeping crewmates.

Fortunately for him, Saiyoru was awake and already making breakfast. The smell of eggs, bacon, and pancakes awoke the rest of the crew and brought them to the table. As requested of the captain, all the working men got first dibs on breakfast.

Breakfast lasted for only a half hour before Shanks left to get ready for work and leave for school.

The hallways of Morning Glory High School were now full of students laughing and chatting loudly. He walked to the broken door that he was thrown through the day before. Principal Manson smiled and walked up to Shanks. "You actually came. I'm glad you did. Most teachers don't come on their first day."

"No problem. So, can you show me where room 314 is?"

"Sure. Before we go, I want to give you this." Principal Manson handed Shanks a key. "This key opens up your desk, which has the schedule, the books the students are to be reading, and a little bit of information about each student."

"How many students are there?"

"Let's see...Lexis, Perry, Anders, Hooker, Morrow, Weber, Cartier, and Marxus...eight." He walked up four flights of stairs to the top floor. He stopped in front of a large door. "This is your classroom. I hope you can handle the students. Are you ready?"

Shanks nodded, "I am." He placed a hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath, and opened the door.


A/N: Okay, this is the first chapter of this story. I know it sucked, but the next chapters are going to be a whole lot better. I also had to make up some people in the crew because it is really really really hard to find information about Shanks' pirate crew. I actually had to look at all my old One Piece episodes to know some of the names of a few characters on the crew. Oh, and the "carts" are supposed to be cars since I don't know if cars exist in One Piece. Starlight Island is a name made up by me.